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Making money online without capital; From dream to reality

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If you can not find the right job for you and do not have the capital to start a new business, do not worry! There are thousands of ways to make money online without capital that you can use to make money with the least expertise. Today, with universal access to high-speed Internet around the world, earning money without capital from the Internet has become much easier, and anyone can make money in cyberspace with just a high-speed Internet connection and a smartphone.

Web-based monetization methods are very diverse. Some of these methods are very specialized and, naturally, the chances of success and achieving very high incomes with these methods are higher. On the other hand, there are very simple ways to make money on the Internet that even a completely illiterate person without any expertise and skills can make money from these methods.

Making money online is a great way to earn money for teens at home who have a lot of free time, are familiar with technology and are eager to learn new things. However, at any age, with any level of education and any level of familiarity with technology, you can make money using the Internet.

In this article, we want to introduce you to the most common and simple ways to earn money online without the need for initial capital. If you want to know the latest internet monetization methods, follow us to the end of this article.


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3 main ways to earn money from the Internet without capital

earn money

All the methods of earning money without capital can be divided into the following three categories:

Doing project work online

Those who accept and carry out temporary projects from various employers in cyberspace are called freelancers, and this is called freelancing, which we will talk more about in the following sections. Freelance jobs can also be lucrative jobs without capital, but there are many challenges ahead.


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Starting an Internet Business

Although starting a large, professional business, even online, requires a lot of capital, there are some things you can do without significant capital. Of course, this model of online business without capital does not lead you to immediate income, and therefore, you should also think about a source of income without capital in Iran to earn a living.

Starting an internet business without capital can be as simple as making money from mobile by building a popular page on Instagram or a channel with many members in Telegram, and you do not need any initial capital to start such a business.

Blogging for online advertising or affiliate marketing is also a great online business that requires more expertise and experience.


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Full time and telecommuting employment

Today, with the development of telecommuting tools, many organizations are hiring full-time and full-time employees to save money and access more talent, regardless of physical distance.

In this type of business, you enter into a full-time, fully legal contract with the organization, but instead of being present at the company, you do the work at home.

Now that we have introduced the three main categories of online businesses without the need for capital, we will talk in detail about each of these types of jobs.


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Make money online by freelancing

The term freelancing is derived from the word freelance, which has historical roots. In nineteenth-century Europe, there were warriors who fought for money for every ruler. These fighters were called freelance.

Today, those who work as a project for different employers and have no long-term commitment to any employer are called freelancers.

In fact, freelancers are only committed to one project with their employer, and after completing the project and receiving their pay, they can work with any other employer. On the other hand, the employer is not required to fulfill obligations such as insurance and other legal benefits of work, such as Eid, years and..


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Today, with the proliferation of high-speed Internet access and the development of telecommunications tools, cloud computing, and messaging, freelancing has become a common way to earn money without capital.

All work that does not require special tools and machines or workshop environment can be done in the form of freelancing. All digital jobs, such as programming, content production, graphic design, and other jobs that require only a computer to do, are great options for making money online for free.

Advantages and disadvantages of freelance internet business

The most important advantages of working as a freelancer are as follows:


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  • Job flexibility and the right balance between work and life: The freelancer’s only duty after receiving the project from the employer is to complete the project on time, and the freelancer has no other obligation to the employer. Freelancers can work on the project at any time of the day or night, and get to their personal work whenever necessary. In addition, the freelancer can have a steady job during office hours and work on the project after office hours. In fact, freelancing is a second job for many freelancers.
  • Telecommuting: Freelancing, like most online jobs without start-up capital, is telecommuting.

The freelancer can work on the projects he / she accepts in any place of his / her choice and does not need to travel to and from work. Many freelancers work from home and, as a result, do not need to travel to the workplace at high cost, tedious, time consuming, and sometimes risky (for example, when an infectious disease such as Covid-19 spreads).

After all, working in the comfort of home, in comfortable clothes, with family, and listening to your favorite music without hands-free, makes this kind of job very attractive.

