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The most attractive high-paying jobs in new year

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It does not matter if you are a 20-year-old or a middle-aged person, having a lucrative job is something we all seek. In fact, getting rich has its own difficulties and challenges; So if you are looking for more income, it is better to start a high-paying job.

In this article, we will look at topics such as the types of high-paying jobs, whether it is possible to have a high-paying job, and what we call high-paying jobs.

What is a lucrative job?

Let us first tell you that the definition of a high-paying job is a relative one; That is, some jobs may be called lucrative at different times. For example, jobs such as manufacturing, medicine, piloting, managing, and were once considered high-paying jobs, but now many other jobs are on the list.


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If you are looking for a list of high-paying jobs in Iran, you should consider two basic points, one is to consider the needs of society; That is, see if this job is needed by people in the community and whether there is a so-called market or not? These days, there are jobs such as medicine and freelance and home-based jobs that can generate even higher incomes.

For example, a video and photo editor can consider this as a home-based business with a significant income, that is, sitting at home and earning a good income by producing and editing video content. So the definition of such a job has changed; To have a high-paying job, you no longer have to have an expensive office in the city or start a big factory, but you can even sit at home and think about high-paying and new jobs.

Another point to consider in defining a lucrative job is the social and political conditions of the country in which we live. For example, modeling is a high-income job, but if we start the same job in one of the small cities of our country, it will not have much income, because there are no suitable social and cultural conditions.


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So remember to choose a lucrative job, first to see if there is a demand for it or not, and secondly to check whether it is compatible with the cultural and social conditions of the society in which we live.

Can we have a lucrative job in the current economic climate?

Some people may be disappointed with having a high-paying job and ask themselves the question: in the economic conditions of the country and with inflation and inflation, can one hope to have a high-paying job at all?

The point is, we need to change the way we look at the definition of such a job. If we mean high-paying jobs such as neurologist, lawyer, pilot and factory owner, these jobs will be difficult for someone who wants to make a lot of money very quickly.


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So we have to change our definition of a high-paying job. To earn a lot of money, a doctor or a pilot has to work hard for years, study, do an internship, and be able to have such a job. That factory owner either has to have a large inheritance or he has to work for years to make a significant profit. Currently in Iran, pilot salaries for graduates of this field start from 5 million tomans, which are mostly flown by training and single-pilot aircraft. The salary of pilots in Iran in general, depending on the degree and class of flight and their experience, as well as according to the company they work with, is between 12 to 60 million tomans. But they have worked hard for years to get the job, and of course their pay is very different from that of pilots in other countries.

In the current situation where the economic situation of our country is unhealthy, we must look for a job that will reach a significant income very soon and does not require special capital. Such a job must first meet the needs of society, so it is better to find high-paying jobs in Iran, in the first step to see if our chosen job can meet the needs of a significant part of society or not? In this case, put it in the list of high-paying jobs in Iran.

Introducing high-paying jobs

For us who live in Iran, having a job with a good income is very important. As a reader of this article, you may not have gotten a job yet and are thinking of starting a new business, or your financial situation may have forced you to have a second job in addition to your current job. Either way, the jobs that will be introduced below can help you choose such a job.


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We tried to introduce jobs that do not require high capital, but are among the most lucrative jobs in Iran.

The lucrative jobs we know

Let’s first introduce some high-paying jobs in Iran that have high incomes, but achieving them is not an easy task and requires time and capital.

Medicine is a lucrative job for all time

edicine is a lucrative job for all time


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There is no doubt that physicians, especially physicians specializing in a particular field, have high incomes; But achieving this income has not been so easy. They have studied and worked in hospitals for many years so that they can have their own office.

Medicine is still a high-paying job, but it takes time. If you are a successful and interested student, you can be a successful, high-income doctor with long-term planning. At present in Iran, general practitioners and specialized physicians have high incomes. Especially if they are a neurosurgeon, orthopedic surgeon or heart surgeon. Their income exceeds 100 million tomans per month.




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Working in the stock market is also an attractive option to get high-paying jobs, but we also need time and initial capital to achieve this income. In the stock market, you have to be patient so that you can make a profit at the right time. If you have a strong economic background and are familiar with stock market fluctuations, you can invest your capital in the stock market and find yourself a well-paying job.

Many people make big money from the stock market. But there are also many people who are always losers because they do not know the rules of the stock market. Making money from the stock market and having a lucrative job requires investing in the capital market. To start working online, you must bring at least 500 thousand tomans. This figure is reduced to 50 thousand tomans in person.

