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Today, due to the availability of the Internet and smartphones, the majority of people work in cyberspace. In Iran, like other countries in the world, earning money from the Internet and telecommuting has found many fans. Making money from affiliate marketing is one way to make money online. If you are one of those people who have planned to work in affiliate marketing in the hope of earning high income in the short term; Please read this article to the end before taking any action.

In this article, we want to introduce you to affiliate marketing, ways to earn money from affiliate marketing and the necessary conditions for success in affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a pragmatic (consequential and participatory) marketing method in which the online store is defined for its affiliate marketer in terms of actual sales, clicks or leads in its affiliate program (affiliate program); The commission pays.


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Of course, due to the importance of real sales for businesses, online stores pay more attention to the dimension of sales cooperation in affiliate marketing, so often affiliate marketing is considered the same as cooperation in sales.

In the continuation of the article, we want to acquaint you with the main pillars of affiliate marketing and examine each of them; In general, marketing through affiliate marketing consists of four main elements:

  • Online store or Merchant
  • Affiliate Marketer
  • Affiliate Network or Affiliate Marketing Program
  • consumer

What is the meaning of merchant in affiliate marketing?

A merchant or online store is basically the same seller and brand that advertises to sell goods and services, generate more traffic to its business site, or define the desired leads to affiliate marketers.


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What is the meaning of affiliate marketer in affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketer is a person or group who promotes Merchant’s products and services according to the defined goal and receives a commission according to achieving the goal defined by Merchant (selling or generating traffic).

Bloggers, influencers, content writers and marketers are among those who can be successful affiliate marketers.

What is the meaning of affiliate marketing network (sales cooperation network) and affiliate marketing software?

Affiliate marketing network and affiliate marketing software are the intermediary between online store and affiliate marketer. These intermediaries examine the status of the goals defined by the online store and the activity of affiliate marketers.


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What is the difference between affiliate marketing network and affiliate marketing software?

Affiliate marketing software is a program that merchants have designed specifically for their own business. Such as software designed for affiliate marketing on Amazon and Digikala.

But affiliate marketing network is a platform in which all merchants from different businesses can join, and affiliate marketers, due to the variety of affiliate marketing programs, easily use the affiliate program in which they can produce content. , Choose.

What is meant by consumer in affiliate marketing?

Consumers can be anyone, even you!


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The consumer is the person who buys the product or service introduced by Affiliate Marketer or does what Affiliate Marketer wants him to do. For example, if an affiliate marketer asks a visitor to follow a specific page or subscribe to a site newsletter, those who do so; They are known as consumers in affiliate marketing program.

So far in this article, we have introduced you to the basics of affiliate marketing, but one question remains, is affiliate marketing right for every store and is it enough on its own?

Which stores are affiliate marketing suitable for?

We begin the explanation of this section with an example; Consider a hypothetical online store called ABC, which sells clothing. This online store needs new and more visitors to increase online sales and introduce its brand; There are many ways to achieve this goal, but none of them has the main feature of marketing through sales collaboration, ie low risk.


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In order to be able to attract more customers, in addition to stable advertising, our hypothetical store can use this marketing method by designing proprietary affiliate marketing software or membership in an affiliate marketing network (such as Affiliate) and by using affiliate marketers. More.

The bottom line is that sales collaboration alone can not bring more branding and sales to this store because as mentioned this type of marketing has little risk for the store but the important point is that this risk is actually imposed on affiliates. As a result, it is important to note that before you start working with any store (the same Merchant), be aware of the type of activity and other methods of advertising.

Once we have found a suitable store for cooperation, we need to know how the commission in affiliate marketing is determined and how to earn money in affiliate marketing.


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How to make money in affiliate marketing?

The commission paid to affiliate marketers in affiliate marketing is based on the goal set by the online store in the affiliate marketing network. Commission payment models in affiliate marketing include three payment methods, which are:

  • Pay per click
  • Pay in exchange for leads
  • Pay for sales

What is the meaning of the commission payment model per click in affiliate marketing?

The commission-per-click payment model, commonly known as Pay Per Click (PPC) and Cost Per Click (CPC), is one of the most common payment methods. In this method, in exchange for increasing traffic, a commission is given to the consumer based on each click on the advertisement or the link shared by Affiliate Marketer.

What is the meaning of the commission payment model for attracting leads in affiliate marketing?

The commission payment model for lead acquisition is known as Pay Per Lead (PPA) and Cost Per Action (CPA). In this method, in order to attract each lead or potential customer and also to perform a behavior by the consumer as defined by the merchant in the affiliate program; The affiliate marketer will be paid a commission.

