Internet business idea

Internet business idea; 39 Money Making Ideas For Online Business

internet business

Maybe you’ve been thinking of making money online since the beginning of the new year. It is interesting to know that launching and expanding an internet business idea is less risky than investing in other markets, because your business relies on the Internet space and this will lead to reach potential customers without space restrictions. .

To build an online money-making business, you need to identify the communication skills needed for an online business and always strive to improve. In addition to defining the concept of Internet business and its benefits, we also mention some of the most successful online business ideas and models.

What is an Internet Business?

internet business

Internet business is an activity in cyberspace through which it is possible to buy and sell goods or provide a variety of services. The Internet offers a variety of opportunities; It’s enough to run a good internet business idea.

In recent years, especially with the onset of the corona pandemic, many people around the world have lost their jobs. But in the meantime, people use their internet business unit to start their online business and earn money by working remotely and away from the risk of disease.

Fortunately, this big job market has a lot of room for growth and development, and you too can easily enter the job market and earn money online by identifying a money-making internet business opportunity.

The Benefits of Starting an Internet Business in the Corona
With the onset of the corona epidemic, many people are turning to online services, and this has led to the expansion and advancement of the online business environment. There are many benefits to starting an online business, here are some of the most important ones.

  • Capital and low start-up costs
  • Possibility of telecommuting away from the risk of infection and disease
  • saving time
  • Cost savings
  • Ability to attract employers or potential customers without space restrictions

List of 39 Internet Money Making Business Ideas in Iran

If you have decided to start an internet business, then it is better to introduce you to the best money making internet business ideas that are economically profitable. Efforts have been made to introduce the online business in Iran and to be compatible with our cultural and economic conditions.

Making money online is extremely popular because of the wide range of topics available.

Who in the last two decades thought that the Internet could one day become a lucrative source of revenue? But now anyone with a major in one of the following categories can have a monthly income of millions or hundreds of millions.

Depending on your abilities and skills, choose from a few “internet business ideas” below and put your internet business idea into action with more research.

Earn money from sales cooperation

affiliate marketing

As you read this, you are probably wondering what is sales collaboration?

Collaborating in sales or affiliate marketing is the newest way to earn money online. In this method, you receive a commission by advertising and selling the product of a manufacturing or service company online. In this way, you attract a customer to a company through content and internet marketing, activity in virtual networks or with the help of SEO techniques.

Making money from sales collaboration as a money-making idea has many fans today. The two main ways to make money through sales collaboration are:

  • Sell downloadable products: For example, you advertise services such as audiobooks, home drama series, site memberships, registration for training classes, and online. If your ad causes a person to purchase, register or join, you will be paid a commission through the company.
  • Collaboration in the sale of physical products: Many affiliate marketers advertise different products; Make money online from companies, either through the official website of companies or through online stores.

Social networks are one of the suitable platforms for activities in this field. As an example, we can mention the cooperation in selling Instagram. You can advertise the product on Instagram and get a commission from selling it.

This internet business idea is a relatively simple method that can be well earned. Because it is both reliable and does not require expertise, capital, inventory or even product support.

Set up a blog

A blog is a page on a website, a site. This page is managed by one person or group and the content is updated regularly. You may be surprised, but starting a blog in 2021 is easier than ever.

A blog page is a money-making internet business idea; But you should note that launching a blog alone will not make you any money.

What matters is the production of consistent and useful content on the page. Over time, gaining the trust of your loyal audience, it is time to become a high-paying professional affiliate marketer with the help of the best sales collaboration sites.

Set up an online store

Setting up an online store is a successful online business idea. In general, all transactions made by individuals online are called e-commerce.

In these transactions, from physical products such as books, clothing, food to non-physical products and services such as classes and training courses and. Are traded.

Implement your online sales idea in the best way possible by following the tips below:

Choose a profitable market

Review different ideas in your mind and do detailed research on each of them. Try to pay as much attention to detail as possible and choose a specific topic. For example, despite the many competitors in the sale of sports and leisure equipment, you can sell shelves instead of surfboards. Ride the surfboard.

Pric the product correctly

As you know, there are various costs in this route, including production, purchase, distribution, advertising, and so on. You will not make a good profit if your product is not priced correctly. Also, if your product has a higher price than competitors, your chances of selling will decrease. Paying attention to the most important points of online sales will help you a lot in this way.

Examine the potential for the selected market

It is better to enter a market from the beginning that has the potential for progress and is not completely saturated.

