What is a police market, its types and benefits

What is a Police Market? This is probably a question that is on the minds of many people, and perhaps many of us have already experienced shopping in a police market. Maybe we go to the wall site to buy a car or a mortgage and rent a house, maybe we do a lot of our daily shopping from Digitala and most likely we use Snap and Tapsi to escape the fatigue of driving on busy days. .

These are all examples of a police market. So if you are looking to know what a police market is? What is its use and what are its benefits, stay with us.

What is a Police Market?

Imagine a passage and a shopping mall, there are many shopkeepers working in it, but each of them has bought or rented a shop to sell their products; In answer to the question of what the police market is, we must imagine the same shopping center in cyberspace; It means an online marketplace that provides a platform for sellers and buyers to engage in the buying and selling process.


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Before defining the police market, it might be a good idea to review some examples. We call sites like Amazon, Uber, Digitala, Wall, Snap and Tapsi, Police Market.

Let’s be a little more specific. What features do these sites have and what services do they offer? If you are a healthcare vendor, you can sell your products on Digitala or work as a driver at SNAP.

What is a simple answer to the police market question? This is: a kind of virtual store that allows sellers and buyers to sell and buy goods. Just like a marketplace where sellers sell their products.


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The problem is that the process of buying and selling in the police market system takes place in cyberspace and is therefore one of the tools of e-commerce (e-commerce).

So in answer to the question of what is a police market, we can say that it is a platform that provides sellers with a platform to sell their products, and in return they have to pay a commission or a membership fee for receiving this service, ie selling goods in a virtual market.

What is the difference between a police market and an online store?

There may be a suspicion that the police market is the same as the online store; But the two have different meanings and functions. In an online store, from the beginning to the end of the sales process, the seller is responsible, for example, if you have a store site in the field of health products, everything is your responsibility: from setting up the site to supply and storage and delivery of goods and در this in While there is only one virtual market in the police market system; That is, the platform on which people can sell their products and the rest will be the responsibility of the seller.


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An online store offers only the products and services of one business, while in the police market platform we encounter several businesses, each of which is offering its services; For this reason, online stores usually work on their branding.

Types of police market models

Internet marketplaces or police markets can be divided into three general categories. Each type of police market has characteristics that each business can be present in one of the types according to their services.

Vertical Police Market


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In the vertical police market platform, we are faced with a specific category of products and services. This type of police market is set up with the aim of offering a specific category of products, for example, it operates in the field of selling clothes or sanitary ware, and sellers can use its platform to sell their products to operate in the same specific field.

Horizontal Police Market


In the definition of horizontal police market, we must say that this type is broader than the previous type, meaning that different types of products can be found in it and is not limited to a specific category.


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But the important thing about the Horizontal Police Market is that the products offered share a specific feature, such as a platform designed to sell second-hand products.

Global Police Market


The answer to the question, what is the World Police Market? it’s completely obvious. In the Global Police Market system, all products from any field are sold and there is no restriction on the classification of goods and services. This type of police market can meet the diverse needs of users and offer a large volume of services and goods in one place.


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Benefits of Police Market

Now that we understand what a police market is? It is better to mention some of the advantages of these platforms over physical markets and store sites.

Lower cost police market


Setting up a platform for others to sell their products and services and pay you a membership fee or sales commission is less than designing a store site yourself. Because in this case, there is no need to provide goods or warehouse costs, and on the contrary, you only need to set up and manage your police market platform.

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On the other hand, the cost of selling in the police market system is lower for sellers; In this way, without renting physical space and mortgage and renting a shop, they can sell their products online.

Consider also that the police market does not need advertising and marketing, and the cost is lower for them, because the sellers themselves advertise their products and advertise the sales link in the police market.

More competition and better quality in the police market


As there are many vendors in the police market, a competitive environment is created and everyone tries to offer quality products and services at a better price. Such a process gradually builds more trust in a police market.

The police market is 24 hours


Online shopping is not limited to a specific time and place, and buyers and sellers can buy and sell anywhere in the world and at any time. This means that if you have a police market, you may even earn money while you are asleep.

Police Market Benefits for Sellers and Buyers


  • Lower cost
  • More profit
  • No need for special technical knowledge
  • Lots of customers


  • Comparable and cheaper prices
  • Higher quality
  • Variety of products
  • Easy shopping

How to work in a police market?

Now that we know what the police market is and what its benefits are, we may want to work as a salesperson in one of the police markets, so what should we do?

The first step is to register in the police market. After the initial registration and selection of the type of store in which we intend to operate in that area, we must send the required documents to our desired police market.

But working in the police market also has its requirements:

We need to have access to the Internet and be familiar with the online space.

Commit to buyers and deliver the product to them on time; Otherwise, we will be fined by the police market.

We need to read and follow the rules and regulations of the online police market.

The last word

What is a Police Market? In this article, we tried to answer this question. Police Market is an online marketplace that provides a platform for selling products and services, and any salesperson can use this platform to sell their products.

There are three main types of police markets: vertical, horizontal and global, which increase the variety of their products, respectively. The Vertical Police Market operates in a specific category, offering a wider range of horizontal products, and the Global Police Market has no restrictions on products or services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we cooperate with the police market?

There are many benefits to working with the police market. Among other things, shoppers have access to many stores with a variety of goods. Stores will also have access to a wide range of shoppers at no cost to setting up a physical store.

What are the types of police markets and what are their benefits?

Police markets are divided into three types: public, horizontal and global, each with its own advantages. Among other things, they are more different from each other in terms of buyers’ access to a variety of goods.

What services has Afili provided to publishers and stores as a police market?

In the role of a police market, Afili has provided a platform for publishers and stores to use each other’s services and benefits and increase their sales and revenue.


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