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Increase sales on Instagram with 23 trendy letter

Frosch dar instagram with 23 trendy letter

Improving social media presence is crucial for different businesses to survive. There are various ways to increase sales on Instagram. The key point here is strategy and strategy formulation. According to what strategy are we moving forward?

Instagram has approximately 800 million monthly active users and 500 million active daily profiles. These very high numbers show why your business idea or current business must have a strategy to increase sales on Instagram.

An interesting statistic! About 70% of hashtags on Instagram have a brand. What does this statistic tell us?

If you are not active on Instagram, they are definitely your competitors.


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Just having an Instagram account and generating content will not lead to sales. If you want to sell on Instagram or even if you have income and you want to increase sales, you need a strategy.

18 ways to increase sales on Instagram

Well, we want to tell you the simplest and most practical tips to improve monetization of Instagram as much as possible.

The remarkable thing is that we tried to stay away from stereotypes and generalizations.


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We will check for you what is acceptable, tested and also logical and practical and appropriate to the conditions of Iran.

1- Increasing followers, the first way to increase sales on Instagram

One way to have a good strategy on Instagram is to increase the number of followers of your brand.

One of the best strategies for doing this is to keep an eye on your competitors’ audience. I do not want to say that in order to increase sales on Instagram, you have to steal your competitors’ customers. Although sometimes it has to be done.


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But the important thing is that you examine the followers of your competitors and follow them and introduce yourself to them.

Without a large number of followers, your products will not be seen. As a result, good sales will not wait for your business.

Statistics Medicine, more than 73% of users say that they follow different brands because they are influenced by their product or service.


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Your existing customers are interested in your brand. So tell them your details and ask them to follow you.

You can do this by sending emails to your customers. Just make sure they have a reason to follow you.

For example, every time you send an email to your customers, you can tell them to follow you on Instagram for the latest discounts and plans. Only if you use this strategy, keep your promises.


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In addition to email, you can also put an Instagram icon on your website for your customers to follow. You can also introduce your Instagram through other social networks.

After that, one of the best strategies to increase followers on Instagram is to follow different people. Of course, these people are not selected randomly.

Choose people who are close to your target community.


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This is one of the best ways to attract potential customers and increase sales on Instagram.

2- The birth of creative content is the key to increasing sales on Instagram

Undoubtedly, you know that interaction plays the first role in Instagram. But interaction not only on this platform, but in any business is one of the most important possible principles.

According to various updates of the Instagram algorithm, it is clear that the interaction is incredibly effective.

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Now how do we do that? The answer is simple, by creating creative content.

Currently, people’s eyes and ears are full of music, photos and videos, but who wins in this period of time? Undoubtedly people who are more creative.

Creativity differentiates between different people and brands. People are also looking for something that is not repetitive. Something that is everywhere that is no longer worth much.

For example, suppose you create a very attractive and funny motion graphic with very good sound. Well, this motion graphic will make the user spend more time on your page and you will easily increase your interaction, and also this increase according to the Instagram algorithm will make you more visible.

If you have time, you will find that creative and less seen clips have much better feedback today. Posts are also tried to be placed as sliders so that the audience spends more time on the page.

Or, for example, the first post of a slideshow is presented in a mysterious way and the answer is given in the next slides of the same post, which is one of the most common tricks to increase interaction.

3- What are the first things that the audience sees about your brand?

what does it mean? That is, when someone follows you, what is the first thing they see from your profile?

This is very important as a marketer. This is very similar to writing an introduction to your blog posts. Equally important! Very important!

Must see your biography, profile photo and latest posts. Now, the more efficient and attractive these items are, the more they will help increase sales on your Instagram. What is the meaning of profile? This means that people should understand what your business is by looking at your profile picture.

Having a logo is much better than putting a random photo or one of the product photos.

Normally, if your Instagram page does not attract the audience, you will not have much chance of selling.

In general, it is better to write everything short, professional and close to the goal. By doing this, you will have a better chance of being seen and increasing sales.

4- Post regularly

Post regularly

If you post on Instagram once a month, I must say that your strategy has failed and you will not be disappointed.

Remember: Your brand must always be fresh to your audience. Of course, remember that you are not going to annoy your audience, so be balanced. Balance throughout your current business idea or job must be observed.

We do not recommend posting more than one post a day. If you have a lot of content per day, it is recommended to use a story.

Research shows that the most famous brands in the world send 1.5 posts a day. 10 to 11 posts per week. The posting hours of these posts are also very important. Usually these brands send their mail during standard working hours.

Well, 90% of employees admit that they use social media at work to distract themselves.

5- Absolute use of attractive and quality images

It is very clear. On Instagram, we are constantly seeing videos and photos. So if your photos are not very old, low quality and attractive, you will definitely get the lowest interaction and Reach.