You have to spend part of your wealth to be in the stock market. That means you should not gamble on everything you have. Instead, always put some of the money you do not need into the stock market. Surely the question has arisen for you whether it is possible to have a high-paying job by attending the stock exchange? The answer is that everything depends on how much you invest and how well you know the trading market.

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Agriculture and Animal Husbandry

Agriculture and Animal Husbandry

One of the most lucrative jobs in Iran and the world is agriculture and animal husbandry. As the world’s population grows, so does the need for food, and so jobs that cater to the basic needs of the people will be lucrative.

If you live in a small town, you can think of raising livestock and even agriculture with a fair amount of money, but do not forget that if you do not have experience in this field, be sure to use experienced people in this field.

To start an activity in the field of animal husbandry, you need at least 100 million tomans of capital. But given the low risk in this area, animal husbandry is a lucrative job. In addition, jobs such as growing mushrooms or growing other crops as greenhouses in urban life are good options for people to earn money this way.



Advocacy, like medicine, requires time, which means that if you are interested in this job, you must be able to become a professional to earn a high income. Prominent lawyers graduate from good universities and have a brilliant track record. Of course, achieving that is not an easy task. If a lawyer accepts responsibility for an average of three cases during the month and receives at least 5 million Tomans for each, his monthly income will reach 15 million Tomans. Of course, this figure is a kind of market floor. Of course, according to the bylaw regulations, they also receive certain percentages for different cases. So a lawyer’s income is usually high.

Car repairman

One of the most lucrative jobs in Iran and the world is car repair. In recent years, when the number of machines in the world is increasing, if you are a mechanic, you will earn a high income. You do not need to have a university degree to get this job. So if you are in the beginning of your youth, you can start as an apprentice to a successful mechanic so that you can have one of the highest paid freelance jobs in the world in the next few years.

Of course, to become an experienced repairman who is a professional technician, you have to work in a workshop continuously for at least two years. The car you repair, the area where you live and the type of work you do also affect your pay. Now, a car mechanic earns between 100,000 and 600,000 tomans daily. After gaining experience, you can start your own workshop, in which case your income will increase significantly.

Supermarket, lucrative job

Even with the formation of hypermarkets and chain stores, supermarkets are still considered as one of the most lucrative businesses in Iran. Of course, to achieve high income from the supermarket, we must have a little patience.

First of all, we have to raise a reasonable amount of money to buy goods and rent a shop, and in the next step, wait for the people of our area to get to know us. If we can meet the needs of the people, be fair and be a good salesperson, we will soon have a lucrative job. Because the profit from the supermarket is between 10 and 15%, which is a good profit.

High-paying and new jobs

In addition to the lucrative jobs that have existed in the past, some jobs have been created in recent years according to the current needs of the people, whose income is also significant. In the following, we will introduce some of the most famous ones.

Tour leader

Tour leader or tourist guide is one of the most lucrative and new jobs
With the advent of the Internet and the spread of advertising, people’s interest in travel and tourism has increased. For this reason, touring or tour guide is one of the most lucrative and new jobs both in Iran and in the world. All you need to do is get some complete information about some of the tourist attractions in your city or country, strengthen your English and interact with the tourist centers, that’s when your so-called nun is in oil.

A leader tour will earn a considerable income if he also speaks English, because the salary of a leader tour is not very high for many foreign tourists who pay in dollars, but if it turns into tomans, it will be a considerable amount. Was.

Which tourism field you are touring in has an impact on your salary. For example, if you are a nature lover, you will receive a higher daily wage due to the higher degree of difficulty. On average, tour leaders receive a salary of between 300,000 and 1 million tomans per day, depending on what they do.

dress designer

Clothing design, a job with significant income and potential in the Iranian market
The fashion market is growing rapidly, and especially in recent years, despite the existing sanctions, the Iranian clothing industry has grown even more. For this reason, fashion designers can look at their work as a lucrative job.

Given the audience demand for a variety of clothing designs, as well as the need for domestic clothing manufacturers to design, this job can generate significant revenue. In Iran, the income of fashion and clothing designers is very variable and everything is influenced by expertise and experience. There are designers who are paid between 10 and 20 million tomans to design a dress.

Artificial intelligence specialist

The technology train is growing rapidly and creating new jobs along with it. Many businesses these days are looking to use artificial intelligence in their business.

The advantage of such a job is that you can get a job immediately after graduating from university, because there is a lot of demand for it and the income from this job is significant. Currently in Iran, an artificial intelligence specialist, depending on his background and experience, his salary starts from 15 to 20 million tomans.

Digital marketing

Many new jobs are created according to the needs of the people. Nowadays, with almost every business running on the Internet, specializing in digital marketing can generate a good income for someone who is truly an expert. The job market in the field of digital marketing is very hot and has many fans. It is enough to increase your skills in this field to be able to earn money from it.