This method is considered as a money-making business; But it’s more labor-intensive than other methods. For example, to be seen in Google, you need to know what SEO is and its techniques, know ads in Google, or give it up.

Now add to this section, content marketing, email marketing, advertising, strategy development, campaign development and management, customer analysis and و. Of course, it is not too hard !! If you start learning, you can easily do it. Of course, more effort is needed to become more professional.

Make Money From Youtube

YouTube is a popular online social network and in recent years its activity has become a money-making internet business idea. The only way to enter this fascinating space is to make a video.

In fact, depending on how many views your videos are viewed, you will earn dollars. Obviously, the number of hits has a direct relationship with the amount of your income. In addition, YouTube is known as an effective social network for advertising and monetizing through affiliate marketing.

Here are some ideas for setting up a YouTube channel:

Build a blog

Vlog is a word that has emerged in recent years from a combination of the words blog and video. For example, if you are one of those people who travel on your vacation, you can share your travel experiences with your followers and attract many followers by making attractive and spectacular videos.

Because YouTube pays people for shared video views; Many people with continuous activity on this platform are earning money from YouTube and in some cases it has become their main job.

On the other hand, YouTube is limited in Iran, and perhaps for this reason, Aparat can be a good space for activity. Making a blog and publishing it in Aparat is one of the ways to earn money from Aparat.

Build a mobile application

With the increasing popularity of mobile software in recent years, designing, building and delivering this software is recognized as a successful internet business idea. If you’ve mastered programming such as Android, JavaScript, and ،, you still have a great way to make money.

Currently, programming is one of the most lucrative jobs in Iran and can be considered as an Internet job without capital; Because you do not need a lot of capital to start it.

Many companies are launching an application for their business. There are also many companies that are looking to design software for professional management of their work.

If you have a useful, engaging, fun idea in mind, building a good mobile or tablet app is probably the way to make money online. It is enough that you have expertise in software and application design. After a successful test, you can get a great and lucrative job.

Learn and master SEO

Search Engine Optimization means a set of actions taken to improve the ranking of pages on different keywords.

As a result, the pages that rank high with the most views are just as likely to attract more customers. Likewise, SEO is a valuable internet business idea.

Because Google’s algorithms and rules are changing rapidly; We recommend that you always be teaching and learning and try new strategies. Once you have mastered the basics of SEO; With the help of different companies, you will earn good money.

Earn money through copywriting

Of all the internet business ideas, copywriting is the most specific and can be very lucrative. Advertising is a very new job. In fact, a copywriter is a person who uses writing techniques and marketing sciences to increase sales of products and services of individuals or companies; Produces engaging and promotional content. If you are interested in writing, copywriting will be an attractive way to earn money online.

You do not need to be located in a specific place to earn money this way. You can work as a freelancer in your home and therefore it is one of the ways to earn money at home. Of course, some companies also hire people with this skill.

Make Money Through Podcasts

A podcast is a platform for producing audio content and an idea for new content. The podcast is available on mobile phones as well as computers.

In addition to the examples available in English; The atmosphere of Persian podcasts in Iran is developing rapidly. You can search for some of the best Persian and English examples and produce audio content inspired by them and then choose a different and new topic.

Over time and gaining more audience, you can advertise and sell different products and services. Since the competitive environment of this Internet money-making idea is not yet saturated; It can be a great choice to start your internet business.

Make Money Through Freelancers

Freelancing means a free and part-time job. The service provider is called a freelancer and may work for multiple customers simultaneously.

Freelancing is one of the easiest ways to make money online and you can easily become a freelancer by identifying your skills and abilities. For example, one way to start; Sign up for sites like Karlnser, Poonisha and Workfa.

Whether you have simple skills such as typing and office or professional skills such as translation, making promotional videos, cover design, graphic design, resume writing and…; You can make money in this online job market.

Digital Currency Trading

Cryptocurrency trading is one of the newest businesses in the world. The value of digital currencies has risen sharply in recent years. You can also enter the market of buying and selling digital currencies after doing enough research and search.

Buy and sell domains

The domain is the URL. Some people invest in this market by identifying suitable internet domains. Markets called Domain Name Aftermarket are a good place to buy and sell registered domains.

Those who work in this field should know the ins and outs of work well in order to make profitable tricks. It is interesting to know that earning money from selling a domain does not have an age criterion and teenagers can also earn money through it. For this reason, it can be said that buying and selling domains is one of the ways to earn money for teenagers.

