Internet business ideas not implemented

Internet business ideas not implemented

Internet business ideas not implemented

If you are looking for an idea to produce content, it is better to know that there are many unrealized internet business ideas in world and if you want to implement one of them, the way to your success is almost smooth.

The ideas that we introduce below have not been fully implemented in Iran, and if you have a strong team that implements and promotes each of these ideas, you can achieve significant profits and success.

With the right goal setting and regular planning, you can start implementing these pure, unrealized ideas and start your own online business. Therefore, reading this article is highly recommended for opportunistic people who are looking for a good business idea in Iran.


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What are some unrealized internet business ideas?

First, if you are planning to start an online store, it is better to know the cost of setting up a site and online store ideas. At the same time, it should be noted that if an idea has been implemented in Iran, it does not mean that it can no longer be used.

There are many ideas that, despite implementation, have not been very successful; Because the team that implemented the idea may have become discouraged in the middle of the road, or may have abandoned the idea due to problems and no longer pursue it. So if you want to work on these ideas professionally and carefully, you will definitely succeed.

Launching an online store for shared products

After choosing the business name, it is time to offer joint products. In this method, we offer the products that we buy periodically, in a pack and in the form of monthly or annual subscriptions.


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For example, for the sanitary ware that we use periodically, monthly subscriptions can be provided and the sanitary ware pack can be purchased at a lower price and more economically. Other examples of shared products are types of SEO tools such as Moz, Alexa and که, which are shared by webmasters due to the high price of the dollar.

Site for exchanging and selling gaming equipment

For gamers, nothing is as important as their tools. Due to the high price of gaming tools and the desire to buy used equipment, this is a good opportunity for you to earn money by selling used gaming equipment, have the chance to use the ideas of unrealized Internet business in Iran. do.

Like the global Gameflip site, create a platform for gamers to buy or sell the equipment they need.


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Review of training courses

By searching the internet, you will see that there are many sites that have provided training courses in various fields.

There are many people who want to know the opinions of other students before buying a course and do not hesitate to choose a suitable course. By setting up a site to review training courses, you can become a reference for choosing the best training course.

In this way, advertising can be monetized; But one great way to make money online is to use an online sales collaboration system. In this way, you can offer cooperation to educational sites to review different training courses and promote their products.


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Meat, chicken and fish sales site

A new idea that can have many customers due to the importance of these foods. If you can send quality products to customers and have no problem with maintenance and shipping, you have found a great idea to implement in Iran. An example of an external site that has implemented this idea is Freshtohome.

Clothing rental sites

This idea has not yet been implemented by a site in Iran and can be an interesting idea for those who are looking for an unimplemented internet business idea in Iran.

An external example that works in this field is Flyrobe, where most of the clothes it rents are from certain brands that attract customers.


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Social network to share travel experiences

There are many people who share their travel experiences on social media. For such people who are generally Instagram influencers; It is possible to design a social network that is only for people who are interested in traveling. An external example of this has been done by Tripoto.

Sale of dried fruits without intermediaries

There are many sites in this field, but these sites also sell other products besides nuts, which is why they are not as successful in this field as they should be.

If you work in this field, it is better to increase the variety of your products and have more reasonable prices than competitors. This can be done in two ways.


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First you can start an online store and sell products in it.

Second, you can act as an intermediary and have intermediary sales. In fact, in the second method, you can use a kind of affiliate system in sales or affiliate marketing.

Identify potential stocks in the stock market

One of the markets that has always had many fans is the stock market. At present, there are few people who did not consider the rise of the stock market in 1999 as a good opportunity to invest.

Meanwhile, there were many sites and Instagram pages that took advantage of this situation and provided their analysis to users.

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In such a situation, by launching a site, it is possible to attract those who are interested in the stock market.

Sites connecting graphic designers to the client

There is no place for a site dedicated to connecting users to graphic designers in Iran. One of the ideas of unimplemented internet businesses in Iran is launching a dedicated site for graphic designers. An external example of this idea has been implemented by the Coroflot site.

Set up a special platform for user feedback

Everyone is looking for the strengths and weaknesses of products and businesses.

So launching a site to review these businesses can be well received.

Buyers like to use the opinions and experiences of others in using the requested products; To be able to buy the best product or product. This idea has not been implemented in Iran at the moment, but if he designs the idea correctly, it will be welcomed by users.

Dedicated site for magic

There are many users who are very interested in magic. Some sites have worked in this area, but they did not start with much power, and like other ideas, if you start with power in this field, you can succeed very quickly.

Launching a freelance programming site

There are Iranian sites that connect freelancers to employers. Of course, these sites are not just for a specific topic and have worked in all areas. How nice it would be if it were a site that only hires freelancers or freelancers.

Review of digital products

Another unrealized internet business idea in Iran is to review digital products. This field of activity requires its own audience, which can be achieved by producing quality content.

You do not need a website to implement this idea. This can be done with an Instagram page or a YouTube channel. The best digital products for review are phones, tablets, computers and.. Of course, sites also worked on ideas, but they did not provide quality content to the user as they should. So if a team works on it professionally, it will definitely have a good result.

Launching sales cooperation sites

In online sales tips, it should be noted that some sites sell products; They are not their own products and they are just an intermediary who sell the products of a site and make up a percentage of that sales.

Important points in setting up an online store are not just finding a name and the idea is very important. Perhaps the best idea that can be implemented in Iran and earn money quickly is to set up a sales cooperation site.

In the past, we faced challenges and problems in launching unrealized internet business ideas in Iran. In many cases, customers still did not have enough trust to buy from sites and did not buy products.

But today, with the increase of online stores and their support for their products and services, the former conditions have ceased to exist and people can easily make their purchases online.

Now, with the increase of users’ trust and high variety of products, there is a good opportunity for those who are looking for an online store idea to be able to launch their own store. If you want to have an online store, you need to get the necessary permissions to set up an online store and start your own business.

Launching educational sites

Strong and good sites have not yet worked on education in many areas. If you specialize in a particular field and you think you can train well people who are interested in that specialty; Set up a site.

Planning to surprise people

It may happen to you that you want to surprise a friend but you do not have an idea or do not have time to do so. Now suppose there is a site and you ask them to surprise your friend with a pure and new idea. How interesting this can be.

So by launching a site, you can implement this idea and attract a lot of people. This is best for all ages. Because people can be at any age.

Online laundry site

An online business idea is an online laundry business. In large cities where people do not have enough time to clean the house due to their busy schedule, this idea is likely to be well received. Contract with laundries in different neighborhoods and leave orders to them.


Not implemented internet business ideas in Iran are not many, but they are not few! At the same time, you do not always need a pure idea to start a business, both online and offline. All you need is the will and the business model to fit your long-term goals.


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