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How to Monetize Your Website

What Websites Can Be Monetized and When?

In theory, you can monetize any blogs and websites, from informational and news platforms to commercial ones. But you should understand that in practice, monetization will be successful and profitable only if you have sufficient stable traffic and apply a correct method of monetization. For example, you are unlikely to receive a good income from posting contextual ads or banners if the traffic is low. But you can earn good money by publishing advertising content and articles if your small audience is valuable for direct advertisers.

When Can You Start Making Money from Running Your Website?

There are no strict timeframes. Nevertheless, you should not start monetization immediately after you launch your website. If you have no regular visitors, advertising can discourage potential customers because few people like to watch ads on an unfamiliar website. Also, advertisers are reluctant to cooperate with newcomers. We recommend you start earning when your website is popular and has stable traffic, including both regular visitors and new ones. The number of regular visitors determines the choice of monetization method and the level of profit from the website.

What Methods of Monetization are Possible?

We advise focusing on the following approaches:

  • Work with advertising networks and affiliate platforms if the traffic is relatively small but stable.
  • Consider cooperation with direct advertisers when the number of daily visitors is more than several thousand.

The main rule of affiliate marketing: the higher and better the traffic, the greater the income.

The growth of the online industry and numerous user-friendly platforms make it possible for any Internet user to quickly create a website, an online store, or a blog. Even if you are running a website or blog just for entertainment, but you enjoy managing it, you can learn the possible ways for having a passive profit. Website monetization equals making money from a website with the help of visitors (traffic). In general, the majority of these ways are advertising (affiliate marketing). In our article, you’ll learn how to start earning money with Melbet-Affiliate.


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What Is Monetization?

Monetization is a concept of making a profit, mainly from advertising. In essence, you get paid for the fact that your audience sees ads and goes to partner websites. This type of income is also called affiliate marketing. If the subject of your website or blog matches the product or service you advertise, you can earn more.

We all know that running any website is expensive: content creation costs, fees for hosting, and domain charges. Therefore, earnings (even a little) on a website allow you to repay content and make additional profits. But be warned right away that you may enjoy this process, and a small profit may become the main income over time.

Why Choose Melbet-Affiliate to Monetize Your Website?

If you want to try such a way of earning, we advise you to do it with Melbet-Affiliate. It offers the highest commission rates and regular payouts. The company has extensive geography of partners.


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How to start making money on traffic with the MELBET affiliate

Hey. If you are reading this article, then you definitely have an interest in how you can monetize your traffic with the MELBET affiliate program.

In order to understand what an affiliate program is, what it is for, how it works, how you can make money on it, I will try to explain in more detail.

So, you have a telegram channel, or you are a blogger and you have an impressive number of subscribers, or you have a channel on youtube, VK, FB and even Odnoklassniki. In general, you have an audience.


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It is best, and most effective, if the majority of your audience is M18 + (men 18+).

You see and come across sports betting advertisements on the Internet and in social networks. Almost everyone advertises them now. Someone directly the bookmaker itself, and someone advertises their analyst channel “capper” (capper – the one who helps people understand the world of sports betting, makes predictions, understands sports analytics).

So, all this brings in a sufficient amount of $$$ – provided that the audience is lively, active, and in line with interest in rates. Yes, it also happens that the audience is not suitable and the advertising of bets does not bring any results.


Partners melbet rewards all of its partners by a profit sharing model (revshare). cpa and hybrid offers are also available.
We offer a variety of collaboration andmarketing methods.
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So. If you are a capper, or a novice capper, and have never heard of a partnership with a bookmaker, or do not understand how to work effectively and make money on this, urgently watch the video in which we tell you how to open and develop your capper channel, how to make money on it and etc .


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