Make Money From A Sales Co-op

Make Money From A Sales Co-op

Make Money From A Sales Co-op

If you want to make money online through affiliate marketing, this post will be your main guide. Here we are going to teach you the basics of how to become a marketer in a sales collaboration system, and introduce you to this system so that you can earn a very high annual income without spending on click-through advertising (PPC) or any other type of advertising. do. You will also learn about promoting the products of sites such as Digikala, advertising strategies and how to choose the best affiliate marketing program.

What is sales cooperation?

What is sales cooperation

Collaborating in sales is the act of promoting the products or services of another person or company in exchange for receiving a commission from the sale. Affiliate marketers join affiliate marketing programs, find reputable affiliate products for advertising, and then share those products with their audience.

In fact, it’s a modern interpretation of a very old idea – getting a commission for a sale. Bloggers (publishers or marketers) make money by attracting and engaging audiences they trust and then by offering products or services that they can find useful and useful.


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How does sales collaboration work?

When a publisher or affiliate marketer joins a sales affiliate program, he or she is given a unique ID and a specific link to use when promoting the company’s product. The publisher or affiliate marketer places the link on their blog or social media and invites their audience to click on it for more information.

When a potential buyer clicks on a link to visit the main site, an identification cookie is placed on the website visitor’s computer. This cookie identifies which publisher the sale came from, even if it happens a few days or even weeks later.

Therefore, each time the buyer completes the sales process, the sales history is reviewed to find a cookie that identifies the source of the referral, and the commission is paid to the publisher in accordance with various pre-established policies.


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Let’s start selling cooperation in 4 steps

Here’s the most important thing to understand as a marketer in a sales collaboration system: You get commission for giving your audience valuable insights into the products or services they were previously thinking of buying.

Now the question is, can you help them make a smarter decision? Because this is where the added value comes in! You get commissions to help your audience make smarter decisions, and you use your blog and the Internet to implement this process and provide valuable advice to thousands of people.

Step 1: Select a product to advertise

There are two main options here:


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1. Select and advertise the products you have used based on your experience.

This is the most common way to start a sales partnership. You advertise for products that you have used, that you have had a good experience with, that have been thoroughly tested. Then you can be sure that others will get the same (or better) result than you.

For example, if you have had great success with a course or e-book that your audience can benefit from, it makes a lot of sense to spread the word, share your results, and make money along the way.

You only need to check if the product or period in question has a sales collaboration system. For this purpose, use a search engine such as Google [product name] to search for “+ sales cooperation programs”, or by email with the company providing the product or service in this regard and check their terms.


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2. Find products through a sales collaboration network

If you have no direct experience with goods in this field, you can find good products in affiliate networks. But be careful, this method requires you to spend more time choosing products than the first option. You must pay to buy products and have personal experience. Because your trust and information about the product is very low. So you have to make an effort to protect the credibility that you have created with your audience.

Digikala products are an easy way to get started. Many beginners start by joining the Digikala sales division.

Step 2: Prepare yourself as a publisher (affiliate marketer)
Whether you work directly with product owners or through a sales affiliate network, you will need to apply, be approved, and provide specific information to get started.


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Requirements for presentation are:

  • Personal / professional contact information
  • Your bank account, to which the sales commission is paid.

The sales or acquisition partner network should provide you with the following:

An affiliate link, through which all information about your audience can be tracked. At the bottom of this link is a tag that contains your ID. Some commonly linked text links are as follows:


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You will also receive some tips and tricks for product marketing (often found in a welcome guide or on an affiliate company website). Includes items such as:

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Instructions on how to use the site and a summary of policies such as payments.
Online marketing tools such as banners and banner ads.

Step 3: Start the affiliate company’s promotional ads of your choice

Here’s a little secret: The most successful marketing ads for affiliate companies in the sales collaboration system are not something like the ads we expect (click-through advertising (PPC) or social media recommendation), but in the form of the following:

Option 1: Create a source page on your blog

This page promotes different products, but organizes them according to different types of audiences and what they may need at the time. It also explains why these products are useful to them.

In other words, it’s not just a sales platform. It is educational because it contains a lot of quality content. In addition to being optimized for SEO, it also ranks well in Google search results and generates organic traffic. It also has a good conversion rate.

Option 2: Create and advertise custom content

This content marketing strategy will be the backbone of your affiliate marketing efforts. Use the following different techniques to the extent that it makes sense for your blog and your audience.

All of these strategies assume that you are already sending traffic to the latest content you create by sending emails to your regular list (at least two to four times a month) to let them know what’s new.

A) Write comments

You can write detailed reviews about the products, courses, books, or software products you are promoting. Your reviews can focus on one product or compare competing products.

B) Produce content on a related topic

You can write a comprehensive post on a related topic on your site to educate your audience and sell your products. For example, you can write a complete guide to creating a WordPress blog and add your affiliate links to your favorite web hosting providers.

