The best casinos in the world

Best Casinos Club in the world


Casino is a source of good income for casino and players. In casinos, people for gaming and entertainment, excitement and betting are also paid for these bets and games that paid money when they were paid when they were paid, but In the event of losing their money to the casino. Casinos have many and attractive features that have been able to absorb many people from late and have millions of millions. In the casino, including facilities that can be accessed, a variety of games with a passor sheet, dice, slot machines, and so on.

Of course, in most luxury casinos, other than the game, you can access other recreational facilities such as: pool, restaurant, hotel, store and … that some of these facilities are available in casinos that are great goals for customer attraction. used. If you think the luxury casinos is just Las and Gus, you need to know that hard are wrong. Because in the city of Sin as well as the famous places in Monte Carlo, as well as in Germany, China, Singapore and even other places, and better things around the world for players. If you also like to enjoy the awesome casino features and features, we give you suggestions from the best casino places that you can get along with earning entertainment and other pleasures.

Introducing the best casinos in the world:


1. Macao Venetian, Macao

From the mid-sixteenth century to 1999, Macao was under Portugal when it was transferred to China. Today, known as the “Monte Carlo East,” many of the largest casino in the world, including Venice Macao, is the largest casino on earth and the sixth major structures in the world. The construction of this collection costs $ 2.4 billion, which includes a sports events and an incredible gambling area of ​​550,000 square feet. It has the same quasi-Venetian styles whose residence is sometimes the sister in Las Vegas, which was later modeled, includes replica of the lagoon channels. Luxurious hotels with full facilities, multiple restaurants with various foods from around the world, a play area, garden pools and extensive recreational facilities, along with 3000 slots and 750 games of the table, in the whole space almost nearly 10.8 million square feet. has it.


2. Vienna Macao, Macao

This massive property made by Steve Wayne, a major American casino professor located on the Macao Front, has been modeled after his curved tower in Las Vegas. Vienna Macao play with over 100,000 square feet of space with over 500 games on the table and 840 memory devices next to over 1000 ultra-luxurious rooms. If you plan to buy, you will find more than enough to buy 54,000 square feet with some of the most expensive tags in the market, including Giorgio Armani, Ferrari, Christine Dior and Chanel. Vienna Macao also includes gourmet restaurants and a global spa center. The resort with a reliable and exceptional overall experience receives uneasy reviews of all those who visit. Instead of relying on promotional advertising, it advertises more through mouth to mouth.


3. Caesar Palace, Las Vegas

Caesar is one of Vegas brand names, nearly half a century ago and became a luxury symbol, surviving scandals, recessions and other cases. Its luxurious rooms and 166,000 square feet of the game space are defined in the Strip. This broad spa has roman baths, while complex mosaics and classical architecture surround the pools. All buildings and interiors follow the style that imitates the ancient Rome, something that has copied other places of Vegas since its inception. With reintegration in the heart of the Strip, from stylish luxury rooms and suites, loud restaurants and unique cafes, baths and qua spa 50,000 square feet as well as valid forum stores with their own retailers It has.

Caesar Palace

4. Casino Hotel and Spa Hotel Borgata

This casino is located in Atlantic City, has a floor of the game, which includes a total of 161,000 square feet. The total number of game devices on the game floor is 4100. This collection has a total of 285 sheets and table games including poker tables and 17 times, hotel rooms 2002 and member of the world’s largest casino.

5. Casino Macao sand

This casino is located in Macao, has a floor of the game that includes a total of 229,000 square feet. The total number of game devices on the floor of its games is 750. This collection is a total of 1000 card games and table including poker table and 7 times, 51 hotel rooms and the world’s largest and most luxurious casino member.


6. Sun City Casino Resort, South Africa

This giant resort, such as Las Vegas, is located in the middle of Bush, about two hours from Johannesburg in the northwest of South Africa. Sun City Casino Resort was opened in 1979, at that time as the Buffootsana government, one of the designated areas of the apartheid government for the majority of the black skin, in which the laws of the country are not evenly applied, and gambling and free income. is showing. Sun City quickly became a popular destination for long rollers and all kinds of gamblers. Today, the country is one of the top casino rest in the world, with multiple hotels, more than 850 memory devices and close to 40 game desks for blackjack, American roulette, poker stud and punto baccarat. Guests can even go to Safari with a recreational reservation.

