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MelBet Affiliate Review – Is It Your Best Bet To Make Money?

If you are interested in sports and like placing bets on your favourite players or your favourite team, chances are you might have heard of MelBet. Would you like to take your hobby even further and become one of the platform’s affiliates and earn affiliate commission? In this MelBet Affiliate Review I will reveal the truth behind the MelBet Affiliate program, what it takes to make money with them and more!

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What is MelBet?

  • Name: MelBet Affiliate
  • Commission level: 25% – 40%
  • What will you be promoting: MelBet online betting platform
  • Application criteria: Interest in online sports betting
  • Price: Free
  • Overall Rank: 55 out of 100

Is MelBet Affiliate A Scam?

I would not qualify MelBet directly as a scam. However, the cons listed above, for me, outweigh the pros. One thing is clear: you will most likely lose more money than you will make.


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Final Thoughts

At first glance it looks like a promising opportunity to earn extra cash. However, the fact that affiliates can only earn when their referrals lose money, the many complaints filed, the elements of a MLM scheme are all red flags that need to be considered.

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The Good & The Bad About MelBet Affiliate

Pros Of MelBet Affiliate

Free registration

The affiliate program is free to sign up to, there are no additional charges to apply, nor is there a requirement for a minimum number of players.

Recurring commissions


Earnings of Melbet Affiliate is determined by the actions of players registered on the Melbet Affiliate link or using the Affiliate promo code.

  • Invite players to join using your special link
  • Usepromo codes to give bonuses to your users and attract them easily.
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RevShare type of commission (see above) is recurring. As an affiliate, you will keep earning this type of commission as long as the player introduced to the platform (your referral) keeps playing (and losing that is).

Weekly payments

Your commissions, from all three models available, are paid weekly. There is a minimum payment threshold of $30.


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Cookie duration

They offer a long cookie duration of 30 days. The longer the cookie duration, the better for affiliates.

Let’s say that today someone clicks on your affiliate link but does not register with MelBet. In 29 days he finally decides to join and goes directly to the MelBet platform. You will still get the affiliate commission for this player joining, given that he joined within the cookie duration.


Partners melbet rewards all of its partners by a profit sharing model (revshare). cpa and hybrid offers are also available.
We offer a variety of collaboration andmarketing methods.
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Support for (new) affiliates

MelBet Affiliate provides extensive support to its affiliates. It includes:

  • 24/7 customer service;
  • Marketing tools (affiliate links, promotional codes, banners, animations);
  • Articles on best practices of how to successfully promote MelBet;
  • Articles on the steps of completing the registration process as an affiliate.

Cons Of MelBet Affiliate

Filed Complaints


In ordinary words, you can obtain a percentage (to 50%) of Melbet’s profit!
This is a unique offer from the Melbet Affiliates. Start earning money right now.
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MelBet has a variety of complaints filed and an average score of 1.8 out of 5 on Trustpilot. The complaints mainly relate to the inability of withdrawing money, losing money, customer service quality, etc.

Elements of an MLM scheme

The third earnings revenue (sub-affiliate) is an MLM (multi-level marketing) model. As cited by the source mentioned: “at least 99% of people who join MLM companies lose money”.

Introducing Malbet Affiliate Program

Melbet affiliate Program is one of the well-known and well-established systems in the field of affiliate marketing; That's our advice to you. The main focus of the Melbet affiliates is to attract users from all countries.
Affiliate by providing services such as:

  • Daily Bonus, weekly and ...
  • Providing services in all languages
  • Regular commission payments

Melbet Affiliates Has always tried to keep its users satisfied. The better and more flawless the customer service, the more customers will be attracted and the more revenue you will earn.

Features Melbet Affiliatesa such as:

  • Weekly payment of commissions
  • There are different methods for marketing
  • Very high commission (up to 50%)
  • Provided specific training for each advertiser
  • Provided advertising images, banners and videos to advertisers
  • Intelligent and error-free processing
  • Melbat has made Affiliate a viable candidate for starting an online business.

Raise your income now and become a member of Melbet Affiliate.

 Melbet Affiliates Registration 

You earn when your referrals lose

In order for you as an affiliate to get paid, MelBet needs to make a profit. MelBet makes a profit when its players make a loss. That means, in order to earn the 25% RevShare, your referrals need to lose their bets.

It also works the other way around. When MelBet makes a loss, you “earn” 25% of your referrals’ loss as well. Therefore, it can happen that you have a negative affiliate balance.

MelBet does not have a presence worldwide

MelBet does not accept players from all countries. The countries it operates in are: India, Nigeria, Kenya, Russia, Ukraine among others.

For a full list of countries refer to the FAQ section of MelBet Affiliate.

Settled In Niche

Online sports betting is a niche where the players most likely have already found their preferred betting platform and stick to it. That means that it might be hard to find new players, who wish to place their bets online, who are not yet an esports platform member.

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