Whatever the case, make sure the content is always green – information that is likely to be useful and valuable for years to come.

You can create blog posts, videos, infographics, or the like – but whatever you do, it should not be a sales page. Focus on building trust and authority.

Finally, you need to pay close attention to SEO. Make sure it is optimized for the right keywords, to get a steady flow of traffic from Google.

C) Content as a reward or reward for your audience

Assuming this is permitted (sometimes not permitted) in your contract with an affiliate, you can create content that is unique to your audience, such as guides, product demos, free services, or discounts.

However, this is an extraordinary way to differentiate yourself from other bloggers who represent the same products.

Step 4: Advertise in accordance with legal and moral requirements

Wherever you share an affiliate link, whether in blog posts, web pages, or emails, it’s a good idea to let your readers know that the affiliate link is relevant, and that if they buy through you, you can earn a small commission.

Affiliate Marketing Examples: Introducing 4 types of affiliate products for advertising

Affiliate Marketing Examples

So far we have gone through the process of becoming a successful affiliate marketer. Now let’s look at some examples of affiliate marketing programs in the real world and look at four different types of products that you can promote and make a regular profit from.

Option number 1: Download digital resources

Digital downloads are online resources that your audience can access immediately, without having to wait for a package to be mailed (as is the case for physical products). Examples:

  • E-books
  • Downloadable software, applications, games, plugins, and cloud services.
  • Android and iPhone applications
  • Music, movies, TV shows and more



Digital download is an easy way to get started and there is no cost for production, shipping and storage.

Your buyer can instantly access and benefit from your digital product.


Many e-books, software, or other digital products are relatively inexpensive to download. You have to sell a lot of them to make a significant income.

Option 2: Specialized online services

When it comes to selling services as an affiliate marketer, it is important to focus on services that are accessible to all of your audience, regardless of where they are located (as opposed to service providers who only serve local customers).

In other words, do not limit your income potential geographically.

Examples of professional services:

  • Designers (photography and video, clothing, building)
  • Media or creative jobs
  • Content marketing services
  • Research or consulting services
  • Accounting, finance or legal advice
  • Specialties such as travel, tourism, handicrafts or industry, pet care
  • Website builders like Squarespace, Wix
  • Website services (for example: web hosting, security, etc.)
  • Various WordPress plugins Wistia, Vimeo, Telestream
  • Virtual Assistant or Customer Service Support
  • IT support, cloud storage, backup, security or other technical services based on monthly subscription


There is a possibility of higher revenue than digital downloads because services are usually offered at a higher price.

Many hosting services offer a periodic fee – meaning that you will receive a commission as long as the customers you refer use use the service.


Some of your favorite professional service providers (those you have experience with) may not have sales affiliate programs and you may have to work with providers whose services you do not have much experience with.

Option 3: Online courses

Online courses are an important subset of digital products, especially for bloggers, and have a very wide market. They are so popular that they deserve their own category in this list. There are online courses on almost every subject you can think of. Their price varies from free to several million tomans. Some examples of these courses are:

  • Online Psychology Courses
  • Online programming courses
  • Online cooking and sewing courses
  • Online design courses


Courses are one of the best ways to help your audience achieve their goals.

Courses are often offered at a higher price than other digital products, so your revenue potential is greater than any affiliate sales.


To ensure that your promises are fulfilled (to protect your credibility) you should spend your time working and reviewing the courses.

Option 4: E-Commerce Stores

If you decide to advertise physical products on your blog, your most important condition is to choose distinctive high quality products, which will be highly regarded by your specific audience. Avoid choosing products that your audience can buy anywhere, as commissions are often very low and you will not make a lot of money unless you can get high traffic to your site. Examples:

  • Buy a specific type of product or service (gardening, parenting, entertainment, food)
  • Technology and gadgets


Once you’ve set up a blog, companies may come to you and offer you a free product in exchange for a review. (You should always disclose this, as it can be seen as a conflict of interest.)


Commissions for e-commerce products are usually relatively low due to production costs, maintenance costs, shipping costs, and so on. So as long as you do not intend to build a large review or purchase site, physical products will probably be a very small part of your blogging revenue.

Offer physical products only under certain conditions:

  • 1. They are directly related to the topic of your blog and what your audience really needs.
  • ۲. They are specialized and distinctive products and increase your credibility.


Your dream of earning money through sales collaboration is not just a fantasy, it is a completely achievable reality.

Sure, it’s not easy to push a magic button or launch Google Adsense across your site, but with a little knowledge and perseverance, you can definitely do it and even turn it into an online business. When your media audience grows, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to generate revenue. Getting started is easy, all the steps to start a affiliate marketing business are covered in this post.

Do not worry. Choose a service, valuable content, or great product that you believe in and share.

Be forward-thinking, honest and transparent. Increase the trust that your audience has in you.

And finally be patient. All your efforts will be rewarded with the sweet payment of affiliate commissions that will be credited to your bank account.


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