Provide a guarantee for a refund in case of customer dissatisfaction

Persuade the customer to buy; Strategies to encourage customers to buy

customer to buy

For any business, the customer is very important. What is the reason? The more customers a business has, the higher the sales and ultimately the more profitable it will be. Encouraging the customer to buy services or products is not easy. To encourage customers to buy, you must follow important principles in dealing with them and providing your services.

What are these principles and how can you use them to increase sales? Join me to tell you the secrets and secrets of persuading customers to buy services or products.

Sales have become a bit more complicated as a large number of people are now starting their own online businesses and launching their Instagram stores. The habits and expectations of online customers are different from those of face-to-face customers, and in order to be able to encourage applicants to buy your product and use your services, you need to come up with different strategies.

How to persuade a customer to buy in person

How to persuade a customer to buy in person


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The customer is one of the first people they see to be responsible for the sale. Because of this, the performance of the sales department of any business not only affects the amount of sales, but also to some extent determines the public image and reputation of the brand. Certain principles must be observed in dealing with the customer so that in addition to honoring the customer, you can persuade him to buy. Adherence to these practical and at the same time simple tips will gain the customer’s trust in your brand and will prevent the customer from falling.

Encouraging the customer to buy is not a very difficult task as long as you act with the program and know how to deal with the customer. What steps should be taken to communicate effectively and usefully with the customer and increase customer loyalty, and what strategies should be taken? These tips can help you in this regard.

Treat customers naturally to encourage them to buy

When visiting in person or by phone, the customer intends to contact you directly. By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive. If the customer could meet their needs by reading a text, they would go to your website or Instagram page and not contact you!


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In order to be able to make a good and effective impact on the customer, you have to talk to him in his own language and only in this way can you persuade him to buy your product. Humans have different temperaments and you should talk to each person according to their moods. Engage the customer in his feelings.

Get in touch with the customer at the beginning!

To persuade a customer to buy, when you want to talk to him, it is better to ask him first. This simple point builds trust in the customer and makes it easier for you to manage the customer relationship. Research shows that the sales percentage is higher for sellers who start their conversation by asking the customer’s mood and a positive letter.

Just use his name to persuade the customer to buy!

Intimate communication and building trust are very effective in “encouraging customers to buy”. A simple way to create this intimacy is to use the customer’s name. Of course, as mentioned, each customer has their own habits and spirits, and some people may not be interested in using their name in conversation. You should choose this method knowing your customer. You can ask her permission to use her name at the beginning of the conversation.


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Talk about the superiority of your product over other products

Talk about the superiority of your product over other products

Sometimes when the applicant comes to you, he is examining the market and comparing similar goods. In order to be able to persuade him to buy your product or use your services, you must explain to him the advantages and salient features of your product and service. If your product is cheaper than your competitors or you have a special discount for your product, you should inform the customer.

Encourage customers to buy through compliments!

Psychology has proven that if you talk to your customer about his or her personality traits and positive points, his or her confidence and desire to accompany you and ultimately buy the product will increase.


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Try to use phrases such as “You are one of our best customers” or “We are proud to work with you” in the conversation. Of course, do not forget that you should not overdo it because excessive use of this method may create a negative view of the audience and the customer.

Show your skills and knowledge to the customer!

One way to persuade a customer to buy is to make the customer feel like they are talking to a skilled and competent person, not just a salesperson who wants to sell their product!

Act like a professional and show your expertise to the customer that he can get advice to buy and choose the product. This will increase the customer’s trust in what you say and eventually they will buy your product with more enthusiasm. Of course, note that you should not exaggerate or even lie!


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In the sale of trust between the parties is the first word and you should not hit this trust with wrong behavior

You can use the feeling of “fear of losing” to persuade the customer to buy

If the customer feels that they will lose something if they do not buy your product or do not use the services provided, they will be more willing to buy from you. For example, you can make him feel that if he does not buy your product, it will be bought by another customer and he will not be able to access it in the future.

In marketing, this method is called FOMO or Fear of Missing Out, which means “fear of losing the opportunity to buy something or do something.” In online sales, this method is also used, which can be referred to suitable special sales and Black Friday.


