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How can you benefit from casino affiliate networks? (Melbet Casino Affiliates)

Affiliates benefit from using Melbet casino affiliate networks in many ways.

They don’t need to create a product themselves, and having the best marketing material isn’t something they have to worry about at all.

Typically, you get equipped with everything you need and then market to your audience on the platform of your choice, usually your site.

Casino affiliate programs are a great way to start making money from home without the need to pay anything upfront.

You earn a commission from an established network, and there are rarely any sign-up fees.

Some casino networks charge admin fees, but these aren’t all that common.

In fact, the best networks provide a weekly payout system and an easy registration process. They also offer support ready to assist you whenever you need it.

How does casino affiliate marketing work?

Casino affiliate marketing requires you to market specific goods or services related to the casino, and in effect, you’re becoming a self-dependent sales consultant.

Once registered with a network, affiliates usually have access to marketing tools and reports granted by the affiliate program.

The applications to join the network are submitted via desktop or mobile and are typically reviewed and accepted within 48 hours.

You need to demonstrate to networks that you have a plan to market their casino to new players.

For example, you have a website that targets various keywords that players use when searching for an online casino, or you build a list of potential players and send them offers via an email newsletter.

You can also use social media to create a community of players and promote online casinos that way.

If you have a community of people you can reach, your application is more likely to be accepted.

In general, these are the steps you need to take:

1. Choose the niche or section you want to target
2. Plan your site
3. Build your site
4. Sign up for affiliate programs and get approved
5. Rank and convert new players

Affiliates place their tracking IDs on their site or another platform to drive referrals.

The most common ways of doing this are via text links, banners, and popups, which the casino affiliate program supplies.

The key to doing well is to build healthy and trusted relationships with your partner network(s) and to be able to adapt where needed.

What is a casino affiliate? Melbet Casino

A casino affiliate essentially acts as an intermediary between casinos and players.

Affiliates are given a tracking link and get rewarded when new “players” register or play in the online casino–you’ll receive a commission every time someone clicks your link and completes the required transaction.

A player is someone who deposits real money in an online casino, and there are often bonuses on the profits generated by the casino from your referral.

Payment continues for the entire period as long as the referral stays and plays at the casino.

Below you’ll find the main pros and cons of casino affiliate marketing:


  • There’s lots of growth and ever-increasing ROI on a revenue share model.
  • Income almost always increases positively–dependent on the revenue share plan. Revenue share deals range from 25 to 50%.
  • Players tend to be highly engaged in this niche, so they play significant stakes and generate more for affiliates.
  • The commissions are usually high paying and consistent in the long-term.
  • With hard work, a new casino affiliate can make good money in 6-12 months.

This guide will cover everything from how being a casino affiliate marketer works, how you stand to benefit from getting involved, and how to choose the best casino affiliate programs available.

Casino affiliate networks connect publishers with affiliate programs related to casino services.

The casino affiliate niche provides publishers with lots of high-paying offers capable of generating high income even with a limited number of offers.

Another advantage of casino affiliate programs is that they get backed by popular household names that greatly help to build trust.

Finally, high conversions and payouts are available thanks to well-tested and high-converting mobile landing pages.

We’ve researched and put together for you the best Casino affiliate networks.

11 Best Casino Affiliate Programs and Offers for 2022

The online gambling niche is currently valued at US$72 billion per year, with projected annual growth of 12%.

And the first casino ever built was in Venice in 1638.

So you are most definitely dealing with a niche that’s both evergreen and has a lot of money spent in it.

Tapping into this market will mean finding some of the very best casino affiliate programs there are.

The thing is that you won’t find these on affiliate networks – they have to be tracked down manually.

After asking some top casino affiliates in The Affiliate Lab group for their preferred programs, here’s what we found:

1. Fortune Jack Casino Affiliate Program

Fortune Jack has been around since 2014, but the company behind it has over two decades of experience in the casino industry.

