Affiliates strategy

Affiliates strategy to increase revenue + review of affiliate marketing principles

Affiliates strategy

Undoubtedly, affiliate marketing or sales cooperation can bring you good income. In fact, the sales cooperation strategy is one of the most cost-effective strategies for attracting customers, because you pay money based on the performance of people. For this reason, many famous and different brands in the world use the sales cooperation strategy as their digital marketing strategy as well as the principles of affiliate marketing.

Google Trends statistics also show that affiliate marketing search traffic has grown significantly over the years.

If you are still in doubt about using this strategy, let me show you some interesting statistics:


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If you are still in doubt about using this strategy, let me show you some interesting statistics:

  • 81% of different brands use affiliate marketing to attract more attention, interaction and production.
  • Affiliate marketing spending is projected to exceed $ 6.82 billion by 2020 and grow by 10%.
  • 79% of marketers will use affiliate marketing to drive audience conversion and increase sales. Also, 83% of them will use this strategy to make the brand more famous and interact more with the customer.

What is affiliate marketing?

What is affiliate marketing?

Before addressing the sales cooperation strategy and the principles of affiliate marketing, let us first say what exactly is affiliate sales or affiliate marketing?


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Affiliate marketing is also known as performance-based marketing. Different brands cooperate with different people and companies and through this they advertise their products. When the advertisement is done by an affiliate company and leads to a sale, the company commission will be paid.

Affiliate marketing strategies to grow your brand

Affiliate marketing strategies to grow your brand

Different businesses work with different companies to grow their brand and increase their sales, but not all of them have the same tactics. In fact, there are several different channels and affiliate marketing strategies that you can use. In addition, you should be familiar with affiliate marketing tools. In the following sections, we will fully explain your sales cooperation strategy:


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1. Choose law firms

To build trust with your audience, you need to work with people who can gain the trust of your customers and your audience.

When choosing an affiliate company, make sure the ones you are considering are:

  • Have a good relationship with your audience?
  • Are their audiences interested in your products or not?
  • Are their site rankings, views and interactions positive or not?

All of these are important so that your efforts are not in vain.


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For example, if you have a restaurant, it does not make sense to work with a plane ticket company. Also, for example, a blogger who has a total of 10 users per day can not help your sales funnel.

2- More sales with ads and discounts

More sales with ads and discounts

Everyone loves big discounts.


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Creating discounts is one of the best strategies for selling products in affiliate marketing. This is why many customers look for their discount code on other sites before buying from different sites.

Of course, remember that you have to manage your coupons completely and be aware of them.

You may offer a weird discount, and this can not only increase sales but also reduce sales.


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I recommend using large discount sites like NetBurger and Discounts.

In these sites, you can also analyze your competitors and see what kind of strategy they have and what they do.

3- Using influencers

Influencer marketing has become very popular in recent years and various brands with a lot of knowledge and research are trying to use this type of marketing.

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Different brands try to work with social influencers who are closer to their business model and products. Influencers have a close and intimate relationship with their followers. They can be very effective in satisfying the audience and persuading them to buy your products. You can also open an account on influencers for branding on social networks.

They can bring a lot of traffic to your site. Now we might say that they send less traffic than some other strategies, but the users who send to your site are your target user and they are more likely to buy than other users of these strategies.

Just be careful not to work with any influencers. Work with someone whose audience is closer to your products and your customer’s persona.

You need to consider several parameters to find the best influencer:

  • Number of audiences
  • Engagement rate
  • View and visit rate
  • Audience growth over time
  • Perfect for your niche marketing

4- Creating a strong sales cooperation network

Before embarking on a sales cooperation strategy,

Build yourself instead of ruining the rest.

It is always difficult to hire a few start-ups, but it is relatively easy to expand the organization.

To attract different companies, you must provide a clear and completely transparent approach. What do you sell, what is the process, what is your salary and everything you need.

You need to encourage the companies you are working with to do more. There are several solutions that you can use.

Always take the time to find your most loyal co-workers and reward them well, so that both they and other companies are encouraged to do better.

It is recommended to review their performance as well as their customers and get the best analysis.

5- Dependent advertisements from various sources

Dependent advertisements from various sources

Instead of focusing entirely on Instagram or discount coupon sites, spend time reaching out to your audience through affiliate marketing companies in a variety of ways.

You can look at different strategies to reach different audiences to find out who the best audiences are. It is also easier to constantly reach the audience.

Some different sources for advertising in the affiliate marketing method are:

Blogging for product reviews

A blog where its authors focus on reviewing your products can help you sell a lot.

This will make the audience more and better acquainted with your products or services and make a better decision to buy it.

Email marketing

Email marketing or email marketing is another solution for advertising.

By having a large list of target audiences, you can dramatically improve your conversion rate from buyer to buyer.


There are various systems for holding webinars in Iran that can help you a lot.

By holding a webinar, you can communicate closely with your customers and be aware of the different desires and interests of people so that you can offer better products or services.

Aparat and YouTube

These two video sharing systems help a lot in advertising and making your product more visible. In addition to advertising, you can do various reviews on the same blog and upload its video.

Using multiple channels and systems helps you get the best results.

6- Optimizing the product page to increase the conversion rate

You can never sit idle and watch how much and how well your affiliate companies sell and not be aware of yourself at all.

Now among all these things you have to do, one of the worst things that happens and a very high percentage of businesses do not pay attention to it at all is that they leave their product page. However, this is one of the most important points in increasing the conversion rate.

One of the most important parts of any site is its product page. We’ve covered this in more detail in a separate article on product page advertising, but you need to know how to track your users with user tracking tools. Know what the best product page layout model, colors, suggestions and much more should be.

Here are some tips about the product page:

  • Fast loading of your site
  • Provide sufficient and comprehensive information, correctly and without exaggeration about your products
  • Quality and attractive photos about the product
  • Accepting different opinions, both positive and negative, to gain the trust of different people

Observing the various points of product page optimization can increase sales in the sales cooperation strategy (affiliate marketing).

The result of affiliate marketing strategy

38% of marketers in this system believe that affiliate marketing is the best way to reach a customer. Remember that success does not happen overnight, and in order to grow into a large network and system, you must have a clear sales collaboration strategy and know the basics of affiliate marketing.

What is the best sales cooperation strategy?

Sales collaboration strategies are different and you can use each one according to the situation. For example, one of their best ways is to consider managed discounts on products.

How to choose the right affiliate to sell?

When choosing an affiliate, consider the following:
Do they have a good relationship with their audience?
Are their audiences interested in your products or not?
How is their site ranked? Are the different perspectives and interactions they have with their audience positive or not?

How to network for your sales collaboration strategy?

In order to attract different companies, you need to be very clear about products, wages, and so on. You should also use different strategies to encourage partner companies to work harder. For example, choose your most loyal colleagues and reward them well so that they and other companies are encouraged to keep trying.

How does influencer marketing increase revenue?

Various businesses try to work with social media influencers whose audience can be potential customers of their products. Influencers usually have a close and intimate relationship with their followers. They can be effective in satisfying the audience and persuading them to buy your products.

How to choose the best influencer to promote your business?

There are several parameters to consider when choosing the best influencer:
Number of audiences
Page engagement rate
The amount of views and views of posts and stories on Instagram
The growth of his page or channel audience over time
How likely is the influencer audience to be interested in your products and services?


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