Marketing with LinkedIn and the best tricks to succeed in it

LinkedIn is one of the best social networks for growing your business. If you use this social network properly, you can experience rapid growth in your business. This social network helps a lot to know your brand and communicate with customers and consumers of your products. If you produce the right LinkedIn content and can get involved in important discussions with other industries and companies, you can market well for your business and attract a lot of customers. However, there are many benefits to using this network for your business; But to use it, you need to know the important points, including the rules of LinkedIn and how to work with it. So stay tuned for me and LinkedIn marketing training.

What is LinkedIn Marketing?

People who work in the field of social media think that LinkedIn is only useful for professionals, professionals and job seekers. This may be true to some extent; But this is not always the case. Millions of professionals use LinkedIn every day to grow their networks and businesses; But you can also use it to grow your business. This network helps you to connect with different organizations and companies and ultimately promotes your business.

LinkedIn is not like other social networks like Instagram and Facebook and is more commonly known as professional media. Most people use it for career advancement, communication with professionals, participation in industry discussions and other business-related activities. So you can easily find your customers, employees and business partners in this network and have fast and easy communication.

Another advantage of LinkedIn is that you can get a good email list and develop professional business communications. These connections lead to brand awareness, increased leads, and ultimately more sales of products or services. So this network is not like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and is more designed to build and strengthen business relationships. In the continuation of this article, we have presented 15 tricks for marketing with LinkedIn. So join us, read these tips and use them to find new customers and partners and grow your business. Before presenting these points, we will examine the reasons for using this social network.

The Importance of LinkedIn Marketing Strategy


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LinkedIn is not like other social networks and does not market your products and services directly. For example, you do not publish photos of your products like Instagram posts so that potential customers can buy them. In this network, business advertising is just like marketing on Instagram and Facebook, and you can not use product introduction directly and push the audience to buy. The fact is that if you do these things, you will look completely unprofessional and you will not be able to experience good communication and sales. So you need to have basic strategies for marketing with LinkedIn to influence the specific and different audience you have in this network and get good results.

To understand the importance of marketing on LinkedIn, we need to note that various studies, including Sprout Social, show that businesses that market on LinkedIn are, on average, 277% more successful than those that only market on Facebook. they do. Also, if B2B marketing is very important in your business, do not underestimate this network. Surveys show that 80% of B2B marketing share in social networks was accounted for by LinkedIn. If this network is used properly and properly, your business will experience great growth.

How to do marketing with LinkedIn?

Here are some of the most important ways to use LinkedIn to market your business. These methods have been developed in consultation with business leaders and skilled marketers, and can be very helpful in growing your business.


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1. Find target customers and communications

Advertising on LinkedIn has good results. Because marketing can be done according to the type of industry, the size of the company and the potential customers who are more likely to buy them. So it is not very difficult to find target customers in this network. For example, if your company specializes in providing business management and customer support software, you can target businesses that offer a specific product and customer satisfaction is important to them. If your software is suitable for small businesses, your target market will be smaller and you can target companies with less than 100 employees.

LinkedIn helps you to market your business according to the industry and the type of business in which you operate.

2. Get in touch with your customers to market with LinkedIn

The LinkedIn program helps small businesses identify their customers’ favorite products and services. In this network you can find people who have interests that fit the criteria of your business and introduce your business to them. Customers then show interest in your brand; You contact them and re-market them. You can even check your customers’ posts and profiles to get more information about them.


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Always try to keep in touch with them and send them emails on a monthly basis. Examine the problems and questions that customers are dealing with and ask, and use them as frequently asked questions on the site or useful information to customers in email marketing. With these simple and low-cost tasks, you provide good value proposition to your customers.

3. Expand your email marketing list

One of the most useful things you can do to find an email list is to message people and thank them for being on LinkedIn. Ask them to give you their email address and be on your email marketing list. You can send messages to 50 people at a time, creating a large number of newsletter subscribers and thus leads for your business. Be sure to send a link to users and ask them to register this way. Encourage newsletter subscribers to subscribe by offering discounts and special benefits.


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4. Use updates and marketing with LinkedIn

Use updates and direct your post to a person’s LinkedIn feed for a fee. This is the “Pay Per Click” or “Pay Per 1000 Click” feature. This app, like Instagram, has the ability to recognize people’s characteristics such as gender, location and age; But one main difference sets it apart from the rest. That is, it has the ability to personalize by company name, job title, job performance, skills and groups, and this is very useful for businesses. In this way, different industries and companies can be targeted and useful and targeted content can be provided to them.

You can use the LinkedIn platform to show your post to target users by gender, geographical location, specific age, occupation and specific skills.

