internet marketing

What is Internet Marketing?

Have you ever considered expanding your company’s brand, product or service through the web? Online marketing is the use of web-based channels to deliver a message about your brand, products or services to potential customers.

With the expansion of the web space and the use of the Internet by people, businesses are using many types of digital marketing to expand their brand, in order to acquaint many users with their product and service. There are many ways to apply online marketing, including email marketing, search engine optimization, social media, online advertising, and more. The goal is to attract the attention of the user with the help of online marketing and turn your website visitor into a customer when the user is reading, shopping, searching, chatting on social networks and اینترنت on the Internet.

As you know, online marketing is fundamentally different from traditional marketing. In fact, traditional marketing often uses extroverted marketing; If online marketing is often a subset of introverted marketing. Before the use of online marketing became so widespread, many businesses used traditional marketing such as brochure printing, television and radio advertising, billboards, and so on. Interestingly, with all the advancement of technology, many businesses continue to use these types of marketing methods and spend a lot of their budget on traditional advertising.

Imagine your product is a kind of chocolate. To promote your product, you advertise on TV and radio and distribute your product brochure. Naturally, if your ad reaches your main audience, your sales will increase, but there is no way to analyze the effectiveness of each of these methods. Also, there is no specific and fast control over the running of the ongoing campaign. If in online marketing you can run your ads and introduce your product at a very low cost. You can also monitor your campaign at different stages, review it and change it at each stage to achieve the desired result.


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internet marketing

The Benefits of Online Marketing

Investigate and measure the impact of different channels
One of the main benefits of online marketing is the consideration of different marketing channels. You can track the traffic of your website visitors and monitor the different ways that users go to reach your website or landing. You can also examine the impact of different channels, find out which channels are more productive and increase your business customers.

Investigate customer behavior

By examining customer behavior and characteristics such as age, gender, geographic location, and دی through digital marketing tools, you can find customers who have a higher potential for buying and are more involved with your brand, offering products related to their tastes. Put in and make attractive offers to them. This feature gives you the opportunity to follow the needs of your customers moment by moment and show the products that fit them. For example, suppose someone buys you a cell phone. In the later stages, he will probably need a mobile phone, handsfree and.. You can take advantage of the opportunity and introduce your existing products to him.


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Quick and convenient access

Expanding the web space and using online marketing allows users to easily get acquainted with your product with one click and then buy the desired product through the sales funnel.

Low operating costs

One of the major benefits of online marketing is its time savings, cost-effectiveness, and environmental friendliness. For example, suppose you want to print and distribute your brochures. In addition to consuming a lot of paper and printing costs, it takes a lot of time for brochures to reach the right people. Whereas in online marketing, unlike traditional methods, you can, for example, send your message to a wider audience by sending an email or making a clip and posting it on social media.

Customer targeting

In online marketing, you can categorize your customers and give them specific offers. Create categories by geography, age, education, interests, gender, and more. Select one or more categories you want; Then focus on them, get them into the sales funnel to get the best results from your marketing process.


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