Sales Collaboration Strategies for Publishers

Sales Collaboration Strategies for Publishers

Sales Collaboration Strategies for Publishers

Publishers have their own tactics when it comes to affiliate links. Although they must follow the general requirements of the sales collaboration system, they still have a lot of freedom in choosing the strategies used to promote affiliate links. Most of them advertise affiliate links through their popular social media content such as Instagram, YouTube, blog or via email marketing.

There are several strategies for how to place affiliate links in publishers’ media, which we will cover in this article.

Product review strategy in the sales cooperation system

Product review strategy in the sales cooperation system


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This strategy is widely used by publishers. If there is a product or service that they want to promote, they write a blog post as a product review. This type of content works well among the target group because it is full of useful tips. Most importantly, reviewing a product written by someone you know and trust can be much more effective than any other advertising message in persuading your audience to buy.

In fact, many successes are based on trust. Creating consistency and transparency about the links you promote helps build trust and communication with your audience.

The product review sharing strategy has a high conversion rate because the online users who visit these websites are often the target customer, and ready to buy. They are considering their options and want to know a little more about the product or its features. This is why these types of posts can increase the chances of achieving a higher conversion rate through affiliate links. Because there is interest in the product right now and this post is supposed to encourage visitors to click on the link and finally buy.


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In addition, product reviews can rank high in search engines based on the keywords used. When publishers create this type of post, they use the product name in the title, which helps them rank high in related searches, thus improving their SEO.

Within the framework of this strategy, as a publisher should:

  • Describe the product in detail
  • Mention product features
  • Be honest about the pros (or cons)
  • Post product images in the post
  • Mention price (or any discount if available)
  • Product usage experience
  • Comparison with similar products (optional)
  • Introduce other products with the same brand (optional)

Product mention strategy in the sales cooperation system

Product mention strategy in the sales cooperation system


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Instead of focusing the entire blog post on a single product, such as a product review strategy, this strategy includes mentioning the product with an affiliate link added. For example, you can write a cake recipe in a blog post and then list the cooking utensils needed to bake the cake. In this way, you simply mention the product without much description and details about the product features, price, etc.

A blog post is usually written to mention a product, but affiliate links can also be shared on social media. The main advantage of this strategy is the fact that you do not need to spend time writing a complete product review.

As always, it is recommended that you only advertise and promote the products that you have used, this will help you maintain your credibility among online users.


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Use of banners in the sales cooperation system

Use of banners in the sales cooperation system

Related links can also be shared as a banner. So instead of a text link, there will be an image link.

The main advantage of this strategy is that unlike product reviews that require a full post, the affiliate link is part of a page, and can be displayed on multiple or even all pages of the website to increase access to it, so more in It is visible to visitors.


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Sales cooperation system and the role of coupons (discount codes)

Sales cooperation system and the role of coupons (discount codes)

Coupons are a very popular form of online advertising because they directly target potential buyers who have an extra incentive to buy at the discount that the coupons offer. For this strategy to be available to publishers, they must agree with the product owner to reduce the price for their referral traffic.

This is not a solution that is often used in a sales collaboration system, as it requires special pricing terms and conditions. This strategy significantly reduces the product owner’s profit because it has to lower the price and also pay the publisher commission.


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YouTube and sales collaboration system

YouTube and sales collaboration system

The proliferation of video content is also reflected in the sales collaboration system, and introduces a new way to access affiliate links online. People who produce content on YouTube and are known as YouTube users are becoming an influential person who each specializes in a specific field.

Depending on the position, trust and respect they have among their audience, these influencers can influence their audience through this platform and persuade them to buy.

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The first part of this process is the same as the traditional sales cooperation model. YouTube users join the affiliate marketing program, select products, and receive affiliate links.

However, the way these affiliate products are presented varies due to the content format they use. Instead of traditional blogging, YouTube users should usually display the product via video. This means that they either have to buy the product or the product owner has to send it to them in the hope of increasing their sales through this type of advertising. Then they have to show how it works. For example, if the product is dependent on nail polish, YouTuber can show it when in use, or if the product is a child carrier, YouTuber can show you how to put the baby in the chair, and so on.

In general, the idea is to bring the product closer to the audience and explain why you recommend it. Providing such personal feedback on the product will convince the audience and encourage them to buy and use it. This is how sales collaboration adapts to the new environment.

YouTuber must share an affiliate link through which the sale is made, registered in his name, and in fact this strategy is based on YouTuber’s influence. The more popular YouTuber is, the more these links will be displayed through online hits and the more effective they will be.

The last word

The performance of these strategies depends on the type of interaction you have with your audience as well as your impact on the online community. Also, a publisher may choose a particular strategy based on their circumstances.

Monitoring sales collaboration efforts and evaluating the performance of this type of online marketing is crucial. The most important statistics to look out for are:

  • Number of clicks
  • Number of conversions
  • Information about clickers (age group, gender, location, etc.)
  • The products with the most clicks / conversions

Monitor the evaluation of the above data for each type of ad to determine which strategies perform better, which products perform better than others, which ads have the highest conversion rates, and you can also Use it to learn more about your audience and how each of these approaches works among them. For example, some products may be popular with users from a particular location. Or the product mention strategy may have a better conversion rate than the banner. All of this can play a role in your planning and the way you develop your affiliate marketing strategy.


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