Online sales and marketing collaboration system

Online sales and marketing

Online sales and marketing collaboration system

Sales affiliate marketing (affiliate marketing) is part of online marketing, which is based on the function of online advertising of products for online users. Therefore, it is closely related to online marketing and its various branches such as: social media marketing, SEO and so on.

To succeed in a sales collaboration system and use all the potential., Whether you own a brand or a publisher, it is wise to look at how the sales collaboration system relates to other departments. These interactions and interactions can significantly enhance the success of affiliate marketing.

Search Engine Sales (SEO) Collaboration System

Search Engine Sales (SEO) Collaboration System

The first and most obvious connection that needs to be examined is the relationship between the sales collaboration system and SEO. During online advertising, affiliate links are shared on websites or blogs. The publisher uses the affiliate link in their article or as a banner. The link can be available on all pages of a website, a blog page or multiple pages. The decision on where to place the links depends on the publisher. As a general rule, the more visible the link, the more likely it is that the audience will be encouraged to click.


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Brand owners

The common goal of brand owners is to encourage publishers to join their affiliate marketing and advertising system (or services). As a result, brand owners expect publishers to link to their websites. In terms of SEO, this activity is known as link building. This is part of off-site SEO and aims to get links from other websites. However, not everything is so easy.

Links are basically a search engine rating, and it is a recommended way for webmasters to generate new links to their website as part of search engine optimization. These links indicate to the search engines that the website to which the link is linked has value and credibility. But not all links are the same and brand owners will not be happy to receive every link.

For example, if a great website (call it A website) links to another website (website B) with a high reputation and a lot of visitors (good neighborhood), this would be an ideal scenario for website B. Because search engines consider the value and credibility of site A for site B as well. So if a lot of attractive and reputable websites link to website B, search engines will come to the conclusion that this website is also very attractive and reputable.


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The same principle applies in the other direction (bad neighborhood), that is, if many low-quality spam websites link to a particular page, this page also appears to be spam and of low quality.

Given the principle of good and bad neighborhoods, brand owners should be very careful when accepting publishers to join their program that only reputable websites link to them. Because links to poor quality websites do more harm than good. They will negatively affect the SEO and ranking of the website, and are unlikely to have real sales because these websites have little influence and trust among online users.


The principle of good and bad neighborhood is also a valid reason for publishers to carefully choose which sales collaboration system to join. If their website has a high reputation among users (reflected in the number of visits, subscribers, etc.) and among search engines (reflected as a website ranking in search engine result pages), they will not want it. Join poor quality websites as this can damage their SEO and credibility.


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Another point is that when placing affiliate links, publishers may disclose that the links on the page (s) are affiliate links. This decision is based on their own ethics and relationship with their audience.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Collaboration System

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Collaboration System

As part of online marketing, search engine marketing focuses on promoting links through search engine advertising. These are ads that are placed in search engines before, next to or after organic search results.


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Publishers are allowed to advertise their affiliate links through most channels in online marketing, including search engine advertising. In this case, a publisher can create a search engine ad as part of an online ad. Google AdWords, for example, can be used to create search engine ads for Google or YouTube. The publisher will be responsible for advertising campaign settings, keywords, targeting, planning, and so on. Through the affiliate link in the ad, conversions can also be tracked to the publisher who advertises the link using search engine ads.

Although this type of advertising campaign is paid, publishers still find it profitable, which is why they choose this type of advertising.

Brand owners do not participate directly in this promotion. However, most brand owners do their own SEM activities. This is why brand owners often prohibit the use of specific keywords for publishers in these types of campaigns.


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Social Media Sales and Marketing Collaboration (SMM) System

Social Media Sales and Marketing Collaboration (SMM) System

Social networks have great potential for online advertising, which is why publishers use them to advertise the links they get from the commission. Aside from sharing links on websites and blogs, publishers who have significant influence on social media can generate a lot of traffic through affiliate links if they share them with their popular media users. There are two ways for publishers to share links:

In the first case, they can share a link that goes to the post containing the linked links. Using this method, they direct the social media audience to their website or blog.


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The second way is to share affiliate links directly on social media as a post. This post is usually accompanied by the relevant text and image. In this case, the publisher can reveal the fact that the link is affiliated.

Here are some things to keep in mind when promoting affiliate links on social media:

  • Posts can be scheduled to appear at different times of the day
  • It is recommended that you customize these posts to suit your target group
  • Images improve post interaction and visibility
  • Examining the statistical information of each post allows you to improve the performance of each post

Collaborative system in sales and marketing via email

Collaborative system in sales and marketing via email

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Email marketing has the highest conversion rate among all types of online marketing. When you combine it with a sales collaboration system, you can come up with a very profitable strategy to increase publishers’ marketing performance.

Brand owners

Brand owners often use email to communicate with publishers. Email is a great tool for attracting publishers to join your program, connect with them, send incentive offers like pay raises, extend cookie life, and more. The goal is to increase engagement and perhaps activate some less productive publishers. When creating an email campaign, it is essential that:

  • Personalize it
  • Keep it short and sweet
  • Use a compelling theme (CTA) in it
  • Optimize email template
  • Use visual elements
  • Make sure that the email is also suitable for mobile


Publishers are usually bloggers, influencers, and cyber professionals. They have an audience that can advertise affiliate links for them, and use this form of marketing to increase their revenue. One of their main assets is their email list. They usually keep these subscribers active by sending attractive newsletters about the specific content they are designing and producing. Publishers share affiliate links through email campaigns in two ways:

First, publishers who simply integrate links into a regular newsletter, with or without link affiliation.

The second option is to have a separate email message for these types of links. For example, apart from a regular newsletter with a blog update, a second email, which focuses on advertising and has a different title than a regular newsletter, is sent to the audience.

Sales cooperation system and influencer marketing

Sales cooperation system and influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a part of online marketing that focuses on using the influence of certain people for online advertising. Influencers are people who have a lot of respect and trust among their audience or followers and are in a situation where they can influence their buying opinions and habits. This power of influence is their main asset and enables them to achieve their goals.

In terms of sales collaboration system, influencers have a better conversion rate than a link shared on a regular website or blog because:

  • Influencers usually have a large number of followers, so they have wide access to the audience.
  • Their opinions are taken into account and have credibility among the audience
  • They set and direct trends and standards

Brand owners

The goal of brand owners is to explore opportunities to work with influencers. They may attract influencers directly or identify them among the participants in the sales cooperation program.

As people who have a lot of followers and respect in the online community, influencers are very profitable for a sales collaboration system because they are likely to perform exceptionally well. For brand owners, this means exposure to a large market and high conversion rates. In addition, a successful collaboration with an influencer may be more profitable than publishers collaborating through affiliate links.


Using a sales collaboration system provides a lot of freedom and flexibility for influencers. They can choose the sales collaboration system they like, and it is up to them when and how, in whatever way they see fit, to promote affiliate links. Influencers can choose the advertising channels they are comfortable with. For example, Influencer Blogger can advertise affiliate links in his blog posts, without using other online advertising methods.


Different online marketing methods and strategies can increase the performance of your affiliate marketing system (affiliate marketing) and help you expand your marketing reach, promote your affiliate links, and get better results.

Control everything, and explore how any type of online marketing can help increase the performance of affiliate links. Personalization is a key aspect when creating and choosing a strategy, because jobs are so different, so adapting the approach to the jobs you are promoting is essential, and you should use strategies and advertising channels that are effective in achieving your business goals.


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