The best way to save time is to save your time

The best way to save time is to save your time

The best way to save time is to save your time

We have heard many times that it is time for gold; But how much do we believe in this simple phrase? How much do we use this phrase in our lives? How much do we care about our time? Do you have a way to save time? What do you think are the ways to save time? Join us in this article to know more about every second of your life.

20 practical and simple solutions to save time

1. Measure the time it takes to get things done

If you are following us in this article, it means that you have taken the first step to save time. So congratulations to you. The first step is to seek and find ways to save time.

Now in order to be able to save your time, you need to know how much time each task will take you.


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So periodically write down everything you do on a daily basis. This way you will know which of your tasks are wasting time on a daily basis. When you write down all your daily chores, you will realize which areas of your daily life you need to save.

Everything seems simple and normal until you write down your daily routine; But when you write them down and then look at them, you realize where the work is going. In this moment you will understand why you are always short of time.

In fact, it’s the only way to find time leaks. So take a small notebook and write down the start time and type of activity when you start something during the day. Then write the end time when that activity is over. Finally, you need to categorize your activities to see how much time you spend doing during the day.


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2. First, revive your dead time

What is dead time? Maybe before you try to categorize the time spent on different issues during the day in the previous section, you must also decide on the “dead time”.

Do you go to work by public transport and wait for a while at the bus or subway station? This is definitely your “dead time” when you are unemployed on the subway or bus. You can do your simplest tasks during the day at these dead times. Existence of mobile phones and smartphones help us to revive our dead time.

Even if you can’t do anything specific, you can still have some great books, educational videos, or even audio books and tutorials on your mobile. In this way, your dead time will become time for training. Of course, you can, at least at this dead time, consider your future plans and prepare for them. So find your dead time and revive it in the best way.


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3. Avoid distractions to save time

The more open-minded and dynamic you are, the more likely you are to become distracted.

Every human being gets tired and confused when he is bombarded with daily information. So when it comes to doing something important, you need to stay away from distractions. Imagine, for example, a manager devoting 2 hours a day to analyzing the daily performance of his employees. This helps a lot to the company’s position and is very important.

Now imagine that during these 2 hours, his cell phone rings many times or that a secretary enters his office to solve various problems. Definitely this distraction causes the first of all things not to be done properly, secondly that the person will have to spend more time doing his job.


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In this way, his time will be wasted. So if you are planning to spend time on a specific task, be sure to keep your mobile phone and any type of communication system out of reach and do your job in a focused manner. In this way, you will realize that you have been able to save even a little time.

4. Doing multiple things at the same time is not a way to save time at all

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves.

Believe it or not, expert research has shown that doing several things at the same time can reduce your efficiency by up to 60%. This means that you may do two or more things at the same time; But your efficiency will be only 40% compared to when you do a task in an instant.


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Now with a little mathematical calculation, we find that if we do several things in a row and have 100% efficiency, we will save time. Do not forget to do several things together will increase your mistakes and waste of time. Even one’s creativity will be drastically reduced in such a situation.

5. Learn from the best and the worst

Experience is man’s greatest teacher. Of course, man does not live long enough to experience everything himself! So it is better to pay attention to the experience of the most successful people and the most losers around. In this way, with a little searching, whether among celebrities or among your friends and acquaintances, you will find the best patterns to save time.

You can also find the best ways to save time by experiencing some simple issues yourself. Just remember that a wise man is not bitten twice in the same hole! So it is a mistake to test what is tried and when you have a negative experience of a method, put it aside.


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6. The best way to save time is to reduce unnecessary appointments

An unnecessary appointment can literally ruin you for a few hours a day. Take a look at the biographies of successful people. They use any situation.

That is, even if a person with a minimum of practical knowledge gives them an offer, they think about the offer for at least a few moments. However, do not spend too much time on everything in vain. Avoid work sessions that you are sure are not profitable or make friendly appointments with those around you.

A simple friendly date will be nothing but trouble for you. Be sure to set a time limit for your appointments and meetings and do not let your appointment last longer than that. Also be very careful in determining this interval. You are not going to spend 3 hours for a useless session.

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7. Hire a program manager

Do you feel that your head is so busy that you do not have enough time to find ways to save time !? So now is the time to hire an excellent program manager. Do not feel bad about this.

You have skills in various fields; But time-saving skills may be a skill that a program manager specializes in.

So trust him and look for a great and experienced program manager. Do not forget that first you have to spend a lot of obsession to choose a program manager and check his resume thoroughly; But when you hire your program manager obsessively, you have to obey him. In fact, it is as if you have given your time to the bank card and without his permission, you can not spend even 1 second of it!

8. Finish your part-time job to save time

Do you have a part-time project that will take some time to complete? Believe me, if you start now and finish it, you will spend less time than when you want to finish it tomorrow.