They offer players lots of exciting casino games but also sports betting, table games, dice games, and live casino events, including poker games, blackjack, and roulette.


But all of this is done via cryptocurrencies instead of FIAT money.

This allows your visitors to make instant deposits to their account and receive instant withdrawals, minus most of the costs associated with being paid by credit card or wire transfer.

Their affiliate program pays out in Bitcoin (BTC), so make sure you have a wallet, etc. in place.

Apart from that, it pays up to 70% commission on revenue generated by players you refer, plus 2% on the revenue of your Tier 2 sub-affiliates.

That’s the highest rate of any of the casino affiliate programs listed here.

Why You Should Promote Fortune Jack

They were an early adopter of Bitcoin for online gambling, pay a higher than average commission rate, and offer a wide selection of games.

  • Commission: Up to 70% recurring
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Negative Carryover: No
  • Payment Methods: Bitcoin

2. Ace Revenue Affiliate Program

Ace Revenue is a casino affiliate network that’s been in business since 2009.

They’re the team behind several popular online casinos, including Captain Jack, Planet 7, Silver Oak, and several others.


So what do you need to know about how they do business?

Firstly, they don’t penalize their affiliates with a negative carryover.

Note: A negative carryover is when your affiliate commission for the month has a minus balance because your referral won a lot of money. If you had a negative carryover of $500, you’d need to earn $500 the following month just to break even.

Secondly, they pay a 30% to 45% revenue share, and they also offer cash bonuses for affiliates who can bring a large number of depositing players their way.

The above commission is for the lifetime of the customer, so you can earn recurring commissions for years.

Why You Should Promote Ace Revenue

They offer a relatively high recurring commission rate but are open to custom CPA (Cost Per Acquisition)​​ offers for the “alpha” affiliates out there.

  • Commission: Up to 45%
  • Cookie Duration: Lifetime
  • Negative Carryover: No
  • Payment Methods:  Neteller, bank transfer, check, player account

3. Betsson Casino Affiliate Program

The Betsson Group is pretty similar to the Ace Revenue brand in that several separate casino brands exist under them.

That includes some of the more popular online casinos, such as Betsafe, NordicBet, CasinoEuro, and StarCasino.


Each casino offers the usual selection of games, including sports betting, slot, live casino games, table games, and jackpot games.

So there’s something to appeal to almost anyone who wants to play online games of this type.

As a casino affiliate, you can earn up to 40% with their revenue share model for sending new depositing customers their way.

But you also receive 10% of all commissions earned by any sub-affiliates who sign up under you, and there’s no negative balance carryover.

Why You Should Promote Why you should promote Betsson Casinos

They have over five decades of experience in the casino industry, a wide enough range of games to appeal to a broad audience, and a solid set of marketing tools for affiliates to leverage.

  • Commission: Up to 40%
  • Cookie Duration: Lifetime
  • Negative Carryover: No
  • Payment Methods: Player account, Neteller, wire transfer, Skrill

4. BitStarz Casino Affiliate Program

bitStarz is an award-winning online casino created by players for players.

And that includes their customer support team, who are required to have a minimum of 3 years of industry experience.


So your visitors get a casino with UX in mind, as well as providing enough games to keep them entertained for years to come.

The games on offer include slots, table games, jackpot, live casino games, and Bitcoin casino games – the latter being where players can deposit, bet and withdraw using just BTC.

So, is this offer worth promoting compared to the other affiliate programs here?

Affiliates get a 40% commission rate, a dedicated account manager, and there’s no negative carryover to worry about.

Why You Should Promote BitStarz

They’ve been in business since 2014, offer BTC-only games, and have several hundred positive online reviews.

  • Commission: Up to 40%
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Negative Carryover: No
  • Payment Methods: Credit card, crypto, Bank transfer, Skrill, and many others.

5. Dreams Casino Affiliate Program

Dreams Casino is operated by the Gambling Wages affiliate network, which was founded by a marketer whose goal was to create a platform that treated casino affiliates fairly.


