Why cooperate in selling clothes?

Why cooperate in selling clothes? + Introducing the system for affiliate marketing

Why cooperate in selling clothes?

Style and clothing design in recent years and due to the trend of image sharing on social networks has found a high share in people’s shopping cart, and having an online clothing store can engage the mind of anyone who thinks about online income! The basic idea of cooperating in sales allows you to make money without having a product, and cooperating in selling clothes is a solution that helps you to have your own clothing store and to some extent meet the needs of countless customers of this product.

An Overview of Affiliate Marketing

An Overview of Affiliate Marketing

Before we get into the main topic of “cooperation in the sale of clothing”, it is not bad to have an overview of “what is cooperation in the sale” and how it works?

Affiliate marketing is a new form of marketing that is designed to address traditional marketing bugs and invite customers to buy. Sales Partnership, in its current form, was first implemented in the Amazon Bookstore, and Amazon Sales Partnerships can be considered the first pioneer in this direction.


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How to make money in sales collaboration systems is that businesses invite people to advertise their product on the Internet. During these promotions in exchange for successful sales that occur; The seller of the product will pay a percentage of the profit to the intermediary (who is the bridge between the customer and the business) as a commission.

Among the types of goods sold in affiliate marketing systems, cooperation in the sale of clothing is very popular, and you can find many examples of successful affiliate marketers who have achieved high incomes by participating in the sale of clothing.

Collaborating in clothing sales helps you to have clothes for sale, without being the supplier or seller of this product.


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How about

By subscribing to an affiliate marketing system for clothes, you can have your own clothing online store and advertise this product among your audience. Customers buy the product through the main seller of the product and a percentage of the profit will be paid to you as a commission! simply!

In the continuation of this article, we intend to address the issue of why you choose clothing affiliate marketing to acquire and what is the appropriate system for membership and cooperation in the sale of women’s and men’s clothing in Iran?


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Why choose to cooperate in selling clothes?

Why choose to cooperate in selling clothes?

To start earning money from affiliate marketing, you must first determine what product you are going to sell.

Product selection is always one of the first steps in the sales cooperation roadmap for beginners and is directly related to your success and income from sales cooperation.


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In this part of the article, we are going to discuss together why cooperation in the sale of clothing is appropriate and what are the competitive advantages of clothing compared to other goods for sale?

Clothing is an essential commodity for everyone

You probably also remember from elementary school:

Basic human needs: food, clothing, housing!

Clothing is one of the most essential goods for all members of society and the sale and purchase of this product in the market of consumer goods, has a large share.


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The more goods you choose to sell, the more they need to be used by people in the community, the easier it will be to sell and the more profit you will make.

The number of consumers of clothes is high

Food and clothing are among those goods that are used by all members of society, young and old, children and و, and this makes the sales of such goods in the highest possible condition.

In clothing sales collaboration systems, you will encounter a large number of customers and a large market of contacts at your disposal; As a result, the probability of successful sales of goods also increases. Mass marketing is one of the tricks of sales cooperation that your participation in selling clothes provides you with this privilege.


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do not forget:

When the market for buying and selling goods is large and large, you can have a good income by holding even a small corner of this market, and this is a strong and good reason to join the cooperation systems in the sale of clothes.

The price of clothes is reasonable and acceptable for most sections of society
The cheap price of goods is one of the factors that are effective in the success of affiliate marketers.

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The lower the price of the goods you sell; Its conversion rate goes up. Conversion rate refers to the number of contacts or visitors who become buyers.

The lower the price of the product you are promoting, the more people will be able to buy and the more likely it is that successful purchases will occur.

It is clear that the more successful purchases, the more commission you will receive.

Clothing is one of the cheap goods and this issue has caused the affiliate marketers to pay attention to earning money from affiliate marketing.

The number of clothing suppliers is large

As the number of clothing buyers is huge, there are many suppliers for this product.

This is good news for you who want to make money selling! Because if you have a good advertising platform and audience, you will never face a shortage of goods.

By participating in the sale of clothing, you will face a wide range of customers and a large number of suppliers of goods, and this will remove many limitations in the path of monetization.

