14 Twitter Marketing Tips for Businesses

At first glance, it may seem that Twitter is only for show and tweeting, but it is not. Digital marketing teams can make the most of Twitter to execute their marketing strategies, so they need to be familiar with Twitter marketing strategies for businesses.

According to available statistics, Twitter has about 330 million monthly active users, and the number of active Iranian users on Twitter, according to Tekrasa, is estimated at about 2 million users. In addition, if we examine the statistics of Iran Twitter from the Datak system, approximately more than 1 million Persian tweets are published on Twitter daily, and this means a good potential for your business!

Twitter is a powerful marketing tool that any business can use. This social network helps you drive more traffic to your website, increase brand awareness, engage your audience, engage more with your audience and customers, and increase your conversion and sales rates. So Twitter should be part of your social media marketing strategy.



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Twitter Marketing Strategy For Businesses

If you are considering social media marketing in your marketing plan, Twitter should be included. Coverage of various social networks can be effective and efficient in improving the digital marketing activities of your business.

To start marketing Twitter for your business, you need to understand how this platform works and how it fits into your overall social media strategy. With these descriptions, it’s best to have a Twitter marketing strategy for your business. The following tips can help you create this strategy.

1) Check your Twitter account.

If you have already created a Twitter account for your company and brand, the first thing you should do is check this Twitter account. Keep track of what you have done in this account by taking a closer look at your Twitter analytics. These analyzes can be obtained through Twitter monitoring and analysis tools or the Datac system.


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In analyzing the performance of a Twitter account, it is better to analyze the performance of the hashtag, the performance of each tweet sent, and your Twitter audience. Knowing which tweets perform best and receive good engagement will give you an idea of ​​what your audience likes. This information can be used to create a Twitter marketing strategy to improve the engagement rate, brand awareness, achieve various KPIs and other strategic goals by providing and producing the content needed by users.

One way to analyze a Twitter account is to manually analyze it through Twitter’s own analytics. Each Twitter account has an analytics page that provides brief information to the user and can be used to analyze the output of the account. By examining this data, you can examine the impact and behavior of your account and audience.

2) Complete your Twitter account profile.

Having the right Twitter profile will help you look professional in the first encounter with the audience. Consider how each element of the profile will help strengthen your brand and inform your audience.


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Your account name: With this name, the audience can find you on Twitter. This name should be the same as the name of your other social media account.
Profile photo: Your profile photo appears next to each tweet posted, so it is best to use the original logo of your brand and the appropriate and clear dimensions for the profile picture. You can see these dimensions in the standard post size of images and content on social networks.
Header image: The header image may change more than the profile picture. This image can be a picture of your current campaign or provide information and insight into your company culture. It may even be a picture of the physical space of the company and its employees.
Landing address or landing pages: Put your site address in Twitter bio. This URL may occasionally change to a campaign landing page or another page.
Location: Providing a location makes your profile more real to your audience. This is especially important for small businesses with physical stores, as customers can find you offline and this builds trust. If you are a large business, you can write the address of your headquarters in the location.

3) Set your goals.

Success in any social media platform begins with clear and measurable goals. For this purpose, you can translate your goals in SMART method.

For example, you might want to increase your website traffic through Twitter. In order to increase the average click-through rate from Twitter, you can use your initial click-through rate on Twitter to set a specific achievable goal within a reasonable period of time. (Eg increase from 1.5% to 2.5% in three months)


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4) Monitor your competitors.

Examining your competitors’ Twitter accounts and discussions about them can help you plan better. Analyzing their social media can help you refine your strategies and plans by revealing their strengths and weaknesses and exploring ways to differentiate them.

To do this, we suggest you use the Datac system so that wherever there is a name for you or your competitors, even before they know it, and take full advantage of the opportunities. Contact us to get acquainted with the functions of this system and to request its demo.

5) Have a manager account.

You need to make sure your accounts are monitored. Failure to respond regularly and in a timely manner to Twitter messages and mentions is a negative signal to the audience and may harm your brand.


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To respond promptly to appointments, comments, and Twitter messages, appoint an individual to increase your engagement with your audience by fully monitoring your account. This sometimes leads to a positive outlook, even for negative references.

Any kind of good, bad, neutral or critical conversation can happen on Twitter, especially as your audience grows, so be prepared to respond. So it’s best to plan for how to respond to them and manage your PR crisis.

6) Create a content calendar.

Planning social content is a bit time consuming but ultimately gives the content a certain order and saves time for future plans. When creating a calendar, consider:


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How often do you want to publish a post?
When is the best time to send it?
Who must approve the posts for publication?
A content calendar can help you evaluate content and create a balanced mix of tweets.

7) Measure the impact of your content.

Once you have completed your marketing strategy, you should regularly evaluate your activities and monitor your progress against the set SMART goals.

Gathering meaningful data helps you evaluate the value of your marketing activities and come up with ideas that will help you refine your Twitter marketing strategy over time. Collecting data is not an easy task, but fortunately there are companies like Datac that can collect and clean the data you need on Twitter (and other social media platforms) and provide comprehensive and useful reports.

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8) Use multiple choice questions on your Twitter.

Twitter, like Instagram or Facebook, does not offer many creative options for interacting, but multiple-choice questions can be used to engage the audience.

Twitter polls allow you to ask questions and generate up to four answers to choose from. These polls are a good way to engage your audience because of their simplicity and fun features.

9) Schedule sending tweets.

Planning helps you organize and spend your time communicating with your audience and staying on top of your content calendar. By planning your tweets, you can also use the best times to post and strengthen your interaction. By measuring performance and analyzing it, you can check the appropriate hours for the tweet and adjust your posting schedule accordingly.

10) Use hashtags and trends of the day.

Hashtags on Twitter have a huge impact on increasing your engagement rate. According to available statistics, tweets with the hashtag have a 100% higher engagement rate. Hashtags drive new audiences to your page and increase the engagement rate of your tweets.

You can use various tools to find the right hashtags and trends of the day, including the hashtags of the Datac public relations system. These super hashtags not only provide specific Twitter time trends, but the user can also get and analyze hashtags related to their desired keyword at different intervals by hitting the desert.


11) Create your brand hashtag.

The brand hashtag is unique to your brand and company and can be used to collect and organize content about your business. These hashtags are ideal for promoting campaigns and finding user-generated content (UGC).

12) Use social listening.

Twitter is important not only for talking but also for listening. “Listening to social media” means paying attention to the conversations that take place about your brand or your competitors on Twitter, and provides insight into your customers and community.

By listening to Twitter, you can not only find out what people think about your brand and products, but you can also learn from other topics and learn from it. If you want to know more about social listening, follow the link below.

13) Run an advertising campaign.

Running advertising campaigns on Twitter after the organic growth of your account can help increase brand awareness and other goals.

Advertising on Twitter can help you grow your audience, promote your products, and drive traffic to your website. Twitter ads allow you to selectively target your audience and provide detailed analysis of campaign results and costs.

14) Use UTM parameters to measure your success.

Use UTM parameters if you want to get more involved with social media data and its analysis. These parameters are short text codes that you can add to your links to measure traffic and conversion rates.

UTM parameters show you how people are redirected to your website, which tweets are most effective, how effective ROI campaigns have been, and many more.

The last word

Twitter marketing strategy is a plan to create, publish and distribute content for different buyers, audiences and brand followers through one of the social platforms. The purpose of this type of strategy can be different, but in the end, Twitter is a good way to achieve the goals of the digital marketing team.

Now tell me, do you have a Twitter account for your business? Do you define and follow a specific strategy for this account? Let us know your answer in the comments section.


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