Some freelancers also prefer to work in other places such as public libraries, coffee shops or even in the heart of nature. A freelancer can pick up his laptop and go to nature with a backpack and work and earn money in the arms of nature.

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  • Not working for others: One of the biggest benefits of freelance capital online is that the freelancer does not work for other businesses, but has his or her own business. Therefore, a successful freelancer can achieve very high incomes and does not need to be content with a fixed salary and yes be the victim of his boss.

Of course, freelancing, with all the advantages mentioned above, also has the following disadvantages:

  • Getting Started Problems: If you have a project that you want to outsource to a freelancer, would you prefer an inexperienced freelancer to do your work or someone who is well known and has multiple portfolios? If you do not have a problem with the high cost of the project by a more experienced freelancer, you will definitely leave the project to him.

Therefore, freelancers can hardly hunt down projects at the beginning of their career, and as a result, they have to start at a very low price to increase their reputation in the market and have several portfolios to present to future customers. .

Freelancers’ incomes are not good at all at the beginning, and they must work hard to hunt for projects so that they can support themselves in their daily living. Of course, there are ways to make money online without capital through freelancing at the beginning, which we will mention in another part of this article.

  • Lack of job security: Another disadvantage of working as a freelancer is lack of job security. Even if you have great skills and have built a wide network of customers for yourself, in some periods of time, a project may not come to your tour and you have no income or in some other periods of time, a large number of There are projects that you can only accept some of them.
  • Lack of insurance and legal benefits: All work done as a freelancer is without insurance and legal benefits. A freelancer does not receive a salary for the holidays, and the more he works, the more he is paid, and there is no news about Eid, years, overtime, children’s rights, and so on.
  • Isolation: Although telecommuting has many advantages, it comes at the cost of losing professional and social relationships in the workplace. Such relationships, seen only in face-to-face work, can pave the way for professional advancement, and you can have a better and more exciting life by finding friends in the workplace. In contrast, a freelancer has fewer social and professional relationships and is practically more lonely than someone who works in person, both in personal and professional life.

Starting a business to make money online without capital

If you are a little more patient or do not need an immediate source of income to make a living, you can start your own business without making a lot of money online. You do not even need the slightest investment to start and grow some online business.

The most important thing in building an online business is a good idea. If you do not have a good idea, you can start your own business by copying the ideas of others, but you should not expect significant success.

Having a unique internet business idea can make your business the first business to implement that idea, and if the idea is implemented properly, it will guarantee significant success.

In the following, we want to introduce you to some of the ways to earn money without internet capital by starting a business. Stay with us.

Earn money from Instagram

Perhaps the most common way to make money on the Internet is to make money on Instagram without capital. If you have a good idea and can create a popular page, you can easily turn your life upside down with just an internet connection and a smartphone.

If you do not have a very clean idea, you can still make money from Instagram, but you must be able to work hard to succeed in competing with other Instagram pages.

Even if you are a social media admin and your idea is very pure, you will not make money until you can implement it properly and properly.

The main way to earn money without capital on Instagram is to create a page with a lot of followers and get an order for Instagram ads. There are several ways to do this, all of which are based on producing original, quality content.

To build a blog with a lot of followers and earn money on Instagram, you can follow the steps below:

1- Ideation

Sometimes, good ideas come to us suddenly; Do not ignore these ideas and write them down. However, for a lifetime, no particular idea may come to your mind by chance, but that does not mean that you can not come up with a pure idea to launch an Instagram page in order to make money online without capital. .

You need to set aside time to think about and come up with pure ideas. To do this, simply open Instagram and log in to Explorer.

See successful pages and get inspired by their ideas. You can also make a list of your interests and abilities to produce quality content and spend hours thinking about a good idea.

2- Create the audience persona

Once the initial idea of ​​launching an Instagram twist came to your mind, it’s time to identify your real audience.

