What are the steps to start affiliate marketing or sales collaboration?

Join an affiliate program
After joining, you choose a product to advertise (each person receives a dedicated link)
At this stage, you need to share the received link on social networks, blogs, YouTube videos, Facebook ads or in any other form.
Finally, when someone makes a purchase through your link, you will receive an attractive commission.


Sales collaboration for beginners

Affiliate marketing can be started in a variety of ways. In the following, you can see the types of cooperation in sales and choose from the mentioned items:

Content Sites: There are many content sites, such as blogs and websites, that you can use. For example, launch a blog for a specific target audience and use it to promote a product.
This is the cheapest and easiest way to start a sales cooperation business


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Media sites: play the most important role in sales partnership. These websites are designed to direct a large portion of the traffic to a very large audience.
Using the banner and content on these sites and then adding links to them, the desired product is advertised.
Coupon sites (discounts): Smart internet shopping has become very popular today. People usually look for discount codes provided by marketers before finalizing a purchase. The administrators of these sites provide discount codes to members; They have quickly become popular affiliate channels
PPC Marketing: Purchasing traffic from PPC sites such as Google, Facebook and directing traffic to a product or service.
Social networks: Today, social networks such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and دارند have many fans. Having a lot of followers in these networks can give a salesperson a high impact power and lead many consumers to buy the product. You can also create a YouTube channel and promote the product through video.
Email Marketing: Despite the proliferation of communication channels, email is still one of the most important options. Many marketers use email lists to promote their product.
Podcast: A podcast is a digital audio file on the Internet. This audio file can be accessed and downloaded through tools such as smartphones and computers. Today, podcasts are recognized as an attractive and effective means of communication. You can choose a topic and launch your own personal podcast and advertise the product.


What are the success factors in sales collaboration?

Success in a sales collaboration system requires continuous and daily training. To better understand this issue, it is better to compare affiliate marketing to the sport of tennis, in which the only way to improve and progress is to be present on the court on a daily basis; Therefore, training and allocating the right time will be the key to success in this work.


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Over time, many responsibilities, such as job, child, spouse, etc., may be added to a person’s life, and it may not be possible to devote enough time to further skills in this area. At this stage you need to ask yourself 2 basic questions:

How interested are you in this work?

How much do you need for this?


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Take a quick look at your living conditions and ask yourself what you have lost and what you will gain. If spending 1 to 2 hours a day for several months in affiliate marketing can be a lucrative business for you; It can be concluded that starting work is the right decision. In addition, this method is a proven method in the world.


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