Make money from the game; 5 ways to earn money from computer games

Make money from the game; 5 ways to earn money from computer games

Make money from the game; 5 ways to earn money from computer games

Super Mario with those blue sneakers and a red brimmed hat! It is almost one of the last images of the world of childhood and computer games in the minds of most of us. A large number of people still think that games are only for children and consider playing computer games to be just a fun activity and not a way to earn money from games in Tomans or dollars! Making money from gaming may seem strange and even unbelievable at first glance; But according to the latest turnover statistics, the revenue from computer games in 2018 is estimated at about 140 billion dollars! Something about three times the movie industry! And almost half of that amount went to mobile money-making games.

This statistic shows that many people in the world love the world of video games and computer games, and this is sometimes referred to as addiction to computer games; But the interesting part of the story is that it is now one of the business ideas related to the gaming industry. Many of these people have turned this threat into an opportunity and are generating income out of their own interest!

In the following, we are going to take a look at money-making activities in this field.

Earn money from the game and its methods

Earn money from the game and its methods


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Playing computer games and related issues is one of the most pervasive and enjoyable ways to make money, and it can be said that making money from gaming is one of the ways you can earn a lot of money. Getting acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques that came from Computer Games can help you make a lot of money from these money-making games. There is nothing wrong with paying attention to economic issues and earning money in addition to the pleasure you get from games.

Remember that the Internet has provided opportunities for people to make money in a variety of ways. Examples of these activities include making money from Rubika, Instagram and Amazon. In the meantime, computer games have provided pure and many opportunities for people, and for this reason, we see that many people have high incomes by using them.

In this business model, in many cases, like other methods such as click-through generation, you do not need initial capital and complex equipment. Note that there are several ways to make money with the game, and there are no restrictions on doing them at the same time. You can use several items together.


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Here are 5 ways:

The giant of the last stage! Bet to earn money from the game!

One of the basic tests in the game production process is testing by the real user.

Game developers, in the final stages of the development process, need professionals in this field to test the game development and find possible bugs before release.

The creators also use the suggestions of game testers to increase the attractiveness and improve the games. If this phase of the production process is done well and with professionals, it will have a significant impact on increasing the quality and success of an effect.


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Definitely someone who wants to work as a game tester must have a high level of professionalism; To earn money from a test game or “game tester” you must be able to complete all the scenarios in the games made and find bugs or so-called game bugs. Examine its visual and sound effects well, and if artificial intelligence is used in making the game, challenge this feature!

Suppose the game you are testing has 20 characters in white and 20 characters in black. As an experimenter, you have to fight these characters one by one against each other and in different environments! If you only have one environment to play the game, you have to play the game 8000 times to test this!

Keep in mind that the process of testing a game can take weeks or even months and requires a lot of patience and is different from playing at home and on the couch and is not easy at all.


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At present, this position in Iran is not seriously pursued and there is a good opportunity for those interested in breaking the giant horn to enter this field.

Ask your opponent in game tournaments!


Computer game competitions are also one of the ways to make money from the game.


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In order to make money this way, you have to go to popular and well-known macro-level games.

The more fans the game has, the more matches and bigger prizes are considered for the winners.

Of course, keep in mind that making money this way is not continuous and depends entirely on the organizers of the tournament.


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In this method, you have to focus all your attention on playing a game and master its mazes so that you can beat other opponents in the tournament.

If you have chosen this way to earn money, you should not close your heart to high and continuous income! But it’s the easiest way to get started.

Show your art!

Show your art!

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Another way to earn money through gaming is to stream it on platforms such as Twitch, Mixer or YouTube Gaming.

Twitch is one of the oldest and most popular platforms in this field, which also has a lot of fans.

To earn money from Twitch, you must have at least 50 followers, broadcast a total of at least 500 minutes every 30 days, and you must have at least 7 separate streams per month.

Each of your streams should have an average of 3 simultaneous visitors.

When these conditions are met, you will be a Twich partner and you can sponsor gaming companies and place ads on your channel and earn money.

Making money from YouTube Gaming is very similar to YouTube itself, meaning that not only is the number of followers important, but there must also be interaction and communication. In the next section, we will also look at monetization through the YouTube channel.

Launch your YouTube channel!

Launch your YouTube channel!

Generating content about computer games, trends and news in the form of blogs or podcasts can also ultimately generate revenue for the industry and can be said to be one of the most successful ways to monetize content production.

Meanwhile, YouTube is currently the most intuitive platform available for content production, which is one of the most popular and vibrant platforms for activity in any field.

Especially now, making money from YouTube in dollars is one of the hot topics among all people, and everyone in any field is trying to open their feet to YouTube. Gamers and gaming friends are no exception.

Here are some things you can do on your YouTube channel:

  • Provide explanations and tips for fans of popular games, how to play a game better.
  • Review new games and help people decide which games to choose.
  • Add visual effects to games to increase the appeal of videos and increase audience engagement.

Finally, you should note that a YouTube channel can generate revenue for you when:

  • Visit at least 4,000 hours a year.
  • Have at least 1000 followers.

This way you can make money at home with your YouTube channel and playing your favorite games. You do not need a lot of tools and facilities and you can earn money with a mobile phone with just one phone. In addition, since the videos you make may be viewed at any time of the day or night; You will actually experience earning money in your sleep. On the other hand, earning money this way is less risky than methods like making money from binary options.

Turn your coins and points into money!

If you are into computer games, you have definitely come across closed doors and locks of higher levels or attractive options that you have to buy with high scores! Since almost everything can be accessed with money now, some people pay gamers to play the game and unlock higher levels. People who play for others are called “gold farmers”.

Upgrading the level of game accounts, collecting points or coins and unlocking higher levels, and finally selling accounts is one of the job platforms that exist in the game industry! is a space for exchanging game accounts and exchanging points for different games. Due to the difference in the value of currency in different countries, this method is known as one of the most popular ways to earn dollars in most of the world.

The Chinese have the most famous gold farmers’ market in the world and make dollars from playing computer games.

Finally, a combination of the above can definitely be the best strategy to earn money from the game.

In addition to playing game streams on Twitter, a YouTube channel for training and participation in competitions or even membership in an eSport (e-sports teams) can be a solution in this direction.

last word

These are certainly not all ways to “make money from the game”; But I tried to say the most basic things. Making money from computer games is a vast field and there are many money-making games in it. In addition to the methods and techniques described in this article; Performing activities such as making goods and environments inspired by popular games, programming and game making, characterization and idea generation in making games, customer support in game companies and از also ways to earn money in Are the game industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like to earn money from the game?

There are several ways to monetize the game, which are described in detail in this article. In short, you can earn money by opening a YouTube channel and making videos of games, streaming, testing computer games, playing games for others, and more.

What are the ways to earn money at home?

There are several ways to make money online and at home, such as making money on Instagram, making money with Rubica, collaborating on sales, and making money from games.

Do Games Really Pay?

Computer games rarely pay directly; But you can earn money by streaming, playing for other people (gold farmers) and participating in tournaments and competitions.

Is it possible to earn money from Android games?

Yes, Android games, like computer games, have their fans and various tournaments are held for them. So you can earn money through the Android game from the various methods described in this article.

Is it possible to earn dollars from the game?

Yes. All you have to do is create a YouTube channel and start building content related to the game. By earning special conditions, you will receive dollars for watching the video! You can also stream on platforms like Twitch.


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