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What is sales Affiliates? From the principles to the implementation guide of affiliate marketing

affiliates cooperation

Affiliate Marketing; It is a skill-based approach to online marketing and anyone can be trained and learned; But along with that, we must also know the big mistake of affiliate marketing. Despite the expansion of cyberspace and the possibility of gaining popularity and attracting many followers on various platforms such as YouTube and Instagram, affiliate marketing has also become an effective and money-making internet trick. In this system, without having an official degree and initial capital, you will experience earning money in your sleep with just a little intelligence and at home. If you are curious, know what is the “sales cooperation” system? Follow us to the end of this article.

Entrepreneurs who are smart and forward-thinking today know that there are always many ways to grow and optimize their business. They are initially looking for a lucrative small business. Now one way to grow their business is to be able to generate a steady stream of revenue. This means that revenue is constantly flowing into your brand. Of course, it is very difficult work, but well, this is where the difference between a strong, ordinary and weak brand becomes clear. This does not mean that you should go and start a new business, no! You need to make sure that your current business grows.

One of the many business ideas for growing your business is using affiliate marketing systems. If you want to follow the flow of one of the most lucrative business systems in the world, I recommend that you use one of the sales cooperation systems. In the following article, I will tell you the methods and principles of work.


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What is sales Affiliates?

Sales cooperation; One of the newest ways to make money on the Internet is in which you, as the third person between the product provider and the customer, lead the buyer to buy the product. If that person buys the product because of your offer; You will receive a commission as an intermediary. In this method, your commission is paid through the company and the customer does not pay extra.

In fact, a brand allows other brands and individuals to sell its products, and for each successful sale, a percentage of the commission will be given to the seller. This means that in this business model, different people are allowed to be very successful sellers without having even one product.

As a result, by sharing different product links, branding will become more and more a collection. This means that instead of spending a whole lot on branding, you can have a brand awareness explosion in a short period of time with just affiliate marketing.


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Of course, there are some systems, such as Diane Affiliate, that work a little differently. Diane Affiliate does not consider herself a major brand, so anyone can create their own brand and sell products. Well, some people want to have an independent brand of their own, which with this model of sales cooperation, they get what they want and experience earning money without investment. Of course, this sales collaboration model was first used by Diane Affiliate herself, and so far at least I do not know of any other system that has worked this way.

Pillars of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing consists of 4 main pillars:

  • The Merchant
  • The Affiliate
  • The Consumer
  • The Affiliate Network

The Merchant

The first party is the manufacturer or brand that designs, manufactures and markets the product.


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In addition to large brands and wholesalers; Small companies and retailers also fall into this category.

As long as there are manufacturers of products to offer, it falls into this category.

Manufacturers do not need to market directly.


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They need to define their advertising and sales strategies.

These people make affiliate plans and set rules and decisions about co-workers’ sales commission fees.

The Affiliate

The other side are affiliates in sales or affiliate marketers, also known as publishers, marketers, affiliates, partners, and so on. These people sell first-party products and services by using a wide variety of strategies and using multiple channels and access to potential customers.


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Partners have a loyal audience in successful sales.

These people create their own reputation and brand.

They have a very high impact on other people and are very effective.


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They can only work with one brand.

Or they may work with several different brands.

They need to select and promote products related to their target community.

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The Consumer

The third party is the target community and the contacts of the sales partners who buy the product or service of the first party (manufacturer) using the links and advertisements of the second party (affiliate marketer). If the publisher posts product information on their website, blog or social media accounts, the consumer will click on the link and make a purchase. Both the first and second parties will benefit.

The consumer may be aware of this cycle (some publishers make it clear to their audiences what they are doing).

The consumer will not incur any additional costs.

Many manufacturers use services such as coupons (discounts); They help their customers reduce costs.

The Affiliate Network

The fourth party is in fact an intermediary between the manufacturer and the sales partners. A digital platform that monitors the clicks and sales of the marketer and uses it to measure commission.

Responsible for shipping goods and publishers’ payments.

Use of this section is optional.