You can identify the appropriate domains; Buy them and sell them at a better price at a better opportunity. Suitable domain features:

  • Short name

  • Simple writing structure

  • Lack of numbers and characters

  • Domain names can be written in one way only

  • Have a unique and special name

Selling handmade and artistic products

Turning a hobby into an idea is one of the best ways to make money online. Today, with the development of the Internet business environment, artists have also had the opportunity to connect with different people from all over the world.

When it comes to art, the art of drawing and painting usually comes to mind.

But in addition to painting; People can also make money through other arts such as cooking, baking, photography, music, and writing.

Fine and attractive arts quickly spread among the enthusiasts and attract many customers. Selling art products online is one of the best ways to make money with customers from all over the globe.

Make money from social networks

Telegram has more than 50 million Iranian users and the number of Instagram users in Iran reaches 48 million. This shows that this space has a high potential for revenue generation. Popular platforms include Telegram, Instagram and Rubika.

The popularity and high number of users of these social networks has caused these platforms to sometimes become online markets for various businesses. You can increase your audience by continuing to work on these social networks. By doing this, you can advertise from other brands and companies and earn money this way.

In addition, you can earn good money in this space by cooperating in sales. Among the most used platforms in Iran, Telegram and Instagram are more important. You can find more complete information in this field by referring to the article on earning money from Telegram. In the continuation of this text, due to the importance of Instagram, the methods of earning money from it will be further examined.

Make Money Through Business Consulting

If you have enough information about a specific topic such as business, cyberspace, marketing,. You can make money through consulting. By gaining experience and eventually hiring other consultants, you can quickly expand your internet business idea.

Online teaching and webinars

Nowadays, with the increase of life speed and also the corona virus pandemic, people have become interested in online education and learning.

If you have a special skill, knowledge or ability; It’s time to make money from them. Note that being creative in training as well as how it is presented will help you progress in this area. For example, you can teach cooking, baking, drawing and painting, music, foreign languages, etc.

The webinar is a combination of the words Seminar and Web-based. You can hold online seminars through cyberspace and the web. You can teach a subject and earn money this way.

Earn money from the game

In today’s world, games can not be seen as mere entertainment. The potential of this sector is so high that it can be considered as an idea for internet business. Because of its features; Making money from gambling is very popular among young people and teenagers.

There are several ways to monetize the game, the most common of which is streaming. In this case, during the game, the person prepares a video of himself and the game steps and shares it. To do this, you can use different platforms such as Aparat, YouTube, Instagram, Telegram or similar.

Web design

money from website design

Another one of the best and most lucrative business ideas in Iran is website design. You can become a web designer by having programming skills or web design with WordPress. There are now many companies and stores that need a site. Some are looking for people who can support the site technically.

Website design is a time consuming task and requires expertise.

A web designer is a person who can design and prepare a website from the beginning to the end. To do this, you must first become familiar with coding.

Proficiency in graphics or programming languages ​​such as PHP, HTML and دارد is required to do this. Website designers have a relatively good income, but if you want to start a money-making internet business by designing a website; You need to develop your skills well and try to get better.

One of the best features of site design is that you can work with different employers from all over the world, as there is no need to be in a specific place.

Sell ​​templates or WordPress themes

WordPress template The appearance (colors, fonts, widgets, etc.) of a WordPress site. The first thing a visitor sees on the site is the WordPress theme and template.

WordPress templates are designed and built by programmers familiar with this space.

If you are familiar with this skill, you can make money from it as an internet business idea. For example, you have already prepared templates through WordPress template sales markets, or design a template for a template site based on the client’s comments and suggestions.

Earn money from binary options

Making money from binary options is a new internet business idea. In this way of earning money, you have to predict the price growth trend of a product or service. To do this, you must select a specific time period. Eventually, if your prediction is correct, you will make a profit, but if your prediction is wrong, you will lose the money you have invested.

Among the internet money-making ideas, the binary options method has a higher risk, so to enter it, you must be careful and increase your knowledge in this area.

Graphic Design

Graphic designers use specialized computer software to design and produce visual concepts.

Graphic designers use their artistic taste to give different businesses a visual identity and cause them to communicate more with audiences and consumers.

You do not need to have a university degree or the ability to paint to enter this attractive and profitable job market; Only by having a simple computer and a creative mind can you earn money online and attract various projects.

technical support

Technical support refers to the software and hardware services provided by an independent individual or company. These services are usually in the field of computer, mobile and television products.

In this internet business idea, you can show your skills online and earn money after attracting customer trust. Jobs in this category are usually employed in person

Earn a click

Pay-To-Click is a business idea that does not require initial revenue. You can start working without capital and without special equipment. To make money this way; You need to click on the ads on PTC sites and make money based on the number of daily clicks.

