What are the types of sales collaboration?

What are the types of sales collaboration? ✅ Introducing and reviewing the best.

What are the types of sales collaboration?

There are many methods and types of cooperation in sales. If you have decided to have a good income, it is better to continue the way you have chosen. One of the best ways to make money online is to use a sales collaboration system. You can do this with the help of the wonderful world of the Internet and creative content production.

Before we get into that, you need to know what online sales affiliation systems are all about. What are the ways to earn money this way? I will explain to you very simply. Suppose you sell a product of Diane Affiliate in cyberspace in any way, the company will give you a commission or a certain percentage of the sales for the sale you have. This is the same thing as selling online brokers.

Even the messaging you use to chat can be a source of income for you. In general, one of these methods is the sale of intermediaries through telegrams. In the following, we will provide you, dear users, with all the methods of cooperation in online sales.


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In the past year, most businesses have been hit hard by the corona virus. But it is interesting to know that the best sales cooperation sites have not been like this; Even globally, sales have increased by 45%. Unique statistics that show the importance and high income of this issue.

What does affiliate marketing mean? What are the types of sales cooperation?

When it comes to affiliate marketing, people ask right from the start what sales collaboration is all about. We have talked about this concept many times before, but if we want to summarize it here, we must say: intermediary sales, affiliate sales or affiliate marketing, these are the same system of sales cooperation; Which is known worldwide by these letters.

As mentioned above, partnering with a company to sell their product or service and then sharing the profits of that product or service is called affiliate marketing.


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In this system, everything is well defined and the person is aware of exactly how much commission or salary he receives with the sale of each product.

First, let’s look at these statistics:

This system is really borderless and through it we can achieve any desired income we want.


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According to research by Accenture; In 2020, purchases from collaboration systems in sales increased by 45%.

SaaS Scout also reported that affiliate marketing accounts for 15-30% of total Internet sales, which is close to $ 12 billion worldwide.

Among them, the United States with 39%, the United Kingdom with 15% and Germany with 11% have the largest share in this sale. Total online sales rose 36 percent last year, according to data released by Salesforce.


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All these data show that affiliate marketing 2021 can be a great opportunity to achieve high income.

Also, if you know a number of sales cooperation tricks, these figures can go much higher. More interestingly, this industry has had a growing trend when other industries are declining and have experienced very little sales.

What are the types of sales collaboration?

In general, there are three ways to pay for sales cooperation, these methods are:


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Pay interest for the sale of each product

The first type of sales cooperation is the payment of profits for the sale of the product. In this method, the company selling the product will allocate a certain amount of each product to you for wages. As it is known, in this method, if a user does not make a purchase, you will not get any profit.

Pay for a potential customer

The second type of sales collaboration: In this method, you as a marketer have a duty to persuade the customer or users to do a specific job on the target site. This can be registering, commenting, or installing an app.

Pay for site visits

The third method of cooperation in sales: In this method, there is no restriction on the purchase by the user, but just clicking on the link and entering the target site is enough.


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But which method do Iranian sites use the most? In answer to this question, it should be said that most Iranian websites use the first method, which we also decided to further explain in this article, the methods that depend on this model. This method itself can be implemented in many ways, including:

  • Use banner ads
  • Participate in product sales
  • Intermediary method

How to cooperate in sales in the form of direct messages

Another type of sales collaboration: You may also come across a message from an anonymous person inviting you to see a product.

In this case, if you are interested in buying the product after seeing it, you have benefited this unknown person by buying it.

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In addition to directly asking people to see our product, we can do this more widely, and by joining groups related to this field of work, we can promote and introduce products and ask people to see our products. To see.

The point to keep in mind in this method is that people turn to public groups to attract customers; In this case, they are not very welcome.

Advertising in public groups is completely wrong because experience has shown that the percentage of purchases from these groups is very low and not worth the time. Instead, groups related to the field of activity can have a high percentage of purchases.

Collaborate in the sale of goods with the production of content

An interesting way of all kinds of cooperation in sales: If you are looking for the answer to this question, how can we achieve income and sales of millions by participating in sales? I must say that one of the best ways to sell collaboration systems is to produce the same content.

You may think that the previous method was not effective and just try this method; But it must be said that this is wrong.

If you follow the previous method correctly, it would be great, but based on our research, we have come to the conclusion that collaboration in sales through content production is much more productive.

Content can have a huge impact on people and create a sense of trust between you and your audience.

In this way, people will gradually feel that your advice is very effective and can solve their problems.

One of the advantages of the sales cooperation system is the variety of its methods. In this way, you need a platform to publish the content. If you can do this through the site, you will have a permanent and good income, but if you are not familiar with launching a website, you can make the most of social networks such as Instagram.

Affiliate marketing by producing content on Instagram
Instagram is a great source of revenue and sales.

You must have noticed how much time people spend on Instagram.

Now imagine that by launching an Instagram page, you can attract these people to you and people will buy from you. By doing this, you will definitely reach the path of success and earn a good income from the cooperation system in selling Instagram.

In this method, a special link is created for each of the products that you offer, which is called Affiliate Link; And by placing this link in the bio page, you will direct people to the product. However, it is also possible to send the link to the person through a direct method.

Through this link, all information is stored and the person who makes a purchase through your link, its information is stored in the system and your commission is transferred to the user panel.

Content production and website SEO for sales collaboration

So far, we have reviewed 3 ways to cooperate in online sales.

But one of the best ways to market affiliate marketing is to create content on the website and SEO it.

Content production must be regular and accurate. Having a content calendar can make it possible to publish content on a timely and accurate schedule. This method may seem similar to the previous method, but the discussion is on the context in which we want to publish the content.

In the previous method, we used Instagram. In this method of the site, the difference between the site and Instagram is that the site can be a permanent and worry-free source of income.

The most important issue for us here is SEO or search engine optimization. By optimizing a site and optimizing it in the long run, you can expect a high and permanent income. When you publish content on the site, you use a dedicated link or affiliate link between the content to direct the user to the desired product and lead to the sale of the product.

Cooperation in the sale of educational products

Another way to cooperate in sales is to cooperate in selling educational products.

There are many sites that offer different training courses and intend to sell them as much as possible.

In this way, you can advertise educational products on the site, Instagram page or Telegram and WhatsApp groups. Producing content in a specific area can draw a lot of people to you and make people interested in shopping by introducing the course.

Affiliate marketing method with Iranian films

Recently, the home network or movie theaters have found a lot of fans.

There are many sites in this area that publish these videos after receiving permission. Now these sites need people like you to sell more of these movies.

The advantage of this method over other methods is that due to the downloadability of the product, a higher percentage of sales can be expected.

Summarize the types of cooperation in sales

There are many products through which a sales collaboration system can be set up. Just select a specific area and use one or more of the methods listed above. Which is the best way to do this is dependent on your skills and the time it takes to start a business. Of course, the better you are at content production, the better your chances of getting your audience involved.

Frequently Asked Questions by Users

What is a sales cooperation system?

Getting a commission or salary by advertising someone else’s product is called sales collaboration. Choose and advertise any product you like and make a profit selling it now.

What is the best sales cooperation system among all types of sales cooperation?

Through user comments below, you can choose the best site and sales collaboration system. In this article, we have tried to provide you with the best ways to earn money through affiliate marketing system.

How to use the cooperation system in Instagram sales?

In this article, we have fully explained how to set up a sales system on Instagram. There are also other methods that you can combine to achieve significant income.


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