Cooperation in network sales; Utilizing a very extensive database including a variety of brands and services; It allows affiliate marketers to select and advertise their desired product to earn money quickly.

Amazon, ShareAsale, and ClickBank sales collaborations are the best in recent years.

How does affiliate marketing work?

In order to be able to make money in the sales cooperation model, you must first consider the following points:

  • Finding and joining a sales collaboration system (like Diane Affiliate)
  • Select a product or service to advertise
  • Share a unique link for each product (the system itself must give you the links)
  • Share links on blogs, social networks, etc.
  • Finalize the sale of products and get a commission from the desired system

Affiliate marketing is one of the branches of pragmatic marketing (performance marketing). That is, no income is earned until action is taken. Exactly in affiliate marketing, no commission will be paid until the sale is successful.

What is an Affiliate Program?

Every large company like Amazon, Apple, Digikala or Google has an affiliate program. Anyone from all over the world can join this program for free. If you’ve never heard of this, you’re discovering one of the most exciting aspects of making money at home.

Today, most companies that sell products online offer affiliate programs for free, and membership in them is easy to create a profile on social networks. You can become a member of these programs and receive your own link, and then write about the desired product on social networks and connect the contacts to the company’s site using the link, and receive a commission for every purchase that is made. .

It should be noted that the commission will vary greatly depending on the product you are promoting, for example, one person may receive $ 1 while another person may receive $ 10,000 based on the product they are advertising. The question that may come to your mind is how to make millions and sell millions by participating in sales, so it is better not to hurry. Success and high income in this profession, like any other job, requires experience and knowledge.

How Do Affiliate Programs Work?

Choosing an affiliate program can be challenging, but if done right, it will greatly increase your chances of making money. Some ways to find an affiliate program:

Affiliate Network and Marketing platform: Using paid and network marketing platforms is a good way to find a new affiliate program.

Affiliatizer: It will be very helpful to find a new affiliate program.

Competitor Analysis: Review and analyze the best active sales affiliate sites in your target area and then make a list of affiliate products they are promoting. This method will help you identify valuable and profitable products.

What are the payment methods in the sales cooperation system?

Since sales collaboration is a specific model of pragmatic marketing, payment systems in this business model are also different. Each system may have a different payment method. That’s why we tried to explain to you some of the most common payment models in this system:

(PPC) Pay Per Click

Click-through advertising, or PPC, is commonly used for start-ups. Every time a customer clicks on affiliate links, the publisher earns money regardless of whether or not they buy the product (people who have passed the digital marketing training course understand PPC marketing well).

Pay Per Sale (PPS)

The main method of cooperation is in sales, in which if a click on the publisher link leads to the purchase of a product or service, a commission is awarded to the individual.

Pay Per Lead (PPL)

If the publisher link leads to actions such as registration, account creation, application installation and registration of potential customer comments on the site, the sales partner will receive a commission.

Common terms in sales collaboration

Common terms related to affiliate marketing system are:

Affiliates: Publishers who use affiliate program links; They advertise and sell.
Affiliate Marketplace: Markets such as Shareasale, CJ, and Clickbank serve as a database for affiliate programs with different target communities.
Affiliate Software: Software developed by companies to build affiliate programs related to their products. For example: FirstPromoter.
Affiliate Link: Links provided by the affiliate program and used for advertising.
Affiliate ID: This item acts like links. Many affiliate programs offer a unique ID.
Payment Mode: Different affiliate programs offer different payment methods. For example: Check, Wire transfer, PayPal and…
Affiliate Manager / OPM: Many companies have set up this section to help publishers.
Commission: Percentage / Amount The amount and average revenue that sales associates earn per sale.
2-tier affiliate Marketing or Sub-affiliate Commission: This is the best way to monetize your affiliate program. In this method, you need to offer membership in affiliate programs to other people. In case of sale of the invited person; You will be paid a commission. (Similar to MLM and multilevel retrieval).
Landing Pages: A page on a website that is created to pursue various goals of the site, such as advertising, and products are sold on it.
Custom affiliate (income / account): Many companies will offer “custom affiliate” revenue to the people who make the most online sales.
Link Clocking: Affiliate links usually look ugly. Using link clicking techniques such as URLs, you can turn primary links into understandable links.
Custom Coupons: Many affiliate programs allow sales associates to create custom discounts that will ultimately increase sales. When purchasing is done through these links, revenue is generated for site administrators.