Of course, since you do not want to invest to earn money from the Internet on Instagram, it is not possible for you to follow the principled and professional path of creating an audience persona, and only by answering questions similar to the following, determine Who are you going to produce content for:

  • How old is my audience?
  • What is the level of education and field of my audience?
  • What is my audience’s job?
  • Where does my audience live?
  • Is my audience married or single? Is it a girl or a boy?
  • What is my audience interested in?
  • What does my audience look like?
  • What does my audience need?

By answering these questions and documenting them, you have, in effect, created an audience persona. Persona is a semi-imaginary-semi-real character who represents all of your audience.

The importance of persona is that you know who you need to produce content for. As a result, your content will be liked by your audience and your number of followers will increase day by day.

3- Create a professional profile on Instagram

The next step is to create a professional profile that should be done with the audience in mind. To do this, note the following:

  • Choose an attractive, unique, short, memorable and relevant username
  • Choose a relevant, simple, high-quality, circular photo, without much detail, as your profile photo (Instagram profile photo is circular in shape and small in size).
  • Adequate, attractive and short description in bio using related hashtags
  • Your business type should be selected so that you can use Instagram Insights, which is Instagram’s own tool for analyzing audience behavior.

4- Production of quality and professional content

Now you need to produce quality and professional content for your target audience. Note that your photos and videos should be of good quality and all follow a consistent pattern to give a professional look to your account profile.

In addition, attractive and clever captioning can have a great impact on attracting the audience. Do not forget to use hashtags.

5- Regular publication of content

To make money online without capital with the help of Instagram, you need to publish your quality content on Instagram regularly and regularly. Answer the following questions by considering your audience persona:

  • How many hours a day does my audience spend on Instagram?
  • When does my audience open their Instagram?
  • How many times a day does my audience open their Instagram?

Given the answers to the above questions, you need to determine how many posts and stories you need per day and at what times of the day these posts and stories should be published. To do this, you can use content scheduling apps to publish content on Instagram.

6- Attracting followers

After posting some interesting posts on your Instagram account, ask friends and acquaintances to follow you and share your page on their Instagram. By doing this, the number of your followers will gradually increase.

7- Analyzing the behaviors of the audience

One of the most important steps in making money on the Internet on Instagram is analyzing the behavior of your audience using Instagram insights. You need to know how your audience reacts to each of your posts and stories, and make decisions about your next content based on their behavior. With this simple business strategy, you can have an Instagram page with a large number of followers after a while.

8- Get advertisements and generate income

Now that the number of your followers on Instagram has increased and reached several thousand people, you will receive offers for advertisements. Of course, you also have to publish posts and stories related to accepting ads.

Finally, you advertise for other businesses and pages, and your page generates revenue. Finally, you can start a business related to your field of activity on Instagram with the income from your page.

For example, if your page was an educational page about growing flowers and plants, now that you have a large audience and a small amount of money, you can start an online flower and plant business.

Making money on Instagram is just that simple. However, you should not be disappointed at any stage of the work and always create a great page for your target audience with trial and error to increase their number day by day and your page as a source of income from Turn on the Internet.

Internet income without capital from Telegram

Telegram Messenger, despite being filtered by the Islamic Republic of Iran, is still one of the most popular messengers in Iran and many people use it. Due to the large number of Telegram users in our country, Telegram channels have become very good tools for advertising.

To monetize Telegram, you need to set up a channel with a large audience on this messenger. The steps to set up a channel in Telegram are as follows and exactly similar to the steps we explained above to set up a page with a high number of followers on Instagram:

1- Ideation

2- Making the audience persona

3- Building a professional channel

4- Production of quality content

5- Regular publication of content

6- Attracting members

7- Analyzing the behavior of channel members

Make Money From The Internet By Building A YouTube Channel

Another way is to create a channel on YouTube. YouTube is also filtered in our country, but many people use it, especially to watch educational videos.

YouTube pays the owner of the full channel for a certain number of views. Of course, this kind of monetization of YouTube is a little difficult for Iranian users due to banking sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

If you have a very specific idea that is likely to be successful on the YouTube platform, you can get a Google AdSense account with the help of some intermediary companies, foreign exchange service companies or some exchange offices to make money from YouTube. This has its own problems and you have to pay a fee to the intermediary company as well.

