Online Marketing

What are online marketing tools?

Online Marketing

To work in the field of online marketing, you need to be familiar with various digital marketing tools and be able to introduce your products or services to users. Internet and online marketing includes the following 7 main sub-categories:

SEO or search engine optimization

Search Engine Marketing or SEM

Content marketing

network marketing

Click Advertising or PPC

Affiliate Marketing

Email marketing or email marketing

Online marketing offers you many opportunities to help you stay on the web more effectively and reach more audiences to your business. To make the most of online marketing, you need to know your customers well. To do this, you can find different ways, such as interviewing different people and customers, sampling and statistics, reviewing user feedback, and… relative knowledge of your customer; Then use the benefits and features of online marketing mentioned above and attract more leads and customers.

As the Internet space and web users increase, so does the competition between different businesses in this space. However, if every business knows its customer well, with the right strategy, it can effectively market its online marketing on the web and attract a lot of relevant leads by providing unique value.


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The most important and widely used advertising methods used in internet marketing

Internet marketing encompasses a wide range of concepts and topics, and basically any marketing-related activity performed on the Internet is known as a subset of it. Of course, to avoid confusion and better understand how online marketing-related activities work, here are some of the most important and widely used advertising methods used in Internet marketing that small businesses must know about.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing (abbreviated as SEM) refers to any marketing-related activity performed to give users more and easier access to a business website, especially when searching on platforms such as Google. Search engine optimization (or SEO) and cost-effective search platforms such as Google AdWords are both recognized as very important (and of course separate) parts of search engine marketing. Nowadays, seeing site optimization training is very important for any webmaster.

By using SEO, you create a website that is designed to rank well among other sites in search engines. SEO, which is free to use (but not free to implement), helps your users find your website in their searches without having to pay for search engines. In order to have good and acceptable rankings among other websites, you need to do extensive research to identify important keywords and know how to write quality content that focuses on identified keywords. SEO principles are very useful for having this knowledge.


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In addition, when using SEO, you should be aware of how to use techniques such as linking (these techniques also increase the ranking of the website). Although you should regularly review the keywords you use to make sure your website SEO is doing well, your main website SEO, unlike other marketing platforms, does not need constant review.

For WordPress SEO training, there are tools such as SEO SEO (SEO is one of the free plugins used in WordPress environment and you can see its environment in the image above) that help you to use your website in order to use Optimize SEO; Even if you do not know much about SEO.

Click Advertising

Click-per-click (CPC) marketing is a type of advertising in which marketers first design their desired ad, then introduce it to their target audience using an advertising platform, and finally pay for the result. They pay. Depending on factors such as the platform chosen for advertising, the cost paid at the end of the work may be calculated based on clicks, conversions made, actions taken by the audience or the number of views of the website in search engines.


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Pay-per-click marketing is used with two different types of advertising: search-related advertising and display advertising or matching ads.


In search-related ads, you will have the opportunity to have ads on Google to expose your ad texts to users who will search using the keywords of your choice. For example, if users are looking to buy a “plane ticket” and your company has launched an advertising campaign to sell tickets, after entering the search term, depending on the click price you have chosen, the first website displayed for them belongs to It will be your ad.


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Network marketing

Social media marketing includes both organic marketing (free of charge) and costly advertising, the second category of which is done by pay-per-click advertising platforms of the same platform and is often not used much in Iran due to the high cost of both dollars and dollars. Due to the sanctions and the lack of showing to the Iranian audience. Often, the goal of launching social media marketing campaigns is to promote the brand more and better and to establish effective relationships with customers.

The most popular platforms used for marketing among social networks in Iran are Instagram and Telegram. To be successful in marketing on Instagram or Instagram marketing, the content you publish is very important in attracting followers, which you need to influence the content to accompany the writing of the Instagram caption with the appropriate promotional photo.

Email Marketing

As the name implies, email marketing tries to communicate with customers by sending emails, thus increasing the number of interested customers and sales. In social media marketing, like social media, the goal is to make products visible to users so that they do not forget about you and your business, but unlike social media, business owners use techniques related to email. Sales are more open, because in the form of e-mail you can include various sales offers, product sales announcements, calls to action and other such issues.


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Steps should be taken to send emails to customers, both when shopping and before the purchase process. For example, there is a discount for those who register with their email address to increase their motivation to do so. In addition, it is recommended that you use email management services such as MillChimp or Mirlight; The function of these services is that they send the text pre-designed by you in special situations (for example, when registering a user; welcome email) automatically and in the form of an email. To avoid email marketing mistakes and losing the cost and time of the marketing team, be sure to read the email marketing training article.

Content marketing

Content marketing refers to activities in which content is published on the Internet in order to attract interested customers and gain the trust of users. Depending on your activity and needs, your content may be in the form of one of the following:

Content you publish on your website;
Content that you publish as a guest for other sites and in which you link to your site;
Other types of content that you use to attract interested customers (e-books, case studies, etc.). The purpose of using such content is to obtain information from interested customers;
Infographics or videos that can be shared on various social media platforms.


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Before you start content marketing, you need to define your goals; In addition, published content should be in line with search engine optimization activities. When planning your content release plan, keep in mind that content should be published regularly; Otherwise you will not achieve the desired results. What is content marketing helps you to know when to order content production and when to start producing content for yourself, for example, online store. As an example, you can see the production of Yektant blog content as an example.

Internet networking

Internet networking activities, if done with the right approach, allow you to make useful connections in online forums and groups that will help your business thrive. You can meet people who work in your field and partner with them to do specific projects, or by sharing information that you have about your field, you will attract the opinion of a number of your target audience and thus find a customer for yourself. . Of course, do not forget that the main purpose of this type of marketing is to communicate with others and not direct sales.

Some of the best places to look for online groups related to your field of work are:

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Facebook groups;

LinkedIn groups (one of these groups can be seen in the image above);

Forums of various industries, such as related telegram groups;

Question-and-answer discussion forums, such as Answer.

No matter how you do Internet networking activities, it is a very useful way to introduce your business to potential users and to grow the business as a whole; However, these activities often do not cost you much.


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