5. Post appropriate LinkedIn content


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Good quality content will be targeted and solve customers’ problems; It helps them do their job better and even shows you as a capable and thoughtful leader. This will create and deliver real value to your audience and give you better results.

6. The importance of viralizing your content in LinkedIn marketing

One of the most powerful and effective methods on LinkedIn is posting content. If a post is seen and is interesting to people, LinkedIn will put it in the spotlight and may eventually be seen by several thousand people. This method gives you a better view of the content and your customers. This is not usually the case with website articles, blog posts and links on YouTube.

7. Improve employee profiles and pictures


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Ask your employees as much as you can to complete their profiles and show their identity well. For example, post a good photo, mention your work history and write a professional bio. Get professional photographers to help you get quality photos of your team members. Have a team to write attractive and professional bios and create appropriate profiles for all members of your company.

8. Join groups and be active

Try to join LinkedIn groups that are relevant to your business. This way you can listen to your audience and hear their criticism. You can also send messages to members of these groups and introduce your services and products. For example, if you work in the field of internet cosmetics marketing, you can create groups where people can talk about their experiences with your products, ask questions, and you can announce discount times or festivals.

9. Building a group on LinkedIn is one of the marketing methods with LinkedIn


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One of the best ways to promote and sell products on LinkedIn is to build a group for your business. In addition to building your own group, join other groups and start marketing your products and business online to members of these groups. Examine people’s jobs and filter out more relevant people through your eyes. Shorten your list and add people related to your business to the group. Be sure to invite each person individually and finally join a maximum of 50 people in your group. Be sure to check that your competitors are not included in your group. Share valuable and useful content in it and show your expertise to your potential customers. Make an email list of these people and do your best marketing using email marketing tools.

10. Pay attention to your company page on LinkedIn

Another important thing is to always be present and active on your page. The coordination between your page and your website has a great impact on users and shows the importance of your page, especially your business. Match the images, colors and content on your LinkedIn page with your website and keep them up to date. In this case, it seems that you have an active and thriving business.

11. Create a custom URL

Everyone has to create their own custom URL so that it can be easily found in searches. Especially people who have a lot of connection with leads and potential customers, provide professional services and are active in B2B transactions. This allows people who have not seen you and are searching for your name and brand to find information faster. If you have a custom URL, your LinkedIn profile will appear in the first search results and users will find you very quickly.

12. Complete the profile description section


Do not ignore profile descriptions in LinkedIn marketing. Most people ignore the description section on LinkedIn. You can write 2,000 characters in this section and speak directly to your target audience. Try to use complete sentences, write sentences from your own words, and state the strengths of your business clearly and concisely. It is interesting to note that many people prefer LinkedIn to websites. Even more often than not, they want to connect with people before seeing a product or service; And it gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself to your leads, potential customers and clients. Do not forget to enter your contact information at the end of this section to make it easier for people to access it.

13. Play with numbers!

This may seem a little strange; But do not rush and let me make it clear. It is true that LinkedIn has a scientific and business atmosphere and is not as artistic as Instagram and Pinterest; But you can use this space to play with numbers and watch your work progress. For example, suppose you have a group of 50 people and you have done marketing and advertising your business for each of these people separately. Of these, 10 may not be interested in your products at all, and 40 may be curious. Then you give them more information through phone calls, emails and communications, and 25 more people show interest in your products.

Gradually, with more effort, a number of these people become your customers. Finally you can calculate your conversion rate and see how many sales you have made this way. For example, 7 people may buy from you – if we consider all 50 people as your leads and 7 people as loyal customers – your conversion rate was 14%. If you have earned 5 million Tomans from the sale of a product or service to each person, you have earned a total of 35 million Tomans. Therefore, using LinkedIn has brought you this amount of profit.

14. Not for non-professional sales!

Just as direct advertising and marketing on any other network bores people, so does LinkedIn. You should not advertise directly and make people tired and elusive. Just try to introduce your business and offer to try your product or service. Do not interrupt others and let them talk. Do your best to be discovered by others who do not know you. In this case, you have not imposed yourself on anyone and people will come to your business of their own free will. Always get up-to-date and accurate information about content marketing and in-house marketing and apply these strategies to LinkedIn marketing.

15. Start useful communication and then deepen it!

It is true that LinkedIn is a social network for professionals and communication with experts, but establishing close relationships is also very important. A business manager needs to connect with potential customers, strategic partners, and other business executives, and after making these initial connections, decide to build closer relationships and more collaborations.


Marketing with LinkedIn has its own rules and methods and can not be considered similar to other social networks such as Instagram and Facebook. This social network is not based on pictures and videos and people do not visit it for entertainment; Rather, it is used by most businesses and professionals. If you follow the tricks mentioned in this article, you will see excellent sales results of your products and services. If you have any questions or comments about this, we’d love to hear from you.


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