Why Melbet?

We offer many services that you are definitely looking for. Check out some of our services below and contact us.

How do I get Melbet Affiliate?

Melbet offers you the services of a betting site representative. The agency profit that we offer you is 40%, which is the highest rate among all sites.

How do I get Melbet agent?

  1. Registration, set up. Create a link, choose a promo code, the designer makes banners.
  2. Place a link. Place a link on your resource and motivate subscribers to register at Melbet website and to place bets.
  3. Followers place bets. You get 40% of Melbet profits according to RevShare model.
  4. Receive commission.

How does Melbet affiliate work?

Choose a model of work with Melbet Affiliates that is convenient for you. Models: RevShare (Revenue Share) is the model in which Melbet shares the profit with a partner. CPA (Cost per Acquisition) is a fixed rate for every new player, referred by an affiliate, who deposits money with Melbet.

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