Digital marketing training courses from basic to advanced are held intermittently, and you can pay for these courses, which are between 5 to 10 million tomans, to learn a specialty that will generate a high monthly income for you. Depending on whether you are a marketing expert or a marketing manager, a salary between 15 and 25 million Tomans is waiting for you.

Hairdressing is an old, newly paid profession

Hairdressing is an old but very lucrative job in recent years
We have included the job of hairdresser in the list of high-paying and new jobs in this regard, which has been very popular in recent years. It is true that hairdressing has been around for a long time, but in recent years, with the expansion and spread of the fashion and beauty industry, it has made a lot of money.

If you really want to make a lot of money from this job, you have to pay for it, that is, you will earn money by having a regular hairdresser downstairs, but if you are looking for a high income, you have to turn that regular hairdresser into a modern beauty salon. Make the most of all the facilities and, most importantly, take professional and specialized hairdressing courses. According to some data, the income of some hairdressers reaches several hundred million tomans a month. Of course, the services and work they do are costly. Starting a hairdressing salon is one thing, but if you want to work as a specialist in a particular branch of hairdressing salon in a beauty salon, you must learn a fashionable skill well and become proficient in it. In that case, you can expect a job with a monthly salary of 15 to 20 million tomans.

High-paying home-based jobs

To have a high-paying job, we do not always have to look for high capital or postgraduate education, sometimes we can even earn money at home, which is not a normal income; But also a high income! Many home-based businesses are suitable for women, and women can earn a living at home. Therefore, each of the following jobs can be a lucrative job for housewives.

Home cooking

People’s lifestyles have changed. If we notice these changes, we will soon be able to make a list of high-paying home-based jobs that do not require special capital, but generate significant income for their owners.

These days, when many people are employed and do not have the opportunity to cook, it is enough to prepare ready-made or semi-prepared food and place an order. The cooking business can be very lucrative in that it does not have the cost of space, you cook at home and with your own kitchen utensils, and the only cost you have is the cost of raw materials.

If you are a good and good chef, you will soon be known among those around you, your customers will introduce you to others by word of mouth and it will be added to your customer list. You can even contract with some companies and cater to their employees, which will naturally generate significant revenue.

Home cooks can have a monthly income of between 6 and 20 million tomans, depending on the level of their activity and the type of food they cook. Suppose you cook 10 presses of barberry pilaf for lunch. Now, each press of this food is up to 60 thousand tomans on average. 10 presses will be 600 thousand tomans, which will generate 18 million tomans of income for you on 30 days of the month. Even with the deduction of expenses, this income is significant.

Tailoring is a lucrative job from yesterday to today

From time immemorial, tailoring has been recognized as a profession that housewives can have. At first glance, it may seem that sewing is a normal job that women do in addition to housework and can not be considered a lucrative job; But this is not the case, but tailoring has attracted many men and women because of the high income it can earn.

With the advancement of the fashion industry, home tailors can also earn high incomes, but to reach such a point they must be a professional tailor. So if you want to look at sewing as a lucrative job, you must be familiar with the latest sewing methods, provide modern and suitable tools to keep your customers satisfied. A tailor earns his living by setting up shop, working with masons and taking personal orders and doing it at home. According to the skill and experience of the tailor, the minimum salary on which he can open an account is 10 million Tomans.


The lucrative job of translation is in increasing demand in today’s world
If you are fluent in a foreign language, it is better to start working and start translating. Of course, translation can be a lucrative job if done in large quantities.

Accordingly, we suggest that you have a translation team and by taking a lot of orders, leave the work to your team and achieve a high income. These days, both businesses and students need translation, and there is a great demand for this job.

If you work with an institution or organization as a translator, you will be paid between 7 and 12 million tomans. Also, the cost of translating from English to Persian, depending on whether the text is general or specific, is 50 to 150 Tomans per word. Translation is more expensive than other languages. Also, translating from Persian to other languages ​​is two to three times the amount we mentioned, which costs between 200 and 400 tomans for each word.

Content production is a lucrative home-based business

Today’s businesses have no place in digital space without textual content. Writing and writing is one of the specialties that can be a lucrative home-based business. Now suppose you are a content writer, you can easily be at home and earn a decent income by ordering content from several different places. If you work with a business as a full-time writer, depending on your experience and background and the amount of work you do, you will receive a salary of between 5 and 10 million tomans.

High-paying jobs in the digital space

The advent of digital technology has created many jobs, one that is thought to be one of the most lucrative in the future. People’s lives are tied to the Internet, which is why there is a great demand for jobs related to this field, jobs that are expected to last in the coming years and increase their income.

