Sales collaboration strategies

Sales collaboration strategies

Sales collaboration strategies

As a business owner and brand owner, you need an affiliate sales or affiliate marketing system, and to implement and manage it successfully, you need to know the strategies available for that type of marketing. These strategies may be slightly different from your online marketing strategies, but there are still many elements in common. The reason for this is the fact that affiliate marketing is a form of online marketing. As a result, key points in the development and success of online marketing in sales collaboration (affiliate marketing) are also used.



It all starts with your website. This is a place where you can attract potential affiliates (publishers / affiliates) and give them a chance to work together. Next, you expect these publishers to attract visitors to your website. To do this, you need a website that:

  • The company (products / services) introduces you well
  • It is reliable and looks valid
  • No loading errors, broken links, etc. always working properly

Although the performance of the entire website is important for starting a successful online business, two parts of our site become especially important when it comes to the sales collaboration system:

1. Affiliate application page

The first page is the affiliate program page. This page introduces your app and is supposed to encourage your audience to join you. So try to provide enough information to convince them and highlight the benefits of joining and advertising for your company. You can also invite publishers to participate with a special call (CTA) on the Affiliate Program page.


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۲. Landing page
The second page that is of particular importance is the landing page. Sometimes, there are several landing pages because you can advertise several different products. The purpose of this page is to convert visitors, so your sales collaboration system strategy should focus on optimizing this page. This is the first page that visitors will see after clicking on the affiliate link, so it should meet the requirements mentioned above (this page should introduce your company well, load quickly and look trustworthy). These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use to get visitors to your site.

Since the pay-per-sale (PPS) payment model is the most common commission payment model, the landing page in the sales cooperation system is often equivalent to the product (service) page or the pricing page.

When it comes to PPL, you usually have to make a call on the landing page. Because the goal is to get more people to be curious and research your business or product. For example, some of the calls that winners can make to users in return for their email address are:


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  • Register now
  • Register for this event
  • Download free e-books
  • Get a free template

Since the goal of the owners of the winners is for the visitors to click on these calls, you should place the call button or link in a prominent color, to attract users from different devices such as mobile phones, tablets, etc.

Social Networks

Social Networks

Another strategy that can be very useful and practical in the sales collaboration system is the use of social media. Surely in today’s competitive environment where technology also plays a big role, you, as a brand or service owner, know the importance of social media marketing and how to use it to increase website performance. From online presentation to customer engagement, social media is certainly a very important online marketing strategy to promote your online business.


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There are several ways that social media can help you with your sales collaboration system:

1. Watch out for publishers

If you want to get in touch with publishers directly and see if they are interested in joining your program, social media is one way. In this way, you can evaluate the extent of their influence and also the type of their relationship with their audience on social networks.

2. Attached user reviews and comments

Social networks provide an opportunity to share current users’ comments and descriptions with potential future customers. This is one of the opportunities that social media gives you to attract and build trust in the market. The comments section can even be displayed on the landing page.


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3. trust

Being on social media helps a lot in gaining the trust of online users. Because of the influence, popularity and pervasiveness of social networks, most users are looking for a brand with positive feedback on social networks before buying.

Newsletter subscribers

Newsletter subscribers

Another strategy that can help promote your affiliate marketing system is email listings. For this strategy to work better, you need to segment the list and select only subscribers who can potentially become publishers for you (satisfied customers who are likely to share this experience through affiliate links with their social media contacts or blogs). Share).


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Email marketing has great results for reaching online users, so it is a great medium for connecting with potential publishers. All you need is an email that describes your affiliate program with a link to a page that subscribers can request. You can also give subscribers special benefits to subscribers who become publishers as a way to encourage more of them to join.

Affiliate Networks

Affiliate Networks

As a place for publishers and business owners to connect, an affiliate network is an incredible asset in boosting your app performance. When you publish your affiliate program on the affiliate network, it is immediately visible to publishers (affiliates). Affiliate networks often select new or popular applications, which can be an opportunity for you to reach more publishers. This type of strategy is quite effective because the affiliate network enables you to target the right people, that is, those who want to join affiliate programs and make money through affiliate links.


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Relying on its experience and technical knowledge, Afili Network has provided a suitable platform for publishers and business owners, so that by joining this network, each of them can easily find the target group for their business. In this way, Afili has paved the way for success for both groups of publishers and business owners. All you have to do is make sure your affiliate program is attractive to publishers compared to your competitors. This can be done by offering more competitive terms (better commission rates, longer cookie life, etc.).

List or books of affiliate manuals

List or books of affiliate manuals

Using affiliate directories is also a way to attract publishers. Although directories are not the most popular media today, there are still publishers who use them to search for new applications. For this reason, it can be one of the options to introduce a sales cooperation program in your sales.

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Sales Cooperation Program Manager

Sales Cooperation Program Manager

The sales associate program manager is the person who controls the performance of the program. He can also be the person who designed the whole program. Ideally, you should have an experienced and knowledgeable manager who knows and manages all the items and features of your affiliate program. A sales collaboration program manager specializes in the software management and technology needed to track and monitor the program, as well as the knowledge needed to evaluate program performance and help design a sales collaboration strategy.

Initially, most business owners do this management themselves or on an existing team. But as the program begins to expand and you accept more publishers, you will soon realize that the number of jobs requires a full-time specialist (or team). It is at this point that you should consider hiring (or training an employee to become) a sales fellow.

Since the goal of this strategy is to improve your program and expand the impact of your brand, selecting a sales collaboration program manager is an essential step in this direction.


The bottom line is that each of these strategies individually helps you to enhance the performance of your sales affiliate program. Ultimately, your goal is to monitor the implementation of each of them and find ways to optimize them based on your business goals and ideas. However, it is recommended that you use a combination of several of these strategies to maximize the impact of your program through all the channels available to you. Although a significant percentage of publishers will come to you with a request for affiliation, the opportunity to promote your affiliate program in your sales is something you should not miss.


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