In terms of the actual casino, players will find all their usual favorites, including online slots, blackjack, roulette, table games, online video poker, and many others – there’s 150 in total.

New players get a 200% welcome bonus, so if your visitors deposit $50 into their player account, that becomes $150 for them to play with.

They also offer 24/7/365 support, and VIP players get their own dedicated support team.

They claim that average affiliates earn between $2k and $5k per month, but their big earners regularly take home $50k per month. Allegedly.

Why You Should Promote Dreams Casino

Players get a wide range of the usual virtual and live games to choose from, and affiliates get a 40% cut of that revenue for the lifetime of the player.

  • Commission: 40% revenue share (recurring)
  • Cookie Duration: Lifetime
  • Negative Carryover:  No, but with the proviso of “under extreme circumstances”.
  • Payment Methods: Check, Neteller, player account, wire transfer

6. King Billy Casino Affiliate Program

King Billy is another of the award-winning online casino brands in our roundup.

In addition to hundreds of virtual games such as video poker and slots for your visitors to enjoy, they also have a range of live casino events, including blackjack, baccarat, and roulette.


New players receive a ‘Welcome Package’, typically including 200 free spins on specific games and up to 100% bonuses on a first deposit.

They also pay a higher-than-average commission rate of 50%.

But something else that sets them apart from most other affiliate programs in this roundup – King Billy affiliates get a choice of being paid in real cash (FIAT) or cryptos instead.

Why You Should Promote King Billy

They offer players over 2,000 different games to choose from. Their commission rates are also some of the highest in the industry.

  • Commission: Up to 50%
  • Cookie Duration: Life
  • Negative Carryover: No
  • Payment Methods: Wire transfer, Skrill

7. Slotland Casino Affiliate Program

Slotland is one of the older names in the world of online casinos, going online for the first time in 1998.

And, as the name suggests, their focus is on not just providing the usual online slots, games, and other services but being the best of their kind on the market.


But they also offer video poker and keno games for players who need a bit more variety.

Their interface is starting to show its age, but if the players don’t seem to mind, neither should you.

So how long do you receive commissions for?

Lifetime. Slotland affiliates receive a revenue share for as long as their referral stays and plays.

You earn up to 50% of whatever a player loses, minus a 15% “transaction fee”.

But you do also receive up to 20% of your sub-affiliates earnings.

Why You Should Promote Slotland Casino

They offer a specialized experience for online gamblers who simply want the best virtual slot games they can find online.

  • Commission: Up to 50% recurring
  • Cookie Duration: Lifetime
  • Negative Carryover: No
  • Payment Methods: Player account, check, Monero, cryptos

8. Bet 365 Affiliate Program

Bet365 is one of the better-known names in online casinos.

Part of this is because they invest heavily in advertising and offer a high-quality gaming experience.


For example, they offer a wide range of virtual casino games but also plenty of live games to choose from.

So your visitors can spend time solo sports betting or join live poker tournaments instead.

And all of this is done within the secure gaming environment offered by this company.

So how does this offer stack up against the other casino affiliate programs out there?

The average affiliate partner earns a flat 30% revenue share. If, however, you can drive a high volume of depositing players, make sure to speak to your dedicated affiliate manager.

Why You Should Promote Bet 365

They’re a household name in the gambling market, while also being trusted by many super affiliates.

  • Commission: 30% revenue share
  • Cookie Duration: 45 days
  • Negative Carryover: No
  • Payment Methods: Wire transfer, player account

9. Casumo Casino Affiliate Program

It can be difficult to make money as a casino affiliate if the brand you’re promoting has little or no customer loyalty.

Casumo Casino actively works to keep their players happy, and that includes featuring a relatively modern interface.


Happy players are more likely to spend money, which increases your chance of getting a nice big chunk of revenue share.

Players can choose from virtual casino games, in-house live casino events, and sports betting.

Their live games involve betting against the dealer, so these are effectively skill-based online tournaments.