The period of clothing consumption is short

One of the most effective sales cooperation strategies that can help you achieve higher returns is to advertise products that have a short shelf life.

As an affiliate marketer, you can go for products such as technology or digital products, and you may make more profit from sales.

But it is important to note that such products have a long shelf life and people buy new mobile phones in the long run. While the time interval between buying clothes in the community is short and this will increase sales and thus increase your profit from cooperation in selling clothes.

The best platforms for participating in the sale of men’s and women’s clothing

The best platforms for participating in the sale of men's and women's clothing

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes.

Suppose you want to buy clothes online; What platforms do you consider suitable for shopping?

Definitely someone who wants to buy clothes online will not search on a platform like Twitter or LinkedIn! As a result, you need to move your business to platforms where you think there are more customers.

In this section, we will review 5 of the best channels to earn money from affiliate marketing 2021 that are suitable for cooperating in selling clothes:


Instagram (Instagram) is a great and popular platform for a variety of ways to earn money, and the sale of goods is one of the items that have a high return on Instagram.

If you search a bit in the Instagram search box, you can even find items for buying and selling villas or even tractors and luxury cars! So you can be sure that marketing is possible even for much more expensive products with less audience than clothing on Instagram, and you do not need to worry about the lack of audience and customers on this platform!

On the other hand, the image-centric nature of this platform and the possibility of uploading photos and videos in various forms such as story, post, live, etc., allows you to easily earn money from cooperating in the sale of Instagram.


After the telegram was filtered, many people came to believe that the number of contacts of this platform has decreased and it can no longer be a good platform for marketing or selling goods. I hope you are not one of these people!

Because Telegram has its own audience even after being filtered, and its benefits can not be ignored in any way. In addition, cooperation in the sale of Telegram compared to Instagram has the advantage that you will not be involved in different algorithms, audience interaction, being seen in Explorer and ؛; Because members of the Telegram group or channel view your content without preconditions.


In Rubica super application, there are different parts such as messenger or Rubino pages that allow the audience to upload images and videos. By working in these areas, you can gather your audience and earn money by advertising and selling various goods such as clothing.

Fashion blogs and magazines

Fashion blogs are one of the platforms where you can be sure that clothing customers come and go.

If you own a blog or site related to fashion, clothing, style, etc. By using SEO tricks in sales cooperation, you can achieve good traffic and earn income from cooperation with the sale of women’s or men’s clothing from your audience. .

Foreign sales cooperation sites

In addition to all the platforms and channels that we have explored so far, membership in foreign sales cooperation sites can also help you earn money from cooperation in clothing sales.

Of course, keep in mind that money transfers from different countries to Iran may be associated with problems that you should check before joining these systems.

Introducing a cooperation system in Iranian sales

Now that you know the ins and outs of cooperating in the sale of clothing and its benefits, you are probably looking to join an affiliate marketing system, and the question has arisen for you: Where do I start?

Diane or Diane Affiliate monetization system is one of the most experienced sales cooperation platforms in Iran and currently more than 1000 people are marketing in this system.

At Diane Affiliate, the focus is on selling clothing items, which include a variety of women’s clothing, menswear, children’s clothing, and a variety of leather bags and shoes.

After joining Diane Affiliate, you can have your own online store and receive all the necessary items such as product images, product advertisements, banners, product introduction videos, etc. from this system and place them on your platforms.

Affiliate marketers active in Diane Affiliate will even receive special awards and promotions that will increase their revenue further. The partners of Diane Sales Cooperation System showed that earning millions from sales participation is not impossible and you can also earn a good income by joining this system.

Summary of tips

“Cooperation in the sale of clothing” is one of the most profitable methods of affiliate marketing for 5 reasons mentioned in the text, and this issue is related to the lifestyle of people in recent years and the cheap price of clothing, and is increasing the number of online clothing buyers. Becomes. You can also become a member of an affiliate marketing system, such as Diane Affiliate, and increase your knowledge in the field of affiliate marketing, such as familiarity with affiliate marketing tools, sales promotion methods, various payment methods in sales cooperation systems, familiarity with sales cooperation … Increase your income level from this job to the desired amount.


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