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Launching an Instagram online store; Sales tricks on Instagram

 Instagram online store

Instagram marketing is essential for e-commerce businesses. Not using Instagram to promote a product by business owners is like a carpenter who thinks that saws do not work. Especially when more than 500 million Instagram users use the platform every day and half of them follow at least one business or trade; But what exactly is an Instagram store, how does building an online store with Instagram help you grow your business, how can you set up an Instagram online store, and what is it like to sell on Instagram? These are some of the things we will cover in this article. Stay with us.

Before we teach you the process of setting up an Instagram store, it should be noted that this feature is not currently active in Iran. But you can use Diane Affiliate services to turn your page into a store page. For more information about this, contact us through the contact numbers on the site.

What is an Instagram Store?

The Instagram Store allows you to introduce your products directly to Instagram users through posts, stories, Tab Explorer and Tab Shop.


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Let’s take a look at some examples of how Instagram stores work.

The image below is the MVMT brand watch and shows the Instagram Store tab. Such a structure allows users to see all the products of this brand without leaving the Instagram application.

setting up instagram shop


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By launching an Instagram store, you can sell the products on your site through Instagram. In this case, a small shopping bag icon will be added to your image. By doing this, when users click on the image, they can view the price of the products and tap the product labels to view the product pages.

setting up instagram shop

You can tag up to 5 items in each image or up to 20 items in each Instagram Carousel post.


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Every time you tag a photo with your products, that content appears in an exclusive shopping feed on your Instagram business profile.

You can also promote your products on Instagram stories. The image below shows a user viewing a story; Click on the product label to learn more about the product and then buy.



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It should be noted that product labels are only available for jobs in certain countries. Due to the fact that this feature is not currently active for Iran, you can use the servers of other countries to set up an Instagram store in this style.

The Instagram Store product pages contain everything a user might want to know before making a purchase; Items such as:

Product Name
Product images
Product description
price product
A link to view the product on your website
Related products

2 main advantages of setting up an Instagram online store

1- Makes shopping easier for consumers

With so many businesses competing to get the target audience, it is very difficult to get customers to your online store.


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what’s the solution? Do not try to get them to you, take your store to them.

One of the most important advantages of using Instagram for sales is that by making the shopping process easier for users, checking prices or getting more information about a product, shopping becomes more enjoyable for the user. In addition, buyers can visit the product page on your website with just one click. They can also save the product by tapping the bookmark icon to return to it whenever they want. Here is an example from the Shwood brand of sunglasses:

Makes shopping easier for consumers


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The new Instagram payment feature has made the shopping process more enjoyable. Buyers can tap on the product after selecting the color and size, and then pay without leaving Instagram.

After their first order is registered, to facilitate the process of registering subsequent orders, their information, which includes name, email, invoice information and address, is stored in the Facebook database.

2. Creating an online store with Instagram helps to directly promote the product

Instagram has always been a great place to connect with your target audience and build better customer relationships.

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However, it only allows users to use a link in their profile to promote a product.

But now, as the link to each product is now placed directly in its unique post, the buying process becomes much easier for the audience.

“This is a simple way to show the product,” says Savannah Boysen, marketing director at Tyme. “Without affecting the user experience.”

As Instagram explains: “When a business has a product catalog that is linked to a Facebook account, tagging a product becomes easy.”

How to build an online store with Instagram

You need a Facebook Shop to start building an Instagram store. This is because Instagram actually takes your product information from Facebook to create your Instagram store.

There are several steps to setting up an Instagram online store that you must integrate, and it may take a while for Instagram to verify your account. However, this is worth the wait.

There are two main ways to create a Facebook store:

Method one: Create an independent Facebook store
Depending on the country in which your business is located, you may be able to manage your orders and pay directly through Facebook.

We do not recommend this method. First, Facebook’s e-commerce management system is not great and does not have many of the features of an e-commerce platform.

Second, you probably already have a website for your store; So, if you are creating a standalone Facebook store, you should manage two separate stores with two sets of orders.

Instead, we suggest the second method:

Method 2: Synchronize your e-commerce website with your Facebook page
When using a platform like Shopify, you can sync your entire product catalog with Facebook. This means that there is no need to manually create product lists. In addition, this way, inventory tracking is done automatically and you can manage all your Facebook Shop orders from the Shopify dashboard.

This method makes things easier and takes less time. This way you can focus on important things like increasing sales on Instagram.

For this reason, this guide shows you how to create an Instagram Shop that integrates seamlessly with your Shopify e-commerce website.

In short, to set up an Instagram store, you need to connect and sync these three:

  • Shopify

  • Facebook page / store

  • Instagram business profile

Step-by-step set up of Instagram online store

Step 1: Meet all the needs of Instagram

To begin with, you can not use the Instagram Store to sell services that are not endorsed by Instagram.

You only have the right to sell eligible physical goods. In addition, one of the permissions required to set up an online store is that your business must comply with Instagram marketing policies. On the other hand, your business must be located in a country that has access to this feature.

Now, you need to make sure you have the latest version of the Instagram app to use the Instagram Shop feature. If you have the latest version of Instagram, you should be able to see the small icons of the shopping bag in the posts that can be purchased:

Step-by-step set up of Instagram online store

If you do not see any Instagram Shop tags while using the app, go to your device settings to update the app.