Different websites are active in this field and offer you different facilities. The important thing to note is that you have to choose the PTC site carefully so that you do not get confused. Making money this way is a bit slow and the time you spend on it will have a direct impact on your income.

Instagram Influencer Marketing

If you are interested in taking photos and sharing your photos in cyberspace, you can turn Instagram software from a fun environment to a lucrative business environment and achieve the attractive dream of earning money from Instagram without initial capital. The idea of ​​Internet business through Instagram has a lot of fans and success in it requires a lot of patience.

To do this, you must first: Turn your page into a visually beautiful page by producing engaging content and building a friendly relationship with your audience.

Then as this continues, new followers will be added to your page.

Finally, given the number of followers you have and the level of relationship you have with them; Different businesses will come to you to advertise and sell their products.

Do not forget that you have a significant impact on your followers; Therefore, do not abuse their trust in this way in any way.

Data entry expert

One of the jobs that is heard in Iran, especially in the last few years, due to the online nature of work, is Data Entry. This is usually a very simple and everyday task that almost anyone can do. It does not require specialization and is easily done.

Google Ads Expert

Google Ads is a comprehensive platform with which you can run various ads such as AdWords. You’ve probably seen something searching and come across one or more links that have “ad” or “ad” written next to them. These ads are such that you can pay for different keywords for certain conditions.

Now these special terms can be clicks, can be sales and.. Also, ADS ads are not limited to the Google results section. You can also advertise YouTube, various websites as well as mobile applications.

Of course, you can even create campaigns for your app. Suppose you design an application and you want to promote it. You can do this from this platform. Ever seen ads in Gmail? Gmail ads do the same.

Make Money From Amazon

Few people do not know Amazon. Amazon is currently one of the largest retail websites in the world. You can make money online through this site and your income will be in dollars. Common ways to make money from Amazon include selling, Retail Arbitrage, Private Lable, and selling services and products such as handmade products, designs, second-hand goods, and more.

Note, however, that not all Amazon services in Iran may be available. For this reason, it is recommended that you research the various revenue-generating methods from Amazon and select the most appropriate ones for your activity.


Translator is definitely a very attractive and, of course, lucrative job. There are many different languages ​​to translate. It is very clear and needless to say that the number of jobs related to “English translation” is more than other languages. But Arabic, French, Spanish, German and… all have a high number of requests.

Translate the movie

video translate

Another lucrative freelance job in Iran is translating films. Many pages from foreign countries are easily available to you on Instagram. Countless instructional videos have also been published on the Youtube website. Of course, these films are in foreign languages. If you are fluent in a foreign language such as English, Arabic or Istanbul Turkish, you can download and translate these videos.

Put the translation in the subtitles of the videos and publish it. You can use the same YouTube platform to publish video or get help from Apartment. Just upload the video made on these platforms.

Many companies, active social media pages or websites are in dire need of such video content. He will pay you for your efforts.

Make a sound

One of the specific business ideas is voice acting. If you have no talent and you are just a good voice, do not waste time. Now sound can also be a source of income. In fact, one of the most lucrative jobs without capital is creating good sound video. Just voice over documentaries or short stories.

Users have a strange interest in an amazing film of nature that has been sounded with a pleasant and attractive sound. Sound has an amazing effect on the audience’s mind. If you have an attractive voice, you can voice for short films and documentaries. You can find these videos on social media and YouTube.

Voice over the translation after translation. All you need is graphic audio software, a laptop and a microphone.

Site management and social networks

A business idea that is very popular these days. If you do not have any initiative or idea to launch a site or page on social networks, go to other websites and social networks.

Many of them are so busy that they do not have the opportunity to manage their site and social networks. You can manage the site or their pages on social networks. Become an admin.

Production of digital courses

Digital content

These days there are many sites that sell training courses and you just need to find a few sites that are in your area of ​​expertise and send them your training course and experience online earning money safely.

One of the great advantages of this is that these sites have a lot of visitors and customers, and it will be very easy to sell your courses, and it is one of the most widely used online business ideas.

If you browse the internet, you will find out how interesting the story is and how easily you can sell your expertise and make money this way.

Of course, these sites take a percentage of your sales instead, which is still quite economical no matter how you calculate. Because practically you will not pay for advertising, content production for the product, SEO or digital marketing in general, and all advertising and sales costs are borne by the site itself.

Become an advertising expert!

