Introducing some lucrative small businesses

Profitable small business; Increase revenue in small businesses

Profitable small business; Increase revenue in small businesses

Starting a small business is a good choice to start an economic activity, especially in the current situation! Today, in Europe, the United States and Japan, small businesses make up more than 90% of jobs and industries; There is a similar situation in Iran. By starting a new and profitable business, in addition to helping the country’s economy, you have also secured your future career and career.

In this article, I will talk about starting a profitable small business and introduce jobs that you can get ideas from in this direction.

Statistics show that many new businesses fail in the first year due to incorrect planning and lack of proper knowledge of jobs. For this reason, I recommend that you first get acquainted with jobs and professions that have good growth potential and can become successful businesses. Then start your business with a thorough review.


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What profession is a small business?

There is no clear definition of a small business. Each country defines the type of business based on the number of employees or the amount of income. According to the definition provided by the World Bank, industries and jobs that have less than 300 employees and an annual income of no more than $ 15 million are considered small businesses.

Currently, small businesses are an important part of the labor market in different countries of the world. In the United States, 53% of private sector employees, or about 60 million workers, work in small businesses. This amount and similar statistics in other countries show that small businesses play an important role in economic development and growth of countries and are decisive in creating jobs and job opportunities.

Small businesses

In Iran, the criterion of small size is the number of personnel and different ministries have provided different definitions. In the Ministry of Industry and Mines, if a workshop or complex has less than 49 staff or employees, it will be considered a small business. In the Statistics Center of Iran, jobs with less than 10 employees are considered small businesses. The Central Bank of Iran calls it a “small business” if the company’s staff is under 100.


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In Iran, more than 95% of jobs and professions are small businesses. Due to financial problems and high costs, these types of businesses are a good choice to start people because they do not require high investment. It is better to always read the first step of the cost of setting up an online store more carefully. Of course, as I mentioned before, if you act with knowledge and planning, you will have your “profitable small business”.

What are the characteristics of new and profitable businesses?

If you want to start a profitable small business, it should be noted that having a large number of employees does not mean that your business is successful and profitable. Businesses with more employees will have higher costs. In order to make a profit from your business, you need to choose a profession or activity that costs as little as possible and has a higher income ratio. This is because the percentage of acceptance of small businesses in Iran and other countries has increased.

Another thing to keep in mind is that high sales do not mean profits, and you should consider your costs. If the work is productive, you need raw materials. Employee salaries, rent, transportation costs, water, electricity and gas prices, taxes and the like are some of the expenses that you should pay attention to.


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On the other hand, a small business must be able to grow to be more profitable. If you have a business where you can expand your business, you will make more profit. Setting up an online store, launching an Instagram store, and collaborating in sales are examples of how to become more profitable as customers grow and expand their business, and to be a new and profitable business.

How Do I Start My Own Profitable Small Business?

How Do I Start My Own Profitable Small Business?

To start a profitable small business, like any other business, you need three important components.


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  • Services or products that the buyer has and can sell.

  • There are people who are customers or applicants for your service or product.

  • Methods by which you can deliver your product or service to the customer.

As you can see, starting a small business is not that difficult. Any idea or skill that can provide you with the above three components is a good option for starting a new and profitable business. For example, by having business ideas, along with customer knowledge and knowledge of online sales tips, you can start your own online business and earn money this way.

Small home business

One of the most successful and successful small business categories is the one in which you can manage your project at home and make money from home. In this type of profession, many running costs, including transportation, travel, and all location-related costs, will be eliminated.

On the other hand, in most small home businesses, family members play a more active role and therefore can be managed with fewer people and employees. The target market for this type of small business has expanded thanks to the growing use of cyberspace, the Internet and social networks. With these features, a home business can be a good choice to start and invest and be considered as a small and profitable business.


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Introducing some lucrative small businesses

Introducing some lucrative small businesses

Whatever your skills or knowledge, you can start a profitable small business by examining the market and working conditions. In the following, I will introduce some new and profitable businesses to you.

1. Activity on the Internet and social networks

Today, due to the widespread use of the Internet and social networks, there is an opportunity for you to start your own small business in these platforms. There are a variety of ways to make money online that you can work on.


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Content production

Every sales and marketing business needs to produce and publish content on its website, social networks and communication platforms to promote and market the services it provides. This field is very wide and you must have high skills to be successful in it. Making money online without capital can be a good choice for you.

Activity in social networks

Today, all businesses use social networks such as Instagram, Telegram or Rubika to introduce and offer their services. Making money from Rubika, earning money from Instagram and earning money from Telegram will be possible with the right and professional activity in these social networks. Managing social networks for businesses is one of these activities.

Sales cooperation

Sales Collaboration System Another new way to make money online is through affiliate marketing or sales collaboration. In this method, you act as an intermediary between the customer and the company providing the product, and with each customer purchase, you will receive a commission. By clicking on the best sales cooperation sites, you can get enough information in this field and start earning money from sales cooperation.

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Improve, develop and design websites and applications

Today, due to the widespread use of cyberspace and the Internet, most businesses are looking to build a website or application to provide their services. This area is very wide and there are various ways you can start your own business and earn money. Activities in this field include building and designing websites and applications, improving websites in terms of SEO and so on.

Cyberspace and the Internet are the platform on which you can start your lucrative small business. In addition to expertise, it is enough to have enough knowledge of the opportunities and how to earn a professional income from the Internet. Knowing the ideas of unrealized businesses in Iran can give you a good idea of ​​the opportunities available.

2. Bodybuilding and fitness trainer

Due to coronation, bodybuilding clubs are now closed periodically, but before the epidemic, bodybuilding and fitness trainers had a high income. You can work in this field by obtaining relevant expertise and qualifications.

3. Educational assistance and entrance exam class

Families will spend for their children’s educational progress. Working in the field of teaching aids and entrance exams is one of those businesses that will bring good income. By gaining expertise in this field and having few facilities, you can start your own profitable small business.

4. Language learning

We are currently witnessing the development of foreign language classes throughout Iran. Most people need to learn a foreign language, especially English, for personal or academic reasons. It is enough to know a foreign language well and have obtained special educational qualifications. You can earn money by getting a language learner.


Starting a profitable small business is a good choice for people due to rising costs. Starting such businesses does not require a large initial cost due to their small size and limitedness, and if a person operates in them in a principled and knowledgeable manner, it can be profitable for him. Examining and knowing the professions with high potential and knowing the right way to work in them is one of the main points in choosing a new and profitable business. Meanwhile, cyberspace, the Internet and social networks have provided many job opportunities due to their breadth and diversity. You can make a good living by starting an online business.


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