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It is important to note that Pay Per Action is different from Pay Per Action. Because in CPA, the merchant sets a newsletter subscription or follow the Instagram page for the affiliate marketer as the target of the ad. However, in paying the commission based on sales, the purchase of goods and services must be done by the consumer.

What is the meaning of the commission payment model for purchases in affiliate marketing?

The commission payment model per sale is known as Pay Per Sale (PPS for short) and Cost Per Sale (CPS for short).

In this model, for every purchase that the consumer makes from the affiliate marketer advertising link, a certain percentage of the price of the shopping cart is given to the affiliate marketer as a commission. The model of paying commissions for sales is more considered by online stores because of achieving the desired goal, ie real sales. The importance of PPS is so great that today when we talk about affiliate marketing, the concept of sales collaboration comes to mind.

4 key steps to becoming an affiliate marketer

After getting acquainted with the various methods of paying commissions, we need to know how to become an affiliate marketer. Here are some important steps you can take to become an affiliate marketer.

Ability to produce attractive and quality content (first step)

The first and most important condition for working as an affiliate marketer is to have basic skills in producing a variety of quality content.

In affiliate marketing, through content production, you can introduce and promote the product, service or affiliate program defined by Merchant. Which method of content production you choose depends on your knowledge of your target audience and niche market.

You also need to know the content that answers the target market audience’s questions about the product and service; It is valuable and quality content that leads to the purchase of the product and as a result receives a purchase commission.

To create an Instagram page and upload only a photo of the product; Not content production.

Having a medium to communicate with the audience (second step)

The second necessary condition for earning money from affiliate marketing is having a high-traffic site or virtual network with a lot of visitors.

Of course, just having a virtual site and networks such as Instagram, Telegram and YouTube is not enough to earn money from affiliate marketing. But with the help of the credibility and power of its virtual site and page, which has many visitors and followers; You can make money by creating compelling content for affiliate marketing programs.

Only when your site or page has good traffic and specialized content production skills; You can make money in affiliate marketing.

If you have the skills to produce a variety of content but do not have a reputable site or page that has a large audience. Do not despair, you can after a few months of activity and production of quality content in terms of Google and virtual network algorithms; Create a credible and high-traffic site or page for yourself. Then start earning money from affiliate marketing.

Target Market Selection and Affiliate Program (Step 4)

Before any action, you must choose your field of activity. To do this, you need to start looking at the products in your favorite niche market. You should evaluate your favorite niche market affiliate programs in terms of content production skills and the ability to attract and convince your page or site audience. In fact, as an affiliate marketer, you will succeed in earning affiliate marketing in your niche market when; Be aware of the power and impact of your content on your audience and choose an affiliate program based on that.

Join Affiliate Marketing Network or Affiliate Program Software (Step 3)

To access affiliate programs, you must search for stores that have affiliate systems; Identify or you can join affiliate marketing networks. Of course, our offer is especially at the beginning of the path to membership in sales cooperation networks. Because, as mentioned above, the affiliate marketing program of stores is designed for their own products and services and has less variety. As a result, as an affiliate marketer, you have a more limited choice of target market research. But due to the presence of all kinds of businesses in the affiliate marketing network; You can more easily find an affiliate program that fits your page and site audience.

The Most Important Things Affiliate Marketers Need To Know About Advertising

To attract an audience, you need to publish attractive reviews in advertising your product or service.
Be honest with your audience when introducing a Merchant product or service. Be careful not to exaggerate the sales and product details to increase sales.
Use video capabilities. The production of video content allows the audience to see the details of the product and to answer any questions they may have about the product by watching the video.
Make sure your content stays in the audience’s mind for a long time. For this purpose, it is better to educate your audience about the products you are promoting with a spice of humor.
Collect their emails to communicate with your audience. With the help of email marketing, you can inform them about the advertisements of new products or services.

Benefits of sales collaboration for affiliate marketers

Easy membership

You do not need to have a bachelor’s degree in business or marketing to earn money from affiliate marketing. But if you have the specialized skills to produce a variety of text, video and video content. By strengthening the preconditions mentioned above and a little patience, you can earn money from their affiliate programs by joining the affiliate marketing network or the online store affiliate software.

No financial loss

It is interesting to know that earning money from affiliate marketing has almost no financial risk. Because he does not need to invest in a Merchant business. Only if you do not succeed in earning money will you lose time and money in the hope of making money.

Several sources of income

If you have free time and the ability to produce attractive content based on the needs of the audience, you can work with several merchants to promote different products and services and for the sale of each; Get sales commission.


In this article, we tried to introduce you to how to earn money from affiliate marketing. Nowadays, online stores pay more for marketing through sales collaboration. So if you are thinking of making money from affiliate marketing; You need to be patient and strengthen the necessary preconditions.


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