Advertising space is a large space, such as advertising on Google, advertising on popular sites, each of which is divided into different categories.

Advertising will always cost money, and if you become an advertising expert and your skills are good; People are willing to pay you a lot of money to reduce the high cost of their advertising.

Of course, expertise in this area requires a lot of hard work. In addition to preparing training courses, you must also experience this in a practical way.

When you enter the most visited Iranian sites, they are the same as the newspaper advertisement section with a world of advertising! For each of these ads, which are different models, a lot of money has been paid that if you can have the right analysis and know how to optimize them, you can greatly reduce costs.

Mobile business idea

Is Money Making Real Through Mobile?

Yes, the idea of ​​mobile business is very popular due to the high use of mobile phones and its availability. But some may still say that even if it is possible to earn money, it certainly will not be much!

It is completely wrong. There are several ideas for making money with a phone that you can also have very high incomes.

These business ideas include:

  • Make money with Instagram

  • Make Money With Telegram

  • Make Money From Youtube

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn

Online business idea via Instagram

Online business idea

Well, we came to making money through Instagram!

There are many people who have very high incomes through Instagram; Now, either by producing content, such as making clips and increasing followers, and finally by advertising, or by launching an online shop, they are creating a way to earn money from Instagram.

But each of these two methods has its own knowledge and difficulties. Many people produce content on Instagram, but not all of them are very successful. Many people have an online shop on Instagram, but again, not all of them are successful. Of course, to increase Instagram sales, you need Instagram marketing knowledge, or if you do not have this knowledge, you should get help from a company or a person who has the knowledge.

Buy photos

Buy photos

Yes you heard right! You can easily take photos and sell your photos on various sites.

There are many sites both inside and outside the country where you can upload your photos and sell them at different prices and easily earn money from them.

Become a web developer

This job has a very good income and a very high popularity.

Today, many sites are created with different languages ​​and technologies. Now if you can become a web developer, you can easily get a job for yourself and earn a very good income. Of course, this business idea is certainly a booklet of ideas that require experience and expertise.


In general, the Internet space is facing many job opportunities. The new year is like a new opportunity to put your “internet business idea” into action. From the internet money-making ideas mentioned and also by reviewing the internet business ideas that have not been implemented in Iran and the world, choose the one that is more in line with your skills, interests and lifestyle and earn money quickly through the internet. do. We hope that next year, at this time, you will find your favorite business among the online money-making businesses and earn money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have an internet business idea without capital and at home?

Yes, many ideas such as freelance, sales collaboration and even telecommuting can be done for free. Of course, in freelance you need to have expertise, but in cooperation in sales, you will not need expertise and you just have to be able to sell products and do marketing.

What is the most lucrative internet business idea?

It is not possible to say which one is more money-making because it varies according to your audience and your expertise. You may respond to your expertise in a particular context and not in others, so it depends on you and your audience and can not be said exactly.

What is the best online business idea?

It is not possible to say which platform and which idea is better than the other. Because according to the specialties, audiences and different time and place conditions and other parameters, the situation is different and it may be a very good platform at a certain time, while it was not good at all in the previous year.

Can these money-making ideas have a high income?

These ideas are fully applicable in Iran. There are many ideas that are useful for foreign countries, but these ideas can be fully implemented and used in Iran, as if many people earned very high incomes from each of these platforms.

Which is the fastest way to make money online?

This cannot be said specifically. You specialize in one thing and another person in another. Depending on your level of effort and expertise, the answer may be different, or each of you may have a different work environment and earn money in different time periods, so there is no way to say which is faster, better and superior.

Do money-making businesses need a lot of capital?

When we talk about the best and most lucrative jobs in Iran, everyone thinks they should have a lot of capital.
While it is financial thinking and intelligence that leads to high incomes. Perseverance, talent, marketing ability and customer persuasion are the most important criteria for success in a job.

How long does it take to earn a high income in a job?

Getting rich overnight is an unrealistic slogan. We do not want to promise you that if you run one of these jobs, you will get rich overnight.
In fact, getting rich takes time. You may even fail several times on the path to success and earning millions.
So you have to be a little patient and go from low salary to high. Expecting revenue of several hundred million in the first few months of activity is a bit unrealistic and ambitious.

Which is the most lucrative job without capital?

You need to look at your innate and acquired talents and skills. For example, if you are quite familiar with social media, why not start a business in this space? If you know how to work with graphic and video editing software, why waste time? If you have no talent on the Internet, but you are interested in raising chickens and hens, you should work in this field.

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