Cooperation in sales without capital

One of the most common ways to make money online is through affiliate marketing or sales affiliation.

In this way, you share the link of a product in an online store such as Amazon, Digikala, eBay or any other store in Iran or abroad, on your social networks or blog, and for each purchase through which If the link is made from that store, you will be paid a commission.

In order to have a significant income from affiliate marketing, you need a channel with a large audience on the Internet. For example, you could have a page with a lot of followers on Instagram, a channel with multiple Telegram members, or a blog with a lot of views.

Making money from Iranian sites like Digi Kala with this method is very simple and does not have much technical complexity, but to earn money from foreign sites, due to banking sanctions, there are obstacles that can be bypassed through intermediaries.
To earn money from Amazon through affiliate marketing, you have to work with Iranian intermediaries such as foreign exchange service companies or exchange offices.

These companies will deduct part of your sales commission, but still the amount that remains for you, considering that you have not done any particular work, will be a high amount for a large number of sales.

One of the best ways to monetize affiliate marketing is to build a blog. For example, if you want to sell a dehumidifier, you can get your target audience into your blog by writing an article about the importance of moisturizing the air for the skin and for houseplants, and then using an anchor. Clever texts and correct linking, direct them to the dehumidifier purchase page and receive your commission for the purchase of the dehumidifier.

Make Money From The Internet By Hiring A Full-Time, Telecommuter

Today, thanks to high-speed Internet access, video calling platforms such as Skype, Google Mate and Zoom, cloud spaces such as Google Drive and Dropbox, project management systems such as Terlo, click-up, AirTable and many other Internet tools, Organizations have the potential to outsource many of their employees or outsource some of their projects.

Usually, large and reputable organizations make the best use of telecommuting tools and, instead of outsourcing their work to other companies or freelancers, hire full-time and fully telecommuting staff.

Hiring telecommuters has several benefits for organizations, the most important of which are:

  • Cost savings: The cost of telecommuting is much lower for the organization compared to face-to-face work because when staff work in the organization, costs such as accommodation, work facilities such as desks, chairs and computers and running costs such as electricity and water. And… is imposed on the organization.
  • Higher productivity of employees: When employees work at home, they do not need tedious and time-consuming commuting to work and can have a much higher efficiency in the comfort of their home.

But why do large and successful organizations prefer to hire full-time, telecommuters instead of working with freelancers and outsourcing their projects, both of which have high benefits?

When an organization contracts with a person full time and permanently, even if that person is a telecommuter, he is committed to working with the organization and can not easily leave the organization in a critical situation. In addition, the quality of the work done by the employees of the organization is, for various reasons, much higher than the quality of the outsourced work.

For the reasons mentioned above, many organizations today hire for areas such as programming, content production, digital marketing, SEO, graphic design, social media management, website management, and کار full-time but full-time employees.


Today, the Internet has become a means of earning money, and in a country like Iran with a collapsing economy and very few job opportunities, it is a vital space for earning money and creating employment.

There are many ways to make money on the Internet, which can generally be divided into three categories: freelancing, starting an online business, and hiring full-time and telecommuting.

Although the general public thinks that the most lucrative job in Iran is medicine or dentistry, online businesses with passive income such as affiliate marketing and other types of online businesses that you can start without the slightest capital, have the capacity to Become businesses with astronomical revenues.

A great example of astronomical monetization of starting an online business without capital is a very popular Instagram influencer called “Khabi” who, if you have not heard the story, have probably seen his humorous videos on Instagram. . If this young man, with a great idea for content production and just launching an Instagram page, could reach the throne in a short time, there is no reason why you can not do the same.

The variety of online businesses is huge and there are even ways to monetize computer games and monetize dollar clicks. “Making money online without capital” is possible with any level of literacy and familiarity with technology, with any job and at any age. Just pick up your phone today and get started.


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