In order to be able to make money in the sales cooperation model, you must first consider the following points:

Finding and joining a sales collaboration system (like Diane Affiliate)
Select a product or service to advertise
Share a unique link for each product (the system itself must give you the links)
Share links on blogs, social networks, etc.
Finalize the sale of products and get a commission from the desired system
Affiliate marketing is one of the branches of pragmatic marketing (performance marketing). That is, no income is earned until action is taken. Exactly in affiliate marketing, no commission will be paid until the sale is successful.


What is an Affiliate Program?

Every large company has an affiliate program. Anyone from all over the world can join this program for free. If you’ve never heard of this, you’re discovering one of the most exciting aspects of making money at home.


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Today, most companies that sell products online offer affiliate programs for free, and membership in them is easy to create a profile on social networks. You can become a member of these programs and receive your own link, and then write about the desired product on social networks and connect the contacts to the company’s site using the link, and receive a commission for every purchase that is made. .

It should be noted that the commission will vary greatly depending on the product you are promoting, for example, one person may receive $ 1 while another person may receive $ 10,000 based on the product they are advertising. The question that may come to your mind is how to make millions and sell millions by participating in sales, so it is better not to hurry. Success and high income in this profession, like any other job, requires experience and knowledge.

How Do Affiliate Programs Work?
Choosing an affiliate program can be challenging, but if done right, it will greatly increase your chances of making money. Some ways to find an affiliate program:


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Affiliate Network and Marketing platform: Using paid and network marketing platforms is a good way to find a new affiliate program.

Affiliatizer: It will be very helpful to find a new affiliate program.

Competitor Analysis: Review and analyze the best affiliate marketing sites in your target area and then make a list of affiliate products they are promoting. This method will help you identify valuable and profitable products.


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What are the payment methods in the sales cooperation system?

Since sales collaboration is a specific model of pragmatic marketing, payment systems in this business model are also different. Each system may have a different payment method. That’s why we tried to explain to you some of the most common payment models in this system:

(PPC) Pay Per Click

Click-through advertising, or PPC, is commonly used for start-ups. Every time a customer clicks on affiliate links, the publisher earns money regardless of whether or not they buy the product (people who have passed the digital marketing training course understand PPC marketing well).

Pay Per Sale (PPS)

The main method of cooperation is in sales, in which if a click on the publisher link leads to the purchase of a product or service, a commission is awarded to the individual.


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Pay Per Lead (PPL)

If the publisher link leads to actions such as registration, account creation, application installation and registration of potential customer comments on the site, the sales partner will receive a commission.

Common terms in sales collaboration

Common terms related to affiliate marketing system are:

Affiliates: Publishers who use affiliate program links; They advertise and sell.
Affiliate Marketplace: Markets such as Shareasale, CJ, and Clickbank serve as a database for affiliate programs with different target communities.
Affiliate Software: Software developed by companies to build affiliate programs related to their products. For example: FirstPromoter.
Affiliate Link: Links provided by the affiliate program and used for advertising.
Affiliate ID: This item acts like links. Many affiliate programs offer a unique ID.
Payment Mode: Different affiliate programs offer different payment methods. For example: Check, Wire transfer, PayPal and…
Affiliate Manager / OPM: Many companies have set up this section to help publishers.
Commission: Percentage / Amount The amount and average revenue that sales associates earn per sale.
2-tier affiliate Marketing or Sub-affiliate Commission: This is the best way to monetize your affiliate program. In this method, you need to offer membership in affiliate programs to other people. In case of sale of the invited person; You will be paid a commission. (Similar to MLM and multilevel retrieval).
Landing Pages: A page on a website that is created to pursue various goals of the site, such as advertising, and products are sold on it.
Custom affiliate (income / account): Many companies will offer “custom affiliate” revenue to the people who make the most online sales.
Link Clocking: Affiliate links usually look ugly. Using link clicking techniques such as URLs, you can turn primary links into understandable links.
Custom Coupons: Many affiliate programs allow sales associates to create custom discounts that will ultimately increase sales. When purchasing is done through these links, revenue is generated for site administrators.


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