Melbet affiliate program AffiliatesMelbet.com is the official affiliate program of the Melbet brand.
Melbet is a large betting company. At the same time, we are engaged in both sports betting and casinos.
We are a direct advertiser.
We work with our partners according to the income distribution system. You get from 40% of the losses of players who register using your link or promotional code.
In the personal account of the affiliate program, you can generate an affiliate link, get a promotional code with a motivational bonus for players.
You won’t need third-party tools to track bids, registrations, and conversions. All this can be seen in your personal account on our website, after registration.
You will receive income from the players you refer. Your income will be unlimited, as you will receive a commission as long as the players play on our resource and bring money. Depending on the country of your audience, these can be $5-10 stakes from each player, every month, up to $100-1000 from each player, every month while they play on our resource.
Your income will depend only on you. The more players you attract, the more you will earn.
I can make a demo account for you to which we can transfer a virtual amount, which will be in any currency, and you can shoot videos with this account!

We spend a lot of money on the maintenance of the players, usually they stay with us for 10 months or more. And all this time you will receive a percentage of them.
If interested, I can tell you what needs to be done to start working.

To start, register in Melbet through the link below

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