One of the things that is always mentioned to increase Rich on Instagram is interaction. Holds the user for a moment when you have an attractive photo.

They may save the photo, view your other photos, and so on.

So you can easily increase the efficiency of your Instagram page with just a simple technique.

Also, if you use a certain style in your photos and in your posts and stories in general, it will improve branding.

Always try to convey your content to the audience according to a pattern and model.

One of the most important tricks and revenue trends of all time has been branding. Tools, platforms, etc. come and go, but branding will always remain the same.

You will experience real money when you become a brand.

6- Do not be too much seller!

Well, so far we have talked about the number and direction of content. But we have not talked about the content of the content posted on Instagram yet!

Remember, your goal is to increase sales on Instagram. But not all of your posts are meant to be promotional.

That means you should not be too much of a seller! Failure to do so will cause your customers to be annoyed and as a result, you will experience a decrease in sales instead of an increase in sales.

Have fun and be funny. You are not going to post all of your products or services. You can also use your employees, funny things, etc. Of course, remember to stay away from political, racial and religious issues!

46% of users say that if the brand they follow sends a lot of advertising posts, they will follow it.

Do this randomly whenever you send a promotional post. No need to use uppercase and lowercase letters and things like that. Work briefly.

7- Use live to increase sales on Instagram

Instagram has a feature called LIVE. Users like this feature and different brands also use this feature. This feature allows you to communicate with your audience at the same time. Users can also send you their comments at this time.

Do your best to answer their questions. This will increase the interaction between you and your users and, as a result, increase sales on Instagram.

You can showcase your new products, introduce your employees. Also use the Instagram Q&A feature. This feature allows you to get more accurate and better comments from your audience and understand the personality and needs of the audience more.

Another thing that can be done with Instagram Live capability is to collaborate with other brands. Instagram is the best platform to use the technique of collaborating with other brands.

You can appear live on another brand to introduce your brand.

This strategy will help to show more and introduce your brand as much as possible.

8- Using shopping tags

Is it possible to use the Instagram purchase tag in Iran as well?

Yes it can!

But there is a trick !!

Well, we are not going to deal with it in this article. You can subscribe to Diane Affiliate Sales Cooperation System (click) to contact our experts to guide you.

The purchase tag will dramatically improve your conversion rate.

Very easily and with one click, the user can go to the shopping cart and enter the information and finally make his purchase.

The conversion rate of Instagram shopping tags is very, very optimal and it is a great opportunity for you to take advantage of this opportunity. Especially now that many do not know how to use this trick.

9- Add photos and videos to the story section

As mentioned before, adding photos and videos to your daily story will help you grow.

You can submit your content several times a day. This will not compromise the schedule of the user who is following you.

But that does not mean you have to add 20 posts to your story every day! People do not look at all of them, so do not waste your time and resources. Audience engagement decreases with each additional story you post.

The next point is the timing of the story submission. Because the story lasts only 24 hours and then it is deleted.

I recommend using the story to hold competitions, offer discounts and show your facilities.

The main idea of ​​this is to keep your brand in the minds of the audience. Having your brand in the minds of the audience and thinking about it will increase sales on Instagram.

10- Cooperating with influencers

Cooperating with influencers

Use influencers to showcase your products and services to increase sales of your products on Instagram. This is a great tactic!

In fact, 94% of marketers say their influencer strategy has worked for their company.

This is because influencers’ followers trust them.

According to statistics, 82% of the followers of these people use their advice. And 94% of them believe that these people have a lot of knowledge.

In general, if you can find an influencer who promotes your product, you will experience a dramatic increase in sales on Instagram with influencer marketing.

Instagram is the main platform among social networks for influencing influencers around the world.

This is a cost effective marketing strategy. Most of these people have low prices, but if you want to work with more famous and bigger people, be prepared to spend more.

My advice is to look for people with 10K and 50K followers. This is an average that has a greater impact on their audience. There is also a higher rate of interaction with content in this range.

You will also pay less for each ad.

11- Adding a hashtag to the caption

The importance of captions or the same texts that you put in your posts will not be less if it is not more than the images and videos that you post.

Hashtags are very important. Of course, there are different approaches to using hashtags.

For beginners, using hashtags that everyone knows and sees in different places can be effective.

Another idea is to create your own hashtags.

You can use your brand name or campaign name to get started. If you like to run different contests on Instagram, use different hashtags for each of your posts.

12- Encourage users to leave a comment (UGC)

Encourage users to create content for you. This will increase the prosperity and efficiency of your page and thus increase the sales of your products on Instagram.

Advertising your brand name in nature or different places will make your audience send photos and videos to your personal profile. This will make your brand name visible to people who are friends with them.

In addition to running contests, the best way for a user to create content is to display user photos on your page.