Sun City Casino Resort

7. mgm Grand Macao

This casino is located in Macao China and has a floor of the game, which includes a total of 221,952 square feet. The total number of game devices on the game floor is 835. This collection is a total of 410 sheets and table games including poker tables and 12 times, 593 hotel rooms and most popular casino members.

Grand Macao

8. Vienna Las Vegas, Las Vegas

A premier hotel in Las Vegas, Vienna Las Vegas is a symbolic casino destination in the bar. When opened in 2005, Vienna Las Vegas is the most expensive Casino hotel, which has been built at $ 2.7 billion to build it. More than 2,700 suites came with an average cost of every million dollars. At that time, Richard Branson noted: “There is no one in the world to create such fun and beautiful casinos … I say that any other casino should be nervous. He raised the bar dramatically. ”

Although this record was broken in 2010 with $ 5.5 billion Marina Marina Sands in Singapore, but still one of the real stars of casino recreational resorts around the world. Wynn at 217 hectares with a recreational residence, a 111,000 square foot casino as well as special dining experiences, nearly 75,000 square feet of retail space, a golf course for golf championships 18 holes, advanced recreation facilities and items Else.

9. Casino Liso, Macao

Among the glamorous urban landscapes, Grand Grandboa, designed to design and feel a bird cage, is known as one of the most prominent parts of the city. Hotel / Casino is the tallest Macao building, with the largest LED dome in the planet, which consists of more than a million LED lights. The internal part is decorated for up to 1,000 games and 800 table games to decorative and wide floors. This will cause wealthy tourists and gambling, in addition to providing a wide selection of approximately 15,000 wines, one of the world’s famous chefs and becomes the first institution in China, which is proud of “Grand Prize” by Get the manufacturer’s wine magazine.


10. Hotel Casino Venice, Las Vegas

The Casino Venice Hotel, in Las Vegas, allows guests to experience Italian romances, including the opportunity to ride a valid Venetian Gondola, under bridges and floating balconies through a large channel. All details in order to provide the final stay, including everything from the largest standard suites in the world to one of the most delicate casins. The hotel is part of the largest hotel and a 10-world diamond recreational collection, in addition to 120,000 casino with an area of ​​120 square meters and one of the best hotel spa in Las Vegas, luxury suites. Guests can choose from several restaurants, six chef winning James Ray, such as Emeril Lagasse and Wolfgang Puck, as well as in a set of international boutiques.

Hotel Casino

11. City of Dreams, Macao

This place, which is often known as “COD”, was opened in 2009 at $ 2.1 billion. The hotel has 420,000 square feet of gambling space, including 550 game desks and 1,500 slots, which has become one of the most popular casinos in the world. The city of dreams also has more than 20 restaurants, including the Chinese restaurant with Michelen Star, Jade Dragon, Cooking Features by Chef Tam Kwok Fung. The dramatic view of the recreational water, House of Dancing Water, contains 80 executers from around the world in a special special theater with a pool with 3,7 million gallons of water.

City Dreams

12. Foxwoods Resort Casino

Surprisingly, Las Vegas is not the largest American casino. This honor goes to Ledyard, Foxwoods Resort Casino Connecticut, which runs by the Indian tribe Mashantucket Peequot. In 1968, it was opened and has 4.7 million square feet of play space in six casino games, which has more than 7,000 games and 17 different types of games on the table as well as one of the world’s largest bingo halls in the world. It also offers a two-story game for families with children.

Foxwoods Resort

13. MGM Grand Casino, Las Vegas

MGM Grand Casino, in addition to being one of the world’s largest hotels, has 171.00 square feet of one of the biggest floors in the city. This device has 139 matches and 2500 memory devices with a payment of half a million dollars. In Skylofts, a luxury hotel at the top of the Grand MGM, you will find a private sanctuary that is inside the clouds. Guests enjoy bathing in the bathroom, with massage bubbles such as champagne, TVs in mirrors and even pickup airport with a $ 400,000 car. REMOTE works everything from TV and DVD player to lights, temperature and drapes. You can also have your 24-hour Butler if you wish and pack your baggage.

