Telegram Marketing

Previously in an article entitled “Why is Telegram more prominent than other media?” We introduced the unique features of Telegram. In this article, we are looking to introduce Telegram tools for marketing with Telegram.

Shortly after the development of Telegram, this messenger was able to prove its vast capabilities for promoting business marketing. With telegram marketing, you can keep in touch with your customers, receive orders and answer your customers’ questions quickly.

In short, marketing through telegram, business becomes a smart and new way to communicate with the audience and meet their needs. If you are looking to connect your business with other businesses or you are looking to connect your business with the customer, Telegram can bring significant benefits to you.

Open new horizons of marketing and business promotion

Telegram is more than just a messaging app that can be used across multiple platforms. Telegram, as a free platform, without ads and subscriptions, easily provides a great channel for transmitting private and public communications to sellers. Below are some important reasons why marketers can use Telegram to promote and promote their services and products.

– Since Telegram is a cloud-based messaging application, contacting customers and reaching contacts, regardless of the platform on which Telegram runs.


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– Telegram can be used on all portable platforms (such as Android and IOS phones). Therefore, marketers can serve their customers on any platform (Android, iOS, Windows) that they use.


– The exchanged messages are encrypted via telegram. This ensures that the marketing messages between the provider and the consumer are secure and private.


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The possibility of advertising through telegram bots is another feature that marketers are interested in. These automated robots manage important marketing processes and perform various tasks without human intervention.


Support for various message formats

Telegram lets you forget about marketing with “dull text messages with restrictions”. Want to share your latest video with your customers? With Telegram, you can send messages in the following formats:


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– Text messages

– Picture

– Voice

– the video

– documents

– Zip files

– MP3

Telegram groups and super groups

If you’re a busy marketer, you can use the Telegram Group / Supergroups feature to join your core customers in a group and then send important messages to that group.

Automate communication with Telegram chat bots

Another great feature of Telegram is chat bots. These are automated robots that are used to organize key marketing processes and handle a variety of tasks.

How Does Telegram Marketing Improve Your Business?

More than 100 million users now use Telegram. So it is likely that some of your current and future customers will use it. Unlike social media, Telegram is becoming an opportunity for marketers to connect with their audience in two ways.


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Business to customer relationship (B2C)

Telegram makes customer support easier and faster. From general customer questions to specific orders and support, Telegram will manage everything. This platform helps you connect with your customers whenever and wherever they need you. Telegram marketing clearly helps businesses to:

– Order and deliver online.

– Support customers at any time.

– Upgrade its products.

– Receive feedback from customers.

Business to Business Communication (B2B)

Telegram gives small businesses the opportunity to connect with their business partners and vendors. Telegram has provided a platform for better two-way communication. As a result, decisions will be made faster. All you have to do is create a business telegram group and add your business associates as members.

Working in Telegram, as much as it can be useful and attractive, requires proper management. “Magic” as a tool for producing management dashboards has the ability to support the Telegram data source. You can monitor your marketing activities via telegram using “magic” and gradually improve the number and quality of your customers.


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