What are the steps to start affiliate marketing or sales collaboration?

Join an affiliate program
After joining, you choose a product to advertise (each person receives a dedicated link)
At this stage, you need to share the received link on social networks, blogs, YouTube videos, Facebook ads or in any other form.
Finally, when someone makes a purchase through your link, you will receive an attractive commission.

Sales collaboration for beginners

Affiliate marketing can be started in a variety of ways. In the following, you can consider the types of cooperation in sales and choose from the mentioned items:

Content Sites: There are many content sites, such as blogs and websites, that you can use. For example, launch a blog for a specific target audience and use it to promote a product.
This is the cheapest and easiest way to start a sales cooperation business

For example, start a blog about women’s shoes and advertise related products. You can also try selling clothes.

Media sites: play the most important role in sales partnership. These websites are designed to direct a large portion of the traffic to a very large audience.
Using the banner and content on these sites and then adding links to them, the desired product is advertised.
Coupon sites (discounts): Smart internet shopping has become very popular today. People usually look for discount codes provided by marketers before finalizing a purchase. The administrators of these sites provide discount codes to members; They have quickly become popular affiliate channels
PPC Marketing: Purchasing traffic from PPC sites such as Google, Facebook and directing traffic to a product or service.
Social networks: Today, social networks such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and دارند have many fans. Having many followers in these networks can give a salesperson a high level of influence and lead many consumers to buy the product. You can also create a YouTube channel and promote the product through video.
Email Marketing: Despite the proliferation of communication channels, email is still one of the most important options. Many marketers use email lists to promote their product.
Podcast: A podcast is a digital audio file on the Internet. This audio file can be accessed and downloaded through tools such as smartphones and computers. Today, podcasts are recognized as an attractive and effective means of communication. You can choose a topic and launch your own personal podcast and advertise the product.

What are the success factors in sales collaboration?

Success in a sales collaboration system requires continuous and daily training. To better understand this issue, it is better to compare affiliate marketing to the sport of tennis, in which the only way to improve and progress is to be present on the court on a daily basis; Therefore, training and allocating the right time will be the key to success in this work.

Over time, many responsibilities, such as job, child, spouse, etc., may be added to a person’s life, and it may not be possible to devote sufficient time to further skills in this area. At this stage you need to ask yourself 2 basic questions:

How interested are you in this work?

How much do you need for this?

Take a look at your living conditions and ask yourself what you have lost and what you will gain. If spending 1 to 2 hours a day for several months in affiliate marketing can be a lucrative business for you; It can be concluded that starting work is the right decision. In addition, this method is a proven method in the world.

What are the successful examples of sales collaboration?

Affiliate Marketing External Sample: Amazon is the top foreign example of affiliate marketing in 2021 and in recent years the company can be named as the founder of the sales cooperation system. Then there are companies like eBay, DFO Global and 3 good examples.
Affiliate marketing Internal sample: In Iran, this system is growing rapidly and the following companies are the main systems of cooperation in sales in Iran.
Store companies: Zanbil, Parsian Kala, Snap Market and…
Educational companies: Green Manager, Web Manager, Iran Manager and…
Advantages of the sales participation system model
To examine the benefits of affiliate marketing or the benefits of affiliate marketing, it is best to look at it from two different perspectives:

Benefits for business owners

Benefits for Advertising Participants

Benefits of a sales collaboration system for business owners
Low cost of advertising: An affiliate program works without the need for an advertising team. When a sales partner’s sales relationship is productive, you can leave a large portion of the ads to them.
Low investment risk: Low cost means low risk. As long as the costs are based on sales, the risk is reduced. Since affiliate marketers are selected by companies, we can be sure that the traffic they direct to the site is potential consumers and customers.
Flexibility: Companies can voluntarily expand or dissolve their affiliate program altogether.
Return on investment: The level of return on investment by the sales cooperation system is much higher than other marketing methods. The main reason for the increase in sales is that the products of the manufacturers are advertised by people who have a very high impact on their audience.
Increasing the reputation of the company and the manufacturer: By introducing the brands by the sales partners of these companies, they will reach a larger target community.