13- Increase sales on Instagram with targeted ads

How can you find different people who do not follow you on Instagram?

There are several strategies that can help you, such as showing the location of your various posts, holding contests, and using influencers.

But these do not always make your brand in front of the eyes of your target people. But targeted advertising does.

Instagram is compatible with Facebook. You can advertise on both of these platforms.

You can consider different parameters to select ads. Such as age, gender, location. You can even categorize these audiences based on interests.

14- Holding various competitions and a great leap to increase sales on Instagram

increase sales on Instagram

Holding promotional contests and giving gifts is one of the most popular tricks to interact more with the audience and users.

You may be wondering how we can make money just by giving our products to people?

When you give a gift from your brand, those people interact with it. They also inform their acquaintances and friends and this makes your brand more and more visible.

There are various ideas for holding contests to increase sales on Instagram and promote your branding. Do not limit yourself to one idea. You can hold competitions where the skills of the audience need to be used.

Contests as a result of which content is produced by the audience is the most effective way to create contests. To get started, ask people to post a photo of your brand on their page. This will make your brand more visible.

If someone sees that their friend is promoting something, they will be more encouraged to know about it. This will allow him to follow your profile and enter the contest. Now that many people have come to you, you can use different strategies. Even for those who have not won your competition.

15- Use the “drag the link below up” feature

There is a feature in the Instagram story called Swipe Up. With this feature, you can direct different people to your site through stories.

Tip: In fact, they should first refer to your profile and then make another click to Word to the site. In addition, what if you want to advertise 2, 3 or 4 landing pages? In practice, this would be extremely difficult without this strategy.

Swipe Up feature solves this problem. Now you can use Instagram to direct traffic to your site.

Note: To put a link in the story, you must have at least 10k followers.

16- Using product purchase tags

If you have an online store, you can use the Instagram product purchase tag to increase sales on Instagram. Of course, this feature has its own difficulties in Iran, and it is not easy to use this feature to increase Instagram sales.

This is a great direct selling strategy through Instagram.

17- Increase product sales on Instagram by re-advertising the product

If you do not sell a product or sell it cheaply and no longer advertise it, that product may be forgotten. By promoting a product twice, you can help a lot to increase the sales and durability of a product in the minds of the audience.

If the audience sees your product for the first time, they may not have a reason to buy it at that moment.

But if they see that product several times at different intervals, they may be more inclined to buy that product.

According to statistics, 60% of people should see a product 2 to 4 times on social media before buying it.

I am not saying to put an image on your page 4 times at different times. This may make the audience tired. Be creative! Display the same product in the form of different images or even videos.

You can even design a contest for a product. And you can do a combination of a picture this week, a movie next week, and a contest next week.

18. Answer comments and questions

I know this can be time consuming and tedious. But you have to answer the comments and questions of your followers.

This strategy is especially important when the audience is asking questions or complaining about your business. Reply to these comments as soon as possible!

This lets other users know that you are providing good services and that you value and care for your user.

19. Use your story to sell your products

We have already talked about the story and its content. Now you can sell your products by defining your story. Use the See Details feature to use this interesting Insta feature to experience increased sales on Instagram.

20. Connect your followers to Facebook and your site
These two systems are very close to each other. You can also use the many capabilities of Facebook and manage your users on two platforms and sell your products.

21- Give discounts to your followers

Everyone loves discounts. Now you can give this discount in several different ways. For example, the nth anniversary of your company. You can give a discount. You can hold competitions and give discounts to different people in Abe.

22- Using automatic tools

Do you think it is right that when you can use the tools to automate your tasks on this platform, instead of wasting your time doing those tasks?

You may say that tools are expensive, but naturally you never say how valuable your time is.

Spend time learning and growing your business as a result.

Why do you like to post yourself every day? Why do you like to do only small things in your time?

These are things that many tools can easily do for you. really why?

23- Analysis of achievements

To put it bluntly, if you do not analyze what you have done, then you have undoubtedly failed.

Some people think that well, I had a net income of 20 million tomans this month, so I was very successful.

But did you analyze how accurate this 20 million was? Couldn’t you earn 30 million? Why 20 million? Because it’s just a good income, so you were very successful?

The answer is quite clear. If you do not analyze and do not weigh in which sectors you were strong, in which sectors you were weak, which sectors you had to upgrade and which sectors you had to pay less attention to and شک you will undoubtedly fail even if you have a very good income.

The end result

Increase sales on Instagram

What was very clear was that website traffic alone was not enough. You must be active on Instagram.

Given the rapid growth of Instagram, using this platform to increase sales of its products and services is a very logical and necessary task.

In addition, as I saw, there are different ways to increase sales on Instagram. Refer to this guide if your Instagram marketing strategy needs to be improved.


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