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Make Money With A Phone + Learn 11 Real Money Making Ideas From Mobile

Undoubtedly, the use of mobile phones has increased a lot today. So now many websites get most of their input through the phone. Why? The reason is very clear. Mobile phones are available, they can be transported everywhere, and the question is, can the phone be used commercially as well? What is it like to make money with a phone and what are its ideas?

Without any thought, the answer is yes. It is quite possible to earn money from mobile. In fact, many people make a lot of money through this phone.

But many are just looking to waste their time instead of making money on mobile.

making money


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11 ways to make money with a phone

In the following, we want to review 11 really practical business ideas for “earning money by phone”.

Remember that these ideas are completely practical and practical and are not deceptive in any way. You can easily test any of these mobile monetization methods and see the results.

Almost all of these ideas are now being implemented, and many people are making money from their mobile phones through these methods.


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1. Cooperation in sales

Cooperation in sales

One of the newest and most modern models of monetization is the sales cooperation model. You start with a brand that offers a sales collaboration system, but how?

Cooperation in sales is such that a brand has products and the support and delivery of the product is the responsibility of the company. All you have to do is advertise for that product and sell that product. Then you get a commission for your sale.


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What are the benefits of this for different people?

Unlimited income (the more you sell, the higher your commission)
No need for product support, initial capital, production troubles, warehousing and….
Simple and easy work and no need for special expertise
Earn money 24 hours a day
It is possible to earn money for teenagers with just one phone
Just remember to work with reputable sales collaboration systems so that you can earn a decent income.

Of course, remember that it is not the case that money comes to you from heaven without any effort !!


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You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

But some people may say that they need a computer!

But the answer is no. One of the great things about this internet business idea is that you can make money with your mobile phone. In fact, you can easily find the products offered by that company on Instagram, Telegram, Rubika and…. Sell. Making money from Rubica and apps like it has become the easiest way to make money.


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2. Generate video content

It’s one of the most widely used ideas today. Imagine being able to dance. You can easily make as much money at home as possible by simply taking a video of yourself. No special equipment is required and no expensive phone.

You see? Very easy adventure.

Another type of content that you can produce only with mobile is dubbing, comic clips, cooking and…


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You can generate and share all these content models with one mobile phone and often without the need for editing, and earn money with your phone in different ways.

You can even earn dollars with this mobile phone. You can upload your own content to foreign video sharing systems or work abroad.

3. Online counseling

I do not know, now that it is a crown, God forbid, look for a doctor? In those days, many doctors gave advice online and over the phone. Some even offer their advice to the patient without a picture and just by calling.

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You see? Very simple.

That is, even the doctors were not harmed these days.

Now think about adding legal counseling, psychology and so on. Very simple, comfortable and without pain and bleeding !!

What advice can you give now?

4. Product sales

Well, we come to the discussion of the sweet sale of my physical products !! Yes physical.

what does it mean? This means, for example, that you have a store that sells women’s clothing. Just take photos of your products and publish them on Instagram, Telegram, Divar, Shipoor and many other places.

Now you can take photos of the products in the same way, you can also use a model for this.

5. Money Ideas From YouTube

Money From Youtube

Can we Iranians also think about making money from YouTube?

Yes, you can easily make money with a mobile phone with a mobile phone and, for example, recording an educational video from YouTube.

What about educational content with mobile?

Yes, why not!

You can take videos of yourself with your mobile phone and, for example, learn SEO tips.

Or, for example, take a video from your computer with your mobile phone and learn Photoshop.

Isn’t this me?

Teach photo editing with photo editing apps. Or movie editing.

You see? The idea is great, you just have to try a little and take the time to get the best possible results.

6. Earn money from the phone with Instagram


Making money from Instagram has become very, very much and fortunately due to the large workspace, different tastes and… it can be said that it can not be saturated.

You have definitely seen a lot of pages and people on Instagram who have really astronomical incomes and have made a very comfortable life just through this Instagram. But how?


One of the most popular and distinctive things you can do to monetize Instagram (and generally monetize content production) is influencer marketing.

But how do we become an influencer?

You see, there are many different areas in this section. You can become a person who makes humorous clips. These comedy clips themselves have a lot of models. You have definitely seen many examples of these people on Instagram.

Some people are creative in photo design and editing, some are professional and creative video editors, and so on.

All of these people are influencers and you can be part of this very large and lucrative family.

Once you become such a person, you can start advertising.

Different types of ads can generate a lot of revenue for you, and you can easily make money just for yourself from mobile.


There are some people who manage the pages of different people and brands on Instagram.

They increase page followers, increase engagement, and ultimately generate sales.

Some people are paid on a regular basis and some are paid on a paid basis.

It also has a really good income, whether you manage other people’s pages or have one or more pages for yourself.

In this way, by managing them and turning them into reputable brands, you can also earn very significant income through advertising.

7. Income from Telegram


Another popular application in Iran that you can earn money with just a mobile phone is Telegram.

But the point of making money from Telegram is that you have two ways to make money this way:

Open and manage your Telegram channel
Manage the channels of other people and brands
This part of the job is very similar to Instagram.

Create a channel

In Telegram, there is a space called the channel through which you can publish your content and share it with your audience.

What is certain is that you can also advertise in this messenger.