The benefits of a sales collaboration system for sales associates

Now with all these interpretations, why should I choose an affiliate marketing system for my business?

Simplicity: Without a doubt, if you are going to create a brand yourself, you have to go through the hassle of production, support, pricing, product sales, employee engagement, development, and more. This means that starting a business really has its own complexities, but in the affiliate marketing model, none of these problems exist. This is one of the biggest benefits of affiliate marketing. That means you sit at home and, without worries, just advertise and receive a commission. Whether the material is broken, has the necessary support, and all other things, none of it is your responsibility.
Low risk: So if you start your own business, how likely are you to fail, go bankrupt, and so on? There is location money, staff, costs, market conditions and more. But in affiliate marketing there is no such thing as a salesperson. So one of the main reasons for the low risk was the same reasons that were mentioned.
Increase simple income: As you can grow your brand day by day and at low cost, your income will increase in the same way. The story is very simple, bigger brand, more sales. Of course, the point here is that the cost you incur for branding will be much, much lower than the cost of an independent brand.
No need for expertise: One of the biggest concerns today is the argument that chicken came first, not eggs! That is, was it the first job or work experience? Do you want to be hired somewhere, they say how much work experience do you have? We want to start working, we see we do not have expertise and many other things! The next point in Diane Affiliate Marketing is that you do not need expertise. Our colleagues made the work very simple for you and will teach you. Even without training, you can only have very good sales with ads. So to say that without special expertise is not a lie.
Flexible working hours
Low costs
Possibility of telecommuting
Ability to start work without the need for capital
Make money without the need for continuous activity as an employee

Tips for choosing the first sales cooperation system

Well, to start working with a sales partnership system, you need to consider a few points:

What products are sold in that system?
Which products is the most active of that brand?
Which products sell the most?
What is the audience persona?
In what contexts is most advertising done?
What is the price range of the products?
What is the quality of the products?
What groups buy more?
What is the commission for that brand?
How many years of experience has it had?
How valid is it?
And many other questions you have to ask yourself and find the answer. If you want to be a successful affiliate marketer, you have to do it right. Ask your questions from the beginning, define a strategy so that you do not run into problems later.

Create a plan to promote affiliate offers

Create a plan to promote affiliate offers

So far, we have focused more on the basics of sales collaboration. Now it’s time to look at how to market your products. People usually trust influencers more. Of course, those who advertise very little, not the ones we have, which is 30 to 20 stories !! So you can, for example, promote the products you want in the blogs and social networks that you operate. In this way, you can make good sales because of the trust that your audience has in you.

In a way, your success rate depends on the quality of the research you do. It is very important that if you are going to do a review, you really try that product yourself and talk about it from different angles. When you look at a product or service very carefully, that is where sales success awaits you.

People trust you more when you act more professionally. So if you want your audience to interact with you very easily, be trusted. One of the most common mistakes in sales collaboration is that they only advertise and do not spend any time on an ad at all. This will cause you to lose confidence in those ads.

In this way, people think that only one money was taken and an advertisement was made, and there were no meters and criteria, and no effort was made for that advertisement.

Trust is one of the most important factors in affiliate marketing. Trust makes people think about your suggestions. To build this level of trust, you need to limit the systems you work with, or only advertise the system that you use. This will make you an expert in one area.

For example, if you are a math student, if you talk about medicine, no one will take you seriously, but if you are an ophthalmologist and you talk about eye diseases, your words will be strongly accepted. So working in any field can be very successful for you.

1. Talk to a specialist

Try talking to a product expert.

For example, if you are talking about a computer, use a computer expert who is preferably well known. Thus, as the famous expertise says, the issue goes up! The credibility that he will have is much more than someone who does not understand anything !!