This way, you will not be constantly thinking about your part-time work during the day, and your mind can be freed from this stress and anxiety. So if you have a job or a part-time project, take action to finish it right now.

9. Use tools that help save time

Do you think the microwave helps save time? its definitely true. What do you think about mobile applications and time management programs to save time? Remember, if a device can save you time on a daily basis, you must have it for yourself. This is one of the most important ways to save time.

10. “Say no” is a way to save time

Does your co-worker ask you to accompany him / her in completing his / her project while you have more important tasks in your work schedule and you are lagging behind with your work? Simply say no.

You do not have to respond positively to every request. Doing so will save you time. Be careful what demand you respond to and at what price. Be sure to consider the consequences of your actions in a few seconds, and if you feel that there will be bad consequences for you, say “no” forcefully.

11. Spend less time choosing clothes

Have you noticed the style of self-made millionaire Mark Zuckerberg? He always wears jeans and a simple T-shirt. When asked about this, he gives an interesting and very useful answer. “Why do I have to spend so much time during the day choosing my clothes today?” She says. Limit your choices for everyday clothes to save your time.

12. Shutting down social networks is one of the most important ways to save time

Refer to Tip 1: Keep track of your daily activities for 1 month without trying to be unrealistic. Then you will realize what harm social networks do to you. At the moment, you see social media as a time-consuming giant! So in order to save your time, it is better to leave any social network that takes a lot of your time.

13. To save time, change your diet

Unfortunately, we Iranians have certain eating habits. We spend hours in the kitchen preparing a fatty and salty meal that is bad for our health. However, you can help both your health and your time by preparing simple meals!

14. Manage your energy to save time

Imagine that you have many different tasks and schedules during the day. How do you manage them to best save time? Some people get energy with morning exercise.

Others just want to rest after exercise, and in fact they lose energy. So it’s up to you to figure out when exercise is right for you. So prioritize your tasks based on the energy they need.

15. Scheduling the next day is one of the best ways to save time

Think about your tomorrow plan before bed and prepare a to-do list for yourself. It is better to specify a schedule and priority for each.

That way, from the moment you open your eyes in the morning to the moment you get back to bed, you know what to do at each step.

It is interesting to know that according to research, this method helps you to decide in your subconscious mind to do better tomorrow, even when you are asleep! Take the time to improve your decision-making skills.

16. Always use a timer

What do you do for your financial management? Do you constantly check deposit and withdrawal SMS? Are you careful to have your income and expenditure account? Do not spend more than one during the day? So why not use the same method to save time?

Using a timer is one of the best ways to save time. If you have set a time for a session of, say, 1 hour, set a one-hour timer. This way you will not waste any more seconds.

17. Online shopping is one of the best ways to save time

Do you remember the time when we went from mall to mall and from neighborhood to neighborhood to find a piece of computer or even a special outfit that caught your eye? These days, online shopping has simplified the problem.

By typing a simple phrase and a few clicks, you can easily find the product you want and have it delivered to your door.

This is while some people think that if they buy from the shopping center and the market, they will pay less money; But in reality, they pay less for it with gold, that is, their time. So be smart. Instead of paying a few percent less, you did not get a job. Stay home, pay a little more, but earn more money when you want to get out!

18. Sometimes ask yourself what are you really doing !?

This advice may be a little strange; But it is very practical and very efficient. Sometimes we are doing something useless that takes a lot of our time and we do not realize it at all. Sometimes we do it out of habit or our mind is involved in something else and we do not know why we do it! So ask yourself every now and then what you are really doing !?

19. Style is important; But not as much as time

How much do you care about your makeup or hairstyle during the day? Isn’t it better for men to cut their hair from the bottom so that they do not have to spend a lot of time cutting and straightening it? This way they will spend less time preparing. Or even women can use permanent makeup, do their makeup on public transport and dead time, or better yet, not pay much attention to makeup!

20. To save time, buy a gift whenever you see fit

The last piece of advice may seem a little strange; But it is very practical. Have you ever had a problem buying a birthday gift for a loved one? Well, if it’s a special occasion in a few months and you happen to see a suitable gift for your loved ones today, wouldn’t you prepare it? All you have to do is buy a gift and put it in your warehouse! This way you do not have to spend a lot of time on the promised day to buy gifts.

Well, dear friends, in this article, we have introduced 20 of the best ways to save time. What other ways do you think are time-saving? Which one are you doing? Do you know of any other practical methods that can help you save time? Introduce them to us and other friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the first step to saving time?

As a first step, you should keep a diary of all the daily chores you spend on it.

Is mobile time management software useful?

Yes, these programs are extremely time saving.

Is the assistant and program manager suitable for saving time?

Yes; But you have to be very obsessive in choosing them and follow their advice.

What is dead time?

Dead time is when you are actually waiting or doing nothing. When


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