Your decisions will determine your destiny

Your decisions will determine your destiny

Your decisions will determine your destiny

What is your dream for your life? Do you dream at all? What fate do you want to decide for your life? At some point we may have a goal or a dream, this goal can be changed by time, and because it seems impossible for us to achieve a series of dreams, we change them.

Why do we change our goals?

We make a decision, then we work on motivation and passion. Then we start working and we face challenges and motivation and enthusiasm decrease. We think that we are not so strong and capable for that work, so we pursue another goal and the same process is repeated.

In fact, when we make a decision, we are sure that it will happen, but we do not know what will happen in the future.

Are you the only one who dreams?

Do you think that you are the only one who dreams? Do you have big dreams? No, almost everyone is like that. However, many of these people fail. Why? In fact, over time, they find it impossible or very difficult.


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  • I’m going to the club from Saturday
  • I will not smoke from tomorrow
  • I will wake up early next week
  • I will read a book from next month

These words are lies that we tell ourselves and we believe.

Do you expect to achieve your dreams directly?

Do you think that there is a smooth and hassle-free way to achieve your dreams? Will there be no challenges or problems? You are 100% wrong if you think so.

Every valuable achievement, big or small, has its stages of defeat and victory. A beginning, a struggle and a victory.


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What does it mean that people are mostly surfers? That is, they move with the wave. They have no choice but to go wherever the tide goes. Do not let your dreams come true. Fight for their realization.

Before you start, you need to know what the challenges are. Knowing the problems and challenges of the future will increase your chances of success. Of course, we can not anticipate all the problems and challenges, but we can know some of them and prepare ourselves to face them.

Examples to test your decisions

Let’s see what nature will do to us:


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You have decided to study from tomorrow. A guest may come to you tomorrow. What are you doing then? You say to yourself that I will exercise from next week. You exercise for two days. On the third day, you get stuck in important office work, and you get more rest at home because of two days of exercise.

You see? The future is not predicted. So it’s ridiculous to say now from tomorrow, from Saturday and from next week. You should start now.

Be determined in your decision

Your willpower increases or decreases your power. The bigger your dreams, the bigger your challenges will be.


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Whenever you feel like falling, tell yourself it’s hard, but it can be.

Willpower gives you the power to create solutions to problems. Despite the obstacles, you continue.

Remember, the more you deal with problems, the greater the reward.


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Stop the destruction of your plans by emotions

If we do not stop the emotions, we will definitely be taken away. I’m not talking about things like today, I’m not bored today, I’m sad today and… you have to stop them.

I do not wait for moods and feelings. There is nothing you can do about it. Your mind needs to know how to keep doing things.

Pearl S. Buck
If you make one excuse, nature will stop you twice. If you take one step, nature will take you two steps forward.


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