Web Developer

Web designer and developer, specializing in high income in today’s digital world
Few businesses can be found that are not active on the Internet and do not have a website. For this reason, it is one of the most lucrative jobs in website design. If you know programming, you can be responsible for designing several websites at the same time or working in a specific company and organization.

This specialty can generate a lot of income for you. Many of the Internet-related specialties are taught both on campus and freely, and you can learn them in a short amount of time.

So it is better to seek skills and learn programming and web design skills so that we can get one of the most lucrative jobs in the future.

On average, the salary of a programmer, depending on his experience and skills, is between 6 to 20 million tomans. Of course, you can also accept various projects as a freelancer and increase your income many times over.

Launch an online store

Online sales have entered the lives of people, so if you are a little familiar with the Internet system and programming space, without the need to spend a lot of money, you can start an online store and offer the products needed by your audience.

The advantage of online stores is that they do not require a physical location and it is very easy to buy and sell online and earn money. If you are looking to make a lot of money through an online store, you need to work on advertising and finding the right audience.

There are several factors involved in online store revenue. The size of the store, the goods and services it offers, and the number of customers it has been able to gather around it. Now Digi Kala is an online store that generates billions of Tomans in monthly revenue.

Your online store may be a small website that offers only a few specific products. In any case, you can count on this revenue generation. Because it does not require any special initial capital and everything depends on your own efforts.

Influencer marketing, a lucrative job on the Internet

If you open your Instagram page, you will see many people who are promoting the products and services of other companies and brands. These people are so-called bloggers, that is, they are known in a certain field and have a lot of followers in the social space.

If you can work in your area of ​​expertise, your social audience will trust you over time, and then you can get a lucrative job by getting ads from other companies.

You do not have to have millions of followers to blog, if you can be known in a certain field, you will succeed. Suppose you are a gardener, if you can be known for growing flowers and plants, you will find a loyal audience that trusts you, then you can earn money by promoting flowers and plants related services.

The income of different bloggers varies greatly from small to large. Some bloggers are now talking about incomes of several hundred million tomans per month.

Affiliate marketing is a lucrative business today

Sales cooperation should also be considered as one of the most lucrative jobs today, which has been formed thanks to Internet technology. Suppose you have a popular blog, or you have a significant number of real followers on the Instagram social network, in both cases you can earn money by cooperating in the sale of goods and services of other brands.

That is, introduce the products of a particular brand or company, and if sales or leads are generated through you, for example, membership in the store’s website, you will receive a percentage as a commission.

Sales cooperation, if done in large volumes, is considered one of the most lucrative jobs in Iran.

If you want to experience high incomes in the short term, apply for affiliate sales right now.

Social network management

Social networks have become an integral part of people’s lives, which is why brands and businesses have entered this space in search of their audience. If you are a clothing retailer or mobile phone seller and you have to accept that a large part of your audience and consumers are present in the social space.

For this reason, social media admin can be a lucrative job. A job that is done for several companies at the same time is usually a home-based business and will generate a lot of income. The income of an Instagram admin is between 4 and 10 million tomans, depending on what he does and the page he has accepted responsibility for.

Online education in the list of high-paying jobs

Online education in various fields is a very lucrative job in the near future
We said that any job for which there is a demand can be considered a lucrative job. In this sense, online teaching is one of those jobs that has found its way into people’s homes thanks to the Internet.

So if you have the skills, check the needs of the audience and teach online if there is a demand. Especially in the last two years, when the Corona virus has popularized online education, it is very easy to achieve high incomes through online teaching of textbooks, music, singing, painting, cooking, branding and marketing, and so on. You can even earn dollars.


The list of high-paying jobs in Iran is not limited to what we have said. It is enough to assess the needs for the job you are considering, that is, to see if people need the products and services of the job you want or not?

We should not forget one important point; It is true that some jobs are lucrative, but they do not come overnight. To reach a high income, we have to wait, assess the needs of the market, find our customers, and if we can proceed according to a specific plan, we will achieve high incomes in a few years.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a lucrative job?

A job that can support our living expenses. In the current economic conditions of the country, having a job that earns at least 10 million tomans is an undeniable principle.

Can we have a lucrative job in the current economic climate?

Yes, even in difficult economic conditions, it is possible to generate income through various methods. Especially in the online space, there are many opportunities for monetization because most of them do not require initial capital. They are based on your skills.

Can we have a lucrative job from home?

Yes. Currently, freelance or working at home and remotely without having to be at work is one of the most popular high-paying jobs. Based on your skills and connections, you can generate high income for yourself by accepting various projects in different fields.

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