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How to persuade a customer to shop online

How to persuade a customer to shop online

Today, the number of people earning money from the Internet and Instagram is increasing. New ideas are an effective way to succeed in online business. There are some unimplemented internet business ideas in Iran that can have high potential for revenue generation.

But unfortunately, when you talk to many online businesses, they say that they have difficulty persuading customers to buy online and that the amount of sales and revenue they have is not satisfactory. The reason for this is that many of these people are not familiar with online sales tips and take the wrong approach in dealing with the customer.

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Remember that in online sales, you do not have a face-to-face relationship with your customer, and you should use a variety of methods to encourage customers to buy. You can succeed in persuading the customer to buy online by using the following strategies.

Offer your products at a discount to encourage customers to buy

One way to successfully attract customers is to discount the products and services offered. Know the discount as much as you can to buy your services and products by knowing your customer and your business situation.

Of course, to persuade the customer to buy, you can use the FOMO method in marketing. To do this, it is better to set a certain period of time for special discounts, which are sometimes not repeatable. In this way, you strengthen the “sense of loss” in the customer and motivate the customer to buy more.

Launch exciting competitions!

One of the ways you can attract more customers in cyberspace is by launching fun and engaging contests on social media. If you can conduct various polls along with these competitions, in addition to attracting customers, you can become more aware of the demands and spirits of your customers and plan more accurately and effectively for the sale and marketing of your product.

The competition that takes place must be completely related to the brand and the product you are selling. Indirectly, as much as you can in these competitions, express the superiority and advantages of your product. For example, if you work in the field of cosmetics, you should not hold a competition with the theme of the best singer!

By running such targeted competitions, in addition to attracting potential customers, you can persuade them to buy from you.

To persuade a customer to buy, give a sample of your product for free!

People are happy to get something for free. Depending on your policy and ability, provide samples of your product to the customer for free. This will make more people familiar with your product and increase your sales.

For example, if you have an application, make some of its services free. By doing this, people will be encouraged to use your app and if they like your services, they will be encouraged to buy other services as well.

If this is not possible, you can provide short periods of time for free use to the customer to be well acquainted with your service and product. Of course, the important point is that your goal and strategy of these free services should be to persuade the customer to buy.

Provide a guarantee for a refund in case of customer dissatisfaction

Provide a guarantee for a refund in case of customer dissatisfaction

Because there is no physical access to the product offered in online shopping, many times a person will not buy to reduce the risk and financial loss. If you can provide the customer with the assurance that if they are not satisfied with the product, the payment will be refunded, their trust in you will increase and they will be more motivated to buy from you.

Provide different payment methods to the customer

When you offer a product, it is better to provide conditions so that the customer can pay for the product in different ways. In this case, the person can buy from you more easily and therefore your sales will increase. Suppose you do not have the ability to pay online, in this audio you will be more inclined to buy from a site that also allows you to pay in cash.

Establish an effective and active relationship with the customer to persuade them to buy

Answer all your customers’ comments, comments and questions and try to establish a dynamic relationship with your customers through various means such as polls, sending emails or text messages. This will increase the audience’s awareness of your services and increase their trust in your brand.

In addition, your knowledge of the contacts and the demands of the customers will increase significantly. This can have a huge impact on future sales planning and success. By getting to know the customer better, you can choose the best product for online sales from among your products and develop your internet business ideas.


“Getting the customer to buy” is not an easy task and you should know the important points in dealing with the customer and follow certain principles to succeed in this work and increase your sales. There are many differences between encouraging customers to buy in-person sales and online sales, and each must have a specific approach. In this article, we tried to provide practical solutions to encourage customers to make the right purchase for all businesses. What is your opinion in this regard? If you have experience in this field, let us know.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a customer club and what is its role in encouraging customers to buy?

Customer Club refers to all the services and facilities that a company or business offers in order for customers and audiences to remain loyal to it and gain a higher motivation to buy. Of course, the customer club does not only target old customers. If the customer feels that he is important to you and receives good services, he will introduce you to others and increase the range of your customers. The more your brand is known, the more customers will be persuaded to buy from you.

What should be the discount method to persuade the customer to buy?

It is better to consider a specific time period for the discount. In this way, you use the audience’s sense of “fear of losing” and persuade them to buy from you. In this case, the customer should feel that he will no longer be provided with an opportunity like your offer.


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