2. Production training

This is one of those very, very effective options. That means you make one or more instructional videos about the product you are going to promote. For example, if you have developed a new software, you can beautifully make some educational videos and share them in different platforms. In this way, the level of trust will increase dramatically and people will believe much more in the quality of that product.

By doing so, you showed that the product is very valuable.

3. Find related phrases

SEO is always on the move !!

Make sure you research the keywords very well, but why? Because people search for different words and phrases on Google. So try to do it in the best way so that you can get more input.

4. Develop a sharing strategy

One of the most important parts is the product and content sharing part. Do you have an email list and want to market your email? Do you have a push notification? what do you have? You need to inform your audience about new content and provide them with the desired information.

This way you can show with a double arrow. You will experience both an increase in traffic and an increase in a loyal audience.

5. Reward

In the end, many do not buy. This is where you need to make some fun moves like racing and drawing lots. That way, people will be encouraged to buy from you.


Now if you are on either side, you have to keep in mind one thing, which is planning and strategy. If you do not have a clear view of the market, the future of the business, the personas and many other things, you will not succeed or if you will, it will not be so great. So before you start affiliate marketing or anything, please first develop a sales collaboration strategy and move forward with an open mind and a clear path.

To start a sales partnership, you must first learn the basics, then start developing a strategy, and finally implement it. If you are on either side of the aisle, the situation will certainly change in general. If you are a provider, you have to do some things and if you are a marketer, you have to do other things.

Collaborating in sales has proven to be a profitable way. Whether you want to promote the products and services of other companies or start your own private company, affiliate marketing will definitely help you to earn more money and profitability. In the end, by answering the question “What is sales cooperation?”, Only your decision and goal is decisive.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Once you understand the concept of sales collaboration, you will surely have some questions in mind that we will address below:

Who can use the sales partnership system?

You can own a business and introduce your product and service to the target community. Either work as a sales partner and try to promote the product and increase sales, or in the end you may be just a consumer and through this you get acquainted with the products you need and start buying.

Is it necessary to have a website to use this system?

No. Having a website helps you, but it does not mean that without it; Operation in the affiliate system is not possible. All you need to do is have an audience on various social networks such as YouTube, blog, Facebook, and also use the Instagram sales collaboration system.

How can we be successful in this sales collaboration system?

By taking advantage of a variety of online sales collaboration methods and paying attention to a few simple but important points, you can surpass your competitors. The most important thing is to 1) Choose products or services that match your audience. 2) Try to compare different products honestly and honestly. 3) Choose several advertising methods and check the feedback. 4) Know the needs of the audience and act in accordance with the needs of the day. 5) Provide complete and accurate information about what you are advertising.

How Much Money Does a Marketer Make?

Everything depends on you. There are marketers around the world who make millions of dollars a month. The key to successful affiliate marketing is how you approach the field.

Is it necessary to set up a blog for advertising?

In particular, no. But a blog is a very useful and effective advertising tool. However, you can use other popular methods such as advertising or PPC.

How Much Money Does a Affiliate Program Make?

There is no charge for membership in affiliate programs. However, the advertising technique you use will affect the final cost. For example, blog posts will not cost you anything, while in methods such as PPC marketing, email and خواهد it will cost you a variety of costs.

What are the competencies required for an intermediary marketer?

There is no specific qualification for starting, but having skills such as marketing can be very rewarding.

Is cooperating in sales illegal or harmful?

No. Because you do not use direct links to link to any site and only use affiliate links provided.

How to find new products for advertising?

The ophthalmic markets mentioned above are great places to research. In addition, constantly reviewing blogs related to your target market and analyzing the advertising products and advertising methods used in them will be very helpful.

How to find an affiliate link for each product?

Of course, not all companies offer affiliate programs, but you can get relevant information by visiting the websites of the companies that offer these programs. If possible, it is better to check the “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ) page of the site.
Another way is to do a simple Google search. For example, you can do a Google product search next to the Affiliate Program.

Can Affiliate Marketing and AdSense be used simultaneously?

Yes. Affiliate Marketing does not violate any AdSense Terms of Service (TOS).


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