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With the growth of technology today, consumers are more inclined to shop online through online stores. One way to build an online store is to use store builders. Store builders are tools for building online stores with which you can build zero to one hundred online stores. Using the templates available in these store builders, you can design your store pages and with the help of their facilities, you can monitor all the steps of buying and selling products online.

In this article, we will get acquainted with 5 of the best free instrument stores that will help you design your favorite online shop

1- Free WooCommerce Store Builder (WooCommerce)


You can easily build and design your online store with the free WooCommerce site builder. This free store builder has many capabilities and allows you to control information and support the mobile version of the store.

Typically, about 40% of online stores are created by the free WooCommerce Store Builder. One of the most important benefits of WooCommerce is its placement on WordPress, which improves SEO and increases store rankings in Google searches. This powerful plugin to help you build a professional and functional online store is made by Automatic’s WordPress business partner. WooCommerce is currently the most popular WordPress plugin in the field of e-commerce. This successful site builder is very popular because of the following features:


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Important features of the free WooCommerce store builder

  • Ability to build a free online store
  • The best cms store builder in WordPress
  • Ability to fully control all data
  • Ability to report product sales
  • Ability to send messages via SMS or email to the customer and the store manager
  • Ability to use a variety of Internet payment gateways
  • Ability to create an account by the customer
  • Ability to enter a discount code
  • Provide a secure platform for online payment
  • Ability to edit the shopping cart
  • Ability to buy with gift cards
  • Provide sales invoice
  • And many other features that can enhance your online store

2- Magento Free Store Builder


Another popular and popular store is Magento, which can also be used in Iran and can be easily connected to banking portals. Magento is a free open source site builder and one of the most popular free store builders. Of course, the commercial version of this store builder is also provided. In Magento, you can also access the Persian language version and use its Persian store builder. Magento is very similar to WooCommerce, but its user interface is not as simple and comfortable as WooCommerce. In other words, it may be difficult for some people to work with this store. Another problem users with Magento is finding a compatible host. Because the host of this site builder must have special and professional settings. However, the good features and capabilities of Magento have made this site popular. In 2019, a year after Adobe acquired the professional store builder, Magento accounted for about 10 percent of the online store market. Here are some of the features that make Magento so popular:

Important Features of Magento Free Store Builder

  • Compliant with SEO criteria
  • Ability to manage multiple stores simultaneously
  • Beautiful environment that attracts users
  • Multi-language support
  • Support for different currencies and the possibility of buying with currency
  • Diverse facilities for better store management
  • Ability to create different categories
  • Provide reports on sales statistics and users’ use of discount codes
  • Various templates
  • High speed and security of the site
  • Provide invoices for purchases
  • Professional and unique search engine
  • Compatible with mobile phones and tablets

3- Free OpenCart Store Builder



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Another option for designing an online store is to use the free open card store builder written in PHP. This free site builder has good SEO and is suitable for those who are familiar with programming. In addition, it supports various languages, including English and Persian. OpenCard also has other positive features, including:

Important features of the free open card store builder

  • Easy to install
  • Possibility to offer different discounts
  • Ability to create and manage several different stores at a time
  • Ability to use different Internet payment gateways
  • Has the right tools for taking backups
  • Ability to write product descriptions and ratings by users
  • Attractive and user-friendly environment
  • Has different formats and modules
  • Ability to add new features and site updates
  • Contains multiple plugins
  • Suitable option for exchanges between two businesses (B2B)
  • Ability to receive sales reports and print invoices
  • Multi-language support

4- Free Prestashop Store Builder


One of the content management systems that can be easily used as a store builder and has a simple user interface is Prestashop Store Builder. This site builder is designed like OpenCard with PHP programming language and MySQL database and is similar to Magento in terms of being open source. It is commonly said that PrestaShop is a better online store than WooCommerce. This free site builder can be easily used in Iran and in Persian. Prestashop has many positive features, some of which we will mention:


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Important features of Prestashop Free Store Builder

  • Can be used to sell a variety of products, both physical products and downloadable products
  • Ability to connect to multiple Internet payment gateways
  • High flexibility due to open source and the possibility of changing the system kernel and using different modules
  • Simple and understandable admin panel
  • beautiful design
  • Ability to add different products to the cart
  • Ability to use the discount code
  • Ability to create an account
  • Ability to receive sales reports
  • Ability to add image, description and review to any product
  • Ability to upgrade store facilities by the store manager
  • Provide product statistics
  • Record customer information and display complete statistics
  • Support for different languages ​​and currencies
  • Ability to improve and enhance SEO by changing the site URLs

5- Virtuemart Free Store Builder


If you are planning to design an online store, VirtueMart, one of the oldest free site builders, can be a good option for you. VirtueMart is installed on Joomla! And allows users to build an online store. Among all the important benefits of this store builder, the following can be mentioned:

Important Features of VirtueMart Free Store Builder

  • Use a powerful core
  • Support for a variety of languages ​​and the ability to create a multilingual store
  • Ability to add descriptions for products
  • Ability to use different Internet portals around the world
  • Ability to build different sets of products
  • Ability to register a user on the site or purchase as a guest
  • Compatible with SEO principles
  • Ability to install add-ons and develop store features
  • High loading speed and security
  • Calculation of prices, costs and taxes
  • Ability to create various categories and subcategories with different products
  • Ability to display best-selling products separately


There are many professional and popular instrument stores. For those who can build an online store through their own domain and hosting, PrestaShop and WooCommerce are the best options available. Both of these professional site builders provide all the necessary features to your online store and because of their SEO features, they also help to improve the store ranking.


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With all these explanations, you may not want to use these 5 store builders for any reason, in which case you can go to other professional site builders available such as web store, shop shop, shop shop, etc.


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