Make Money On The Internet

Make Money On The Internet

Maybe in the past, blogging was just a hobby that some people did in addition to their full-time job. Now in 2021, blogging has become a lucrative online business and is one of the best ways to make money online.

Just like any other profession (doctor, lawyer, financial advisor), there are different levels of blogging whose income varies depending on their level of experience and expertise.

Make Money On The Internet

How Much Money Does a Blogger Make on the Internet?

How Much Money Does a Blogger Make on the Internet?


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How much you can earn depends on several factors, including:

  • Which specific segment of the market do you choose products or services?
  • How much time do you spend learning and performing?
  • What digital marketing techniques do you implement in your blog to make money from the Internet?
  • There are various other factors as well, such as stability, your advertising network, personal motivation and goals.

However, your digital marketing skills alone can make a big difference and help you move fast and succeed in blogging and making money online.

Ways to Make Money on the Internet for Bloggers (Different Streams of Income)


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There are several ways you can use the internet to earn money through your blog. Depending on the level of blogging and the type of blog, you can choose the one that suits your style. Here are some basic ways to monetize your blog, which you can choose based on your skills:

  1. Advertising networks such as: AdSense, Mediaad, Sabavision, Yektant
  2. Affiliate marketing or sales collaboration (the most profitable method)
  3. Sell ​​your e-books
  4. Indigenous advertising
  5. Launch an online course
  6. Direct advertising
  7. Run a campaign for brands
  8. Provide services based on your skills

Apart from the traditional forms of advertising, you can use other tricks to earn money from the Internet. Instead of just adding ads to your blog, work on adding value to your ad. Having a high-paying ad is better than having four low-paying ads.

1. Advertising networks

Advertising networks are the easiest and most widely used way to monetize a blog. The first and most popular international advertising network that comes to mind is arguably Google AdSense (provided by Google). At the domestic level, Iranian advertising networks such as: Mediaad, Sabavision, Yektant and… are currently active.


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You must have a blog to use these ad networks. They display ads automatically based on the text of your article as well as the interests of the users. Most new blogs use these methods to generate revenue because they generate frequent revenue and usually have a good impact on the user because the ads shown are of high quality.

If you are using text ads and you do not have enough money from this method, you should try to go for direct ads or affiliate ads.

2. Affiliate marketing or sales collaboration (the most profitable method)

Affiliate advertising is one of the best ways to monetize the Internet, and with just one sale, your revenue will be much more than a click on a text ad. This is the method most bloggers use these days and it is one of the most lucrative ways to monetize a blog.


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To learn more about affiliate marketing or affiliate marketing, how to start an affiliate marketing business, how to choose the right affiliate program and other useful information in this field, you can read related posts in the Affiliate Blog section.

Another great thing about affiliate marketing is that you can use it on any platform like your blog, Instagram, Facebook and other popular social media. All you have to do is share your unique affiliate link with the product you are promoting. When your contacts make a purchase, you will end up with a commission on the sale amount.

3. Sell ​​your e-books

If you pay attention, a large part of the success of top bloggers is in selling their products, such as e-books or educational brochures. All you have to do is choose a topic based on your expertise, carefully compile an e-book on that topic, and sell it on your blog.


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In addition, having your own product for sale is the best thing you can do to generate passive revenue. You can collect your articles in a well-structured book and sell them for money on your blog or other related websites.

4. Indigenous advertising

Native advertising is a subset of digital marketing and one of the main lines of monetization through blogging. It is a form of marketing in which useful, engaging, and targeted information is presented to the audience, rather than using tricky advertising techniques, imperceptibly in the form of blog or site content, in a way that often seems non-advertising.

The different types of native advertising can be very different. This type of advertising can be paid ads in Google search results, sponsored content on LinkedIn, in the form of a recommendation provided at the end of articles or various services provided on social media and sites.


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5. Launch an online course

If you have enough knowledge and expertise and can, for example, convert a textbook into a video format or create a 1-2 hour video course, this method is definitely suitable for you. Nowadays, with technology, it is easy for everyone to start an online course, and if you take a unique and useful course, you can be very successful in earning money from the Internet in this way on your blog.

In this way, there are various tools such as: Elucidat, Camtasia, Gomo that you can use to create your online and interactive courses.

6. Direct advertising

Advertising or direct marketing is one of the ways to attract the target user widely and earn money from the Internet. Most of the time when you use ad networks to place ads on your blog, you usually have to pay for them. It makes sense that you are new to blogging and not exposed enough. But once your blog is well-visited and accessible, it’s time to drop the third-party ad and look for direct advertising. This way you will earn more money from the same advertising space that you sell through a third party.

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The best way to start direct advertising through your blog is to create a section in your blog called “Advertise with us” to get new ads and start advertising.

7. Run a campaign for brands

You can make money through your blog by running campaigns for different brands. To do this, you will have a business partnership, webinar launch, even paid advertising or filmmaking. You will earn money after sharing with your blog audience.

Note that this method is now one of the hottest ways to monetize blogs and Instagram.

8. Provide services based on your skills

You can offer different services depending on your skills. Depending on what you are good at, you can offer content writing, logo design, SEO, and more. Providing services not only helps you make money online but also helps you improve your skills.

In fact, setting up a personal service is very easy. All you have to do is create a page on your blog and list the services you provide. Make sure you link to that page for maximum visibility in your blog bar and highlighted space. Gradually, after you serve your first 2-3 customers, you will have better ideas to improve your sales process.

Can You Make Money By Blogging About Your Life?

Can You Make Money By Blogging About Your Life?

This is another growing form of blogging in which many people talk about their daily lives and engage their audience. You may have seen many of them as Video Bloggers on YouTube earning money from the Internet through their channel. You can do the same on a blog or even on YouTube. Some popular topics for this type of blogging:

  • Lifestyle
  • travel
  • Motivation
  • Entertainment

The important thing here is to keep it fun, add value and keep your audience. Depending on your style, you can make a lot of money with this strategy.

The question that many beginners ask here is, should I focus on blogging or VBlogging?

Well, having a combination of both is a good idea. Producing video content (recording, editing, and publishing) takes time and money, while creating textual content takes less time. Having the right combination of both methods will help you grow faster and earn a substantial income.


Gone are the days when bloggers relied solely on advertising networks to make money from blogging. There are now more ways to make money that can greatly increase your blog’s potential revenue.

If you are using traditional methods of monetizing your blog, it’s time to rethink your blogging business plan. Make new changes, change the design and optimize the marketing aspects of your blog and try these new ways to make money online.


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