Familiarity with various sales methods

Familiarity with various sales methods

Familiarity with various sales methods

The job of sales is one of the most common occupations that many people are engaged in, so familiarity with the methods of selling goods and products, plays an important role in the revenue stream of an organization and any person who offers a product or service for sale.

Therefore, knowledge of different sales methods will be necessary and useful. In fact, becoming more and more familiar with new sales models acts as a trump card for organizations and stores.

If you are looking to get acquainted with a variety of sales methods and the latest approaches, join us.


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Definition of sales

Before we introduce the sales methods, it is better to take a step back and take another look at the concept of sales and define this approach.

In its simplest form, sales can be defined as: A transaction in which money is exchanged for goods or services. On both sides of the transaction are the buyer and the seller, and the seller must be able to convince the buyer to buy his product or service.

The sales process, if done properly, will be useful and convenient for both the seller and the buyer. The seller can make money by selling his products and services and the buyer’s needs will be met in this process.


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Accordingly, in the following, we will introduce some of the most common sales methods. Each of the following methods can be used in face-to-face and online sales.

Trading sales

Transactional selling

One of the methods of selling goods is transactional sales, which is one of the simple and short-term strategies. This model focuses on fast and short-term sales, and the seller and buyer are not looking to build a long-term relationship.


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Trading may not be a new way of selling and does not involve a long-term buying and selling approach, but it is suitable for fast transactions and the sale of large quantities of goods and services as quickly as possible.

One of the important points in trading sales is that the buyer can make his purchase in the fastest possible time without any challenges or interruptions.

Among the various sales models, transactional sales are most applicable to B2C businesses, such as those that sell movie or concert tickets. Of course, some software companies (SaaS) that operate in the B2B field, that is, sell their services to teams and companies, can also use the trading method.


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Sales based on the solution offered

Solution selling

One of the types of sales methods is Solution selling. This method distances itself from trading sales and focuses on selling the results of products and services. In this way, the seller’s effort is focused on the goal of depicting the improvement of the buyer’s life after consuming the desired product or service.

Providing a solution and emphasizing the specifications and results of a product can be one of the most effective sales methods, because it makes the consumer realize how much the product will solve his problems and will meet his needs.


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To make the solution of selling the solution more effective, pay attention to the following points:

Focus on building a real relationship with buyers

2. Create innovative solutions and unique suggestions


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3. Draw a clear picture of the value of your business solution

4. Be consistent with the solution, not just the sales team, but the entire organization

Sales consulting

Consultative selling

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Among the various sales models, the two methods of consulting and the solution may seem similar, but these two approaches, despite their similarities, are different from each other and have differences.

The solution sales method focuses more on the solution that a product or service offers, and the seller does not talk much about its features and benefits; While in the sales process, consulting tries to attract the buyer’s opinion by enumerating the specific advantages and features of a product, so that it can take effective action to buy that product or service.

According to a 2012 article in the Harvard Business Review, sales strategy is effective when people do not have access to the knowledge and tools needed to solve their problems, but with the proliferation of digital space and search engines like Google, an important part of this Needs met.

In contrast, the sale of consulting goes one step further and includes the sale of solutions in its strategy, and on a broader scale seeks to convince the audience to sell products and services.

Incentive sales


There are many ways to sell as much as possible that can be of interest to stores and brand owners and generally people who have a product or service to sell. One of these methods is persuasive selling. Promotional sales is one of the new methods of selling, the main emphasis of which is to persuade the audience to buy. This method tries to distract customers from the mentality that tells them: do not buy anything! Lead to the purchase process.

In this model, by creating a sense of urgency, the consumer is encouraged to provide products and services. In persuasive sales and consulting methods, through market research, data analysis and interaction with the audience, they try to identify their needs and problems and guide the customer to a suitable solution to meet their needs. Using this method, the customer feels that if he does not buy the product or service, he has definitely lost something.

In fact, the persuasive method, along with this valuable research, tries to persuade customers to buy by creating a strong sense of need. This method has become more widely used, especially after the Corona virus epidemic, and is used as one of the sales methods for immediate purchasing.

Participatory sales

The participatory model is another type of sales method that puts the customer at the center of its structure. In this approach, like selling consulting, it tries to identify the customer’s needs by interacting and communicating with him.

The customer is at the center of the participatory sales narrative and plays an active role in the sales process. In this way, the customer communicates with several sales representatives to work together to find effective solutions.

This model can be considered as one of the new sales methods that, unlike sales sales, which emphasizes fast sales, seeks to establish stable relationships with customers. Accordingly, all parts of the organization should be in line with the sales department and have a stable interaction with the customer.

Social sales

Social Selling

In recent years, along with the growth and development of social networks, we have to put social media in the line of another new way of selling. According to available statistics, 75% of B2B buyers are significantly influenced by social media, and 84% of senior executives pay attention to social networks in their purchasing decisions.

This model is known as one of the efficient sales methods to communicate with potential customers, develop that relationship and establish long-term relationships with customers. In this way, we must seek to make our interactions with customers meaningful, that is, to be able to show our brand as a useful solution to customer problems and gain their trust and loyalty.

Sales cooperation

affiliate marketing

Sales collaboration system as one of the new sales methods is an approach that seems necessary in today’s competitive world. In the current situation where many companies have entered a competitive environment, finding partners to sell products can increase the revenue stream of brands and companies and stores.

Individuals and companies can make money by working together to sell another company. According to this, not only the seller can sell his products, but also the individuals and companies that cooperate with him in the sales process.

Summary of sales methods

These days, when many companies and brands are in a competitive environment, they must be prepared to sell their products and services. Accordingly, familiarity with sales methods can have a great impact on improving businesses.

Accordingly, in this article, we tried to introduce 7 models of sales methods that are used in today’s processes. Familiarity with these approaches can be effective in branding and revenue generation of businesses. It is a fact that in today’s complex economic and business world, the more companies are familiar with a variety of ways to sell a product, the more market share they can gain over competitors.

In this article, you will learn about product sales methods and strategies that can be used in this field. Methods that each have their own advantages and are used in different situations to sell a variety of products and services.

It is also worth noting that there are various reasons for using sales methods. This means that not all brands and businesses can necessarily use the same sales pattern to sell. Rather, various factors are involved in this field; From the size of businesses to the strategies they follow in their business structure. Also, the target audience and target users have a direct and important impact on the adoption of sales methods of products and services.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the types of sales methods?

1) Transaction sales 2) Consulting sales 3) Solution based on offering solutions 4) Participatory sales 5) Social sales 6) Participatory sales 7) Incentive sales 8) In-person sales 9) Online sales and…

What is the emphasis of wholesale trading on?

The main focus of this model is on fast and short-term sales and a stable interactive relationship is not formed between the seller and the buyer.

What is the solution sales model as one of the sales methods?

In this model, they try to show the improvement of the buyer’s life after consuming the product or service by focusing on selling the results of products and services.

What is the difference between consulting sales and the solution sales model?

Selling consulting is one step ahead of selling a solution, as it incorporates selling a solution into its strategy to persuade customers to buy.

What is the difference between the sales cooperation system method and other sales methods?

In this way, in addition to the seller, individuals and companies that cooperate in the sales process will also earn money.


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