Now the bigger and stronger your channel can be, the more money they will certainly pay you for channel advertising.


As a channel manager, you can also manage brand channels and different people and bring them to better positions.

In this model of employment, you can also receive a fixed salary or commission.

8. Mobile games with account sales

games with account sales

This business model, which many of you are definitely familiar with, is gambling and making money.

How’re you?

You will definitely remember that there was a game called Clash Of Clans that was strangely popular and many people became addicted to it. At that time, many people started making money through this mobile game.

At the same time, there were many people who knew how to play this game, and with their mobile phones, they took various accounts to high levels in the game and sold it, which also had a very good income for these people.

9. Ad sites

The other two most popular applications where you can easily sell your products are the wall and the horn.

In these two applications, there are different sections for selling all kinds of accessories.

Suppose you want to sell the products of that brand through a sales collaboration system and get your commission.

You can easily sell those products through these two applications and have a very good income.

Each pair of these applications is very powerful and popular and you can experience a lot of sales on these two platforms.

10. Make money with the phone by installing the software

Many organizations and companies in the field of software design and implementation, before their programs enter the market, need people to install their applications on the phone or computer.

Big companies like Google and Microsoft entrust this important task to research companies, and they come to you and me and pay us to test this software. It is easy to experience earning money from mobile applications.

Joining these companies to install software is not an easy task and generally creates problems for us Iranians. Research companies such as SurveySavvy and Luth research LLC are more likely to have German and British members.

However, some software pay for installation and testing independently before entering the market.

If you listen to the alarm and identify these applications very quickly, you can turn this into a source of mobile revenue. You may not need a second job anymore.

11. Photography

If you are one of those people who have made an advanced phone for yourself with multiple and advanced cameras, you can well make money through this phone.

In previous ideas, we mentioned the importance of good pictures and videos in Internet businesses, but do not forget that photography alone can be a source of “earning money from mobile”.
Customer photography can be easily found in newspapers, websites and social networks through mobile photography.

You can sell the things you have recorded for yourself.

The first step is to introduce yourself to the market.

You can also do this via Instagram, LinkedIn or even Telegram. Even Google can become your customer. If you capture images of specific natural spaces or stunning architectures, you can capture them in Google maps and Google Business Photo and get Google attention and experience the freelance and employee of this search giant.

12. Become a brand ambassador

Reaching the ambassadorial position of a brand requires more than just having a mobile phone; But continuing the way in this type of revenue generation is smooth with just one phone. It is enough to have a good face and style and be an influencer in cyberspace. After that, you just have to be the ambassador of a brand. First you take a few promotional photos and then you advertise the brand directly or indirectly with your daily posts.

Of course, if you are a celebrity, you are halfway there, but there is not much way to reach this stage; Only perseverance and the necessary advertising charms are enough to get started. Most promotional videos are also provided by brand owners.

Where do we get the idea of making money from mobile?

One of the problems that exists not only in making money from mobile but in any model of earning money, is where to find the idea?

Now we want to introduce some ideas for making money from mobile, which are as follows:

Where is the lack of innovation?

Look for and focus on industries that are less innovative than others.

This way you can grow very well.

Because you work in a place where creativity and innovation are lacking and you are the one who added something new to it.

Improve existing ideas

For example, for some work, some application is available. Well, you can find the problems and dilemmas and design a better application for your own creativity and research.

Now it’s not just an application discussion, it can be an example of anything.

What is your problem?

Ever wondered what your problems are?

Start with yourself and write down your list of problems and then work on finding solutions to them.

There is a famous saying that need leads to creativity. So first see what you need.

Follow new technologies

You can not go back to the trends, tastes and models of 20 years ago and design solutions for people today on mobile.

You need to keep up to date with the latest topics, trends and technologies so you can find your audience, keep them satisfied and ultimately achieve a lot of success.

Talk to your current and potential users

Surveys in any form, whether in the form of a speech, a report or any other form, can help you a lot.

You need to know what problems users have and how you can best fix them. You should always make this one of your most important tasks and do various analyzes and reviews on the products you design.

Inspired by the ideas of others

You can use ideas that others have used and localize them according to your own work, issues and strategy.


There are many ideas and ways to make money from mobile, and it is up to you to decide which idea to choose based on your circumstances.

The earning tutorials with the phone mentioned above are completely practical and tested, and no doubt you will find many different people who earn money this way in every idea you look at.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really possible to earn money from the phone game app?

The answer is yes. We see that many people are gamers and earn money by selling game accounts. Some people also make money by selling certain options and features of a game. There are definitely other models to monetize the game.

How to make money from a mobile application?

As mentioned above, many applications are designed for mobile phones, from which you can also earn very high revenue. For example: Make money from Rubika, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Tic Tac, and….

What are the best ways to make money on the Internet by phone?
Sales cooperation
Generate video content
Product sales
Education and blogging

How to find good ideas for making money from mobile?

Look for and focus on industries that are less innovative than others.
Improve existing ideas by finding problems and shortcomings
Read the comments of users and activists of different social networks and see what problems they have.
And …

How to make money from Telegram?

Start your own channel and create engaging content to reach a large audience and then make money through advertising.
Manage the channels of other people and brands.
Have a product sale.

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