sales cooperation

Collaborative sales is a method of marketing in which an offer to buy or introduce a product or service on a popular website, blog or social network is placed by the owners of these media, which we call publishers, and if this advertisement leads to the sale of products or services. , An amount is paid as a commission by the owner of the product or service to the publisher. This marketing model can be used in all areas from cooperation in the sale of clothing to cooperation in the sale of educational products and there are no restrictions in terms of the type of goods and services.

In this article, we want to introduce you to the concept of sales cooperation and its basic principles. For this purpose, we want to first acquaint you with the emergence of this marketing model.

Amazon is one of the pioneers in sales cooperation in the world



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Although Amazon was not the first company to engage in sales or affiliate marketing, it was one of the pioneers in this field and the first company to have a well-known sales collaboration system become a model for other affiliate systems. Has been sold; Many publishers around the world now make money through Amazon’s sales affiliation system; For example, influential people and bloggers around the world encourage people to buy from Amazon through their social networks in various ways, such as unboxing or full product introduction, and receive commissions or commissions in return for the product.

Different parts of sales cooperation

Different parts of sales cooperation

Different parts of sales cooperation

Product sellers

It is the business owners who have the products to sell.


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Affiliate Marketing Publishers

People who have websites (. Blogs) or social networks (often popular) and want to introduce products to their audience by placing affiliate links or banner ads, and earn money.


People who click on affiliate links and buy products.

How does sales collaboration work?

How does sales collaboration work


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Consider an online store, which (so-called merchant) connects with sites that seek to monetize the product. These sites, called publishers or affiliate marketers, offer visitors a product by placing banner or text ads on their site and linking to the online store. If the visitor clicks on the link and makes a purchase from that site, the online store will pay a fee to the advertiser publisher (affiliate marketer). This amount can be a specific amount or a percentage of product sales.

You may have wondered what would happen to the publisher’s commission if the visitor did not make a purchase for the first visit to the site and did so on the second or third visit!

There is an important point here that if the visitor does not make his purchase on the first visit, according to the registration of user and publisher information, by the cookies of the online store and publisher site, the purchase is registered by the publisher and the publisher receives his commission. will do.


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What is a cookie?

A cookie is a package of information that is stored in the form of a text file by websites on a user’s computer, mobile phone and tablet, in order to identify the user; In order for such a file to be stored on your system, the site you are visiting must ask your browser to create such a file.

Methods of calculating commissions in sales cooperation

calculating commissions


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Payment based on ad display (cpm)

This method means paying for the ad to be seen; To be more precise, payment in this model is made for every thousand visits that happen to you.

Pay per click (cpc)

In this model, payment is made when the visitor clicks on the advertised link and sees your product. In a clearer sense, payment is based on the number of clicks.

Compare payments based on cpm and cpc

In the first stage of marketing, introducing the business brand has priority. Using the pay per click method (cpm) is a good way to do this. Of course, paying per click (cpc) is less risky than the (cpm) method, so if your goal is to introduce and increase brand awareness, you can also use the (cpc) method.


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Pay per lead capture (cpl)

In this model, the publisher is charged for each potential customer he creates. (Such as registering and subscribing to the website)

Fixed tariff payment:

In this method, a fixed amount is received from the owner of the product for the publication of the advertisement on the site or social networks in a certain period of time.

The benefits of sales collaboration for businesses

The benefits of sales collaboration for businesses

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Business owners can make their products more visible to the public and attract more customers (globally).
It is a low-cost and low-risk platform for promoting business owners and attracting a large audience.
The sales cooperation system does not require investment because it costs little.
Do you think small businesses can use affiliate marketing?

Collaborating on sales is one of the best ways to promote your online business because it involves little risk and can be very helpful to small businesses. You can start your business without the need for initial capital, and if you get the result you want, such as: visiting the site, buying from the site, and… in this case, you pay the marketer.

Disadvantages of sales cooperation

Disadvantages of sales cooperation

  • Product owners may encourage you to work with a higher commission rate, but reduce the commission after a while, so it’s best to work with reputable stores as much as possible.
  • Hackers may steal your affiliate link and take the commission for themselves.

9 Ways to Make Money From Affiliate Marketing

9 Ways to Make Money From Affiliate Marketing

  • Build a website
  • Producing quality content is the key to success
  • Advertise the products you have used.
  • Put affiliate links in popular posts.
  • You can put affiliate links in your email marketing campaign.
  • Collaborate with different affiliate marketers.
  • Use different link models.
  • Create a source page (a page where all the suggested products are located).
  • Ask for discounts from product owners for customers.

What do you need to know to succeed in sales collaboration?

To be successful in affiliate marketing, you need to know skills such as SEO, web design and copywriting, or you need a team that optimizes your site to succeed in Internet marketing. Some important points for success in this method are:

Knowing the audience

The key to success in affiliate marketing is knowing the audience. Most people who enter the affiliate marketing industry put all kinds of products on their site. Placing different products regardless of the subject of the website and the interests of the audience, in addition to reducing traffic, also reduces website traffic.

Generate attractive and quality content on your site

This will allow you to increase your site traffic by retaining your regular audience. It is true that as SEO improves, we introduce new visitors to the site, but we need to make the audience permanent with engaging content.

Put affiliate link in related posts

If you’ve already produced content, you’ve probably noticed that some of the posts have received a lot of attention. By examining the position of the advertised product link in two cases:

  • 1- The proposed product is related to the produced content.
  • 2- The proposed product has nothing to do with the content and is completely irrelevant.

You will notice that the product advertised in the related content has more demand and attention.

Advertise products that you enjoy and have used before

Always try to choose products that you can give your user enough information about. If you do not know the product yourself, it is very difficult to convince the user to make a purchase.

Include affiliate links in your email marketing campaign

Email marketing can help you if you are sure that the email you want to send is related to the product. This is also very wise; Because along with the content, you also introduce the related product to them and if there is enough trust, it will most likely lead to a purchase.

Be completely honest in affiliate marketing

Always offer high quality products to your audience; By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive.

Attract your audience by releasing a video of the product

This will give your audience a better view and they will be able to buy much more easily and quickly. Also, reading long text can be tedious for some, so a short video can be very useful and effective.


Affiliate marketing or affiliate marketing is a simple and easy way to make money without any skills. You can take a new step to earn money by registering in sales collaboration systems related to your field of work; Also, if you are a business owner, sales collaboration will allow you to sell more. In addition, this system indirectly affects the SEO and credibility of your site.


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