MGM Grand

14. Bellagio, Las Vegas

One of the most famous casino resorts in the world is designed by Steve Vienna Legendary at $ 88 million. This is the best famous fountain that has been featured in a number of videos such as “The Hangover” and “Ocean’s 11”, but in terms of gambling, Bellagio is known as “Office” poker rooms, and regularly hosted it. Is. World Poker Tour Events. Because of the high limitations of the table, many pro-players meet. Betting can reach $ 4,000 and $ 8,000, with pots that usually beyond one million dollars. In addition to poker, there are 2,000 slot memory devices, which also pays $ 2 million, as well as fashion dedicated stores for luxurious shopping enthusiasts.


15. World Resorts Sentosa, Singapore

One of the most expensive properties made, Resorts World Sentosa on the Sentosa Island on the southern coast of Singapore, at a cost of nearly $ 5 billion. This top-ranked resort in Singapore not only includes a casino and multiple hotels, but also an Universal Studios Park, ADVENTURE COVE blue park and a marine park that has the largest oceans in the world. This casino has more than 2400 slots slot machines and electronic gaming machines on the table and more than 500 table games like Blackjack, Poker and Baccarat. Each of the hotels has their own unique subject and have luxurious rooms, including coastal villas with interesting perspectives and personal dealers. Ferrari floors for nature friends who are located in a canopy of trees located near 40 feet from the surface of the earth.

World Resorts

16. Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Although this is not the largest casino in the world, Marina Bay Sands is the second largest casino assets made and cost $ 5 billion to build it. This house is also the largest atrium casino on the ground with 500 tables and 2500 memory devices. When your luck is over, you will find a lot of things to do. The highlights of that Skypark is on the 57th floor, which has an infinite pool of 500 feet, which you see on the top of Singapore being viewed with your 360-degree view. This resort also has the Marina Bay Sands Science Museum and a great theater.

Marina Bay

17. Hotels and Suite Rio and Las Vegas, Las Vegas

This resort is influenced by Brazil, often referred to as Rio, called the city of Rio Daganiro vibrant Brazil and has many aspects of its culture. This app is hosted as the World Poker Casino Casino, a collection of poker games including 7 Card Stud and Hold ‘EM as well as blackjack photos, hooks, roulettes and baccarat along with 1200 video slots in 100,000 square foot play space . As the name of this collection is found, all rooms are suites and have 600 to 13,000 square feet. A number of private villas are available for VIP gamblers.

18. Aria Resort and Casino, Las Vegas

The huge CityCenter collection, which has Aria Resort and Casino, covers nearly 5.4 million square feet, and is the largest private construction project in American history, with a price 9 Million dollar is accompanied. Stay in Aria and your room greet you when you cross the door, and even wake up even in the morning. Each detail is adjusted from the lighting and music to the shadows of the window, tailored to your preference. This hotel has luxurious and luxurious suites, while the casino gives you 150,000 square foot play space, including table games, slots and poker. The hotel also has a massive pool space with 215,000 square meters with 50 cabins, global spa and a theater.

Aria Resort

19. Atlantis Resort & Casino, Island Paradise, Bahamas

Atlantis Resort The most famous and greatest casino in the Caribbean has some of the most expensive hotels in the world, with a Bridge Suite that will figure $ 25,000 every night. This casino contains 78 crisp games, blackjack, caribbean poker, roulette and bacchara along with approximately 1000 memory devices. The cool lights and windows on the floor of the game provide an impressive view of the stunning turquoise sea.

Atlantis Resort

20. Expensive Ibiza Hotels, Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza can best be recognized by wild partying and its magnificent beaches, but this hotel is also located in the Ibiza Gran Hotel Casino. This casino is one of the main attractions of the island and has playing tables as well as slots. It also hosts the Texas Hold ‘EM tournament that attracts a large number of professionals and poker enthusiasts. With overlooking Marina and the old city, it also provides a romantic and spectacular environment, while this spa offers many treatments and services. Its domestic restaurant, Jackpot is a legend that serves traditional dishes, as well as Spanish and international cuisine.

Expensive Ibiza Hotels

21. encore at wynn las vegas, las vegas

Another feature of Steve Vienna, Encore, is a twin feature of the Wynn, located adjacent to the Las Vegas bar. This honor is proud of the AAA Five Diamond prize every year since the opening of 2008. 74,000 square feet of play space as well as a spa and hall, several restaurants and a nightclub. There are broad and broad rooms, while interior spaces combine asian influences and strange design, most important of which is red color and propeller motif.

encore at wynn

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