Your audience can choose from 2,000 video games covering everything from video slots to jackpot games and more besides.

Or they can hang out instead in a live online poker room with a real dealer.

As an active affiliate for Casumo Casino, you can earn up to 45% revenue share, but this depends on how many new players you refer each month.

Why You Should Promote Casumo Casino

They offer a bright and modern take on the online casino scene, with commission rates to make promoting them more than worthwhile.

  • Commission: 20% – 45% revenue share
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Negative Carryover: No
  • Payment Methods: Neteller, Skrill, Wire Transfer

10. Mr. Green Casino Affiliate Program

Mr. Green has been in business since 2007, starting out from their headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden.

This award-winning online gambling portal has grown to offer more than 1,000 games from many of the leading names in online gambling.


Players will find the usual games to play, including virtual slots, classic slots, and a mixture of live and virtual casino games, including their new 3D offerings.

This is in addition to Keno, sports betting and jackpot games, many of which are available on mobile.

So how do they compare to the other online casino affiliate programs in this roundup?

Affiliates get all the tools you need to promote this offer, plus a sliding commission scale starting at 25% for 0-1 referral but rising to 45% for 30+ referrals per month.

Why You Should Promote Mr. Green

They’re a recognized and established brand in the online casino market, so you won’t have to pre-sell them to players as much as lesser-known casinos.

  • Commission: 25% – 45% revenue share
  • Cookie Duration: Lifetime
  • Negative Carryover: No
  • Payment Methods: Neteller, wire transfer, Skrill

11. Genesis Casino Affiliate Program

Genesis Casino is one of the oldest in this roundup, with a history dating back to the Internet’s earliest days.

As of right now, they offer more than 1,300 games spanning video slots, live casino, table games, roulette, and jackpots.


Your visitors also have the peace of mind of knowing that Genesis is PCI compliant, which means they offer a safe gaming environment.

New players get a €100 bonus and up to 100 free spins of specified games.

And while they don’t have a dedicated app, they do offer a mobile-friendly casino gaming experience for your smartphone.

Their affiliate program pays a minimum 35% revenue, plus a 2.5% lifetime referral commission.

Why You Should Promote Genesis Casino

They demonstrate the business acumen and financial stability that comes from over two decades of industry experience in the gambling market.

  • Commission: Up to 35%
  • Cookie Duration: 70 days
  • Negative Carryover: No
  • Payment Methods: Check, wire transfer, Skrill, Neteller

The Casino Affiliate Programs Application is a great opportunity to enjoy the best betting website right from your mobile phone. The app is available on both iOS and Android platforms. Download it to have the opportunity to win with Melbet. It is easy and totally free to Melbet download for Android smartphones. There are several steps that you should take to become eligible to download the Melbet apk: Open the official website; Find the application page, click on it; Scroll down and click the ‘Android’ button; Find the ‘Instal unknown apps’ option in your phone’s settings, enable it; Wait till the Melbet apk is downloaded and open the file; Click ‘Install’ and wait till it’s finished; Now you can use Melbet apk on your phone.

Casino Affiliate Programs Bonus is a marketing tool with which the online bookmaker is trying to attract new players and retain existing customers. Melbet welcome bonus for sports and casino is a bonus that is offered to all new players, player during the registration can select which type of bonus will be enabled in the account, sports or casino welcome bonus. Each bonus can be used only in the respective section of Melbet sports or casino . Except the welcome bonus for new players, Melbet offers can enjoy any other promotional bonus which can be used by any registered user. There's so much on offer at Melbet and you just have to register an account with them. One great reason is their enticing welcome bonus of up to €100, How can you not want to receive this great offer. Melbet membership undoubtedly has numerous benefits for bettors, as there are so many betting options and promotions available for customers of the site. We therefore don't hesitate to suggest you register an account with them.