Next, you need to have an Instagram business profile to set up an Instagram store.

Fortunately, converting your Instagram profile to a business version only takes a minute. In addition, you will have access to other business tools such as Call to Action Buttons, Instagram Insights and Instagram Ads.


To do this, go to Instagram settings:


You should also link your Instagram business profile to your Facebook business page. You must have a Facebook page to do this.


Step 2: Add your product catalog to the Facebook Store

Remember, Instagram stores get product information from Facebook. Now that your Instagram account is linked to your Facebook page, you need to create a Facebook store and sync your product catalog with it. It also allows you to advertise your products directly on Facebook.

Here is an example of a Facebook Shop product page called KKW Beauty:

 setting up instagram shop

If you have not already done so, you must first create a Shopify Store and add some products to it.

Then, to connect your Shopify store to your Facebook page, click on the plus icon next to “Sales Channel” in the left sidebar inside the Shopify dashboard.


After connecting your accounts, you need to add your product catalog to Facebook.

To do this, go to the Product Manager page in the Shopify Dashboard, select your products, click “Make Products Available” in the drop-down list, and select Facebook.

Step 3: Set up your Instagram sales channel

Next, you need to set Instagram as the sales channel in the Shopify dashboard similar to the previous method. Again, just click on the plus icon to add a sales channel, then add Instagram:


Step 4: Wait for the account to be verified

At this point you should:

Turn your Instagram profile into a business profile.
Link your Instagram business profile to your Facebook business page.
Link your Shopify Store to your Facebook page.
Create a Facebook store and sync your products with it.
Link your Shopify Store to your Instagram account.
Now that you have added a Facebook store to your Instagram profile, Instagram will automatically check your account before it allows you to create an Instagram store. The review process may take several days. When your account is verified, Instagram will show you a notification:


Step 5: Confirm which Facebook store to add to Instagram

After receiving the confirmation notification, all you have to do is confirm which Facebook store you want to connect to your Instagram profile.

To do this, tap “Get started” in the notification, or go to Instagram business settings and tap “Buy”.


Then, simply select the Facebook Shop you want to use with your Instagram profile.

Now, all your products are synced to your Instagram, Facebook Shop and Shopify store.

Congratulations, you now have an Instagram store!

Step 6: Show your products in Instagram posts and stories

You can now start tagging your products in Instagram posts and stories. When you create an Instagram post, you can now tag your products the same way you usually tag people:


Then, your posts will include shopping bag icons and shopping tags for the products in your posts. Here is an example of the Finisterre clothing brand, which is an example of affiliate marketing on Instagram:


How to develop your store on Instagram?

Setting up an Instagram online store alone will not be helpful. To make people aware of the products, you have to put them in front of the audience. The following are important points:

1. Use hashtags

Instagram hashtags are an effective strategy to enhance the ability to discover content production on Instagram. They can help you appear in the Search & Explore tab. In addition, if a group of buyers decide to follow your hashtags, you will receive a free marketing channel that you can use at any time to attract the attention of your audience.

Eiger Adventure, for example, catches people’s attention by using special hashtags in shopping posts.

2. Using the product label feature in Instagram stories

You can use the “product” tag to tag products in Instagram stories. This application allows you to select 4 different styles of labels, the most important of which include a label with the product name, which is gray or rainbow, and a shopping bag icon. You can also edit the color and text of the label.

Additionally, you can tag products in both new and old posts; So to get the most out of your Instagram store, it’s worth reviewing your previous posts and tagging products as needed.

Sorry, you can not edit published stories; So if you forgot to add the product tag, you should delete the Story and republish it.

3. Run Instagram store ads

Instagram has introduced an option to promote your special posts.

People who click on these ads will be taken to the product description page on Instagram and can make purchases from your store.

To launch your Instagram Store ads, open your Facebook Ads Manager and follow these steps:

  • Click “+ CREATE” and select a target (access, brand awareness, link click, post interaction or conversion).

  • Select the audience you want to target.

  • Open the “Edit Location” option and select “Instagram Feed” as the only place where you want to run your ads.

  • When customizing the ad collection, select Use Existing Post.

  • Select the content you want to promote.

  • Fill in your ad information and click “Continue”.

Make sure the posts you run as ads include high quality images, descriptive hashtags, and accurate tags. This will make the users more welcome to your business.

Launching an Instagram Store and Joining Diane Affiliate?

If you have a lot of followers on Instagram, you can easily increase your income by joining Diane Affiliate program, which is a way to earn money from Instagram.

Dear friends, for more information about this program, which is one of the few Internet business ideas not implemented in Iran, you can send us a ticket through your user panel on the site or contact one of the numbers on the site.


Setting up an Instagram online store may seem easy at first glance; But the reality is something else. To be successful in building an online store with Instagram, you must follow many tips and be ready to face many problems along the way. You can earn money from this global application by following the important points of selling on Instagram, which we discussed in this article.

Is Instagram Store Free?

Yes this store is completely free.
All you need to get started is a business page on Facebook and an Instagram business profile (both for free) and connect the two.
Once done, simply upload your business product catalog, enable the shopping feature, and get ready to start selling on Instagram.

Is it a good idea to hit an online supermarket?

Since people are very busy these days, it’s a good idea to go online; But before you hit the online supermarket, research the best-selling supermarket products and list them.


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