To start betting on Casino Affiliate Programs Login, each user needs to create his own unique account. There are 4 basic types of registration: by phone, by e-mail, in one click or by social networks. Every user over 18 years old can register an account. Melbet has been a highly reliable platform in the industry since the late 90s, initially as an offline business. Today, it is one of the largest and most trustworthy betting providers worldwide. Our website can help guide you through the simple registration and login process on Melbet.

Casino Affiliate Programs Signup is the first step that sports enthusiasts can take to access their account after they must have been done with Melbet sign up. Melbet app login is the most convenient and simple method of accessing a Melbet account nowadays. Melbet also provides more bonuses for app. Melbet has gained recognition as one of the broadest online sportsbooks around. The Curacao licenced operator has drawn the attention of more than 400,000 punters thanks to their several hundred markets to wager on over 70 listed sports,such as football, baseball, rugby, horse racing, Olympics, boxing and novelty options ranging from Aussie rules, table tennis to politics, and even the weather. Their diverse offering is paired with great banking options, allowing customers to deposit and withdraw using credit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets, or cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin.

To Casino Affiliate Programs Register, go to the website and click on the red button at the top of your screen; this is applicable to both mobile and desktop versions of a website. If you’re using Melbet mobile app, hit the “Menu” button (the 3 bars at the top of the screen), then the “Register” box. On the website, there are three ways to register; choose the one that is most convenient for you. Betting is a business that requires a fine betting company to rely on. Melbet is considered a credible betting company by the majority of players around the world. Melbet started its business activity back in 1997. This year the launch of a world wide business with thousands of clients around the world took place.

You can download Casino Affiliate Programs APK and mobile app for Android and iOS and make bets from your smartphone. The client has a user-friendly interface, pleasant design and supports all the sports available on the site. Bet on cricket, kabaddi and other disciplines, get winnings and withdraw them through the cashier, make deposits and activate bonuses. All this will be available in Melbet app for smartphones. Are you a sports lover or are you passionate about getting in on the action? If you are, then Melbet is the best betting or bookmaker site for you. If you're already familiar with placing bets on the Melbet online betting platform on your computer, you might want to download and install the Melbet mobile application for Android and iOS smartphone devices.

Casino Affiliate Programs Live Casino is working hard to become one of the world’s biggest and fastest-growing online casinos. Melbet live casino offers a very massive assortment, which includes introductory bonuses, ongoing promotions, and loyalty awards. Additionally, you can relax with an incredible collection of slots and live games from numerous leading software suppliers. The casino at Melbet is among the best sections. You can tell right away how much effort has been put into making it a top-notch iGaming product. The brand partners with the best software suppliers and this is obvious by the range and qualities of the games offered.

The Casino Affiliate Programs Promo Code is BET90. Use this code when registering at Melbet and you can get the biggest available welcome bonus. An extra 200% bonus is available when you make your first deposit at this global online betting site. By using the BET90 code, new players can get a bonus worth up to 130€ or currency equivalent. A Melbet promo code is a welcome bonus you get when registering a Melbet account. To activate the bonus, fill in the “Promo Code” field on the Melbet registration form. Use the promotion code BET90.

The Casino Affiliate Programs Affiliates program is another way to earn money on the site. You can earn steadily by promoting your brand with the help of marketing materials. Everyone who has time and some information resources for advertising can take part. 1xPartners gives you an opportunity to profit from your traffic. Simply promote our brand and attract users to register at Melbet via referral links and promotional codes. You will then receive ongoing earnings for profit generated from the players you direct to Melbet.

Register in Casino Affiliate Programs Partners program; Introduce new users to Melbet; Receive commission up to 40%.Get paid every week. Partner offers in the world of sports betting are countless. Nevertheless, Melbet is distinguished by the many advantages offered to its participants. After registering with 1xPartners, each affiliate receives a unique identifier. This is the binding mechanism that ensures that each partner’s players are assigned to them for life. It’s simple and easy! All you have to do is click the «Register» button and fill out the form. The Partners Melbet team will then review your application within 48 hours.

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