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Familiarity with new methods of Internet advertising in 2022

Digital marketing is an approach that with the advent of Internet technology and its expansion, has played an important role in advertising processes. Familiarity with new methods of online advertising is one of the essential and important points that businesses operating in the online space should pay attention to.

Accordingly, we have dedicated the subject of this article to introducing new methods of internet advertising so that by getting acquainted with the latest digital marketing strategies, you can guide marketing approaches to a more efficient one. Familiarity with the latest digital marketing strategies can lead marketing approaches to a more accurate and efficient direction.

The world of digital marketing is a deep sea that has a variety of advertising and marketing methods in its heart, and naturally you, as the audience of this space, are familiar with many of these approaches.

internet advertising

If you are also a digital marketer, you should definitely consider two main criteria when choosing the latest advertising methods:


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The results of online advertising and their cost-effectiveness are two important criteria that you should consider when using online advertising methods. This means that in the first step, you should determine your goal of launching and running online marketing online marketing campaigns and examine how you can achieve the desired result by spending less money.

In the following, we will introduce 8 of the newest methods of internet advertising that are considered by digital marketers in 2022.

Introducing 8 of the best online advertising methods in the new year

There are several ways to advertise online. Every year, these methods change and new methods are added to the previous ones. Each follows a different approach. Here are some of the methods that businesses have also welcomed.


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Video Marketing: At the forefront of new methods of internet advertising

Video content is one of the most effective methods of internet advertising that has received a lot of attention in recent years. If you consider yourself a user of social networks, you will see how much the videos on these networks will attract your attention.

Today’s audience is more interested in receiving straightforward and entertaining content than in having the time to read a promotional text or interact with a visual content. For this reason, video is known as one of the prominent trends in Internet advertising methods.

Today’s online businesses, which operate on social media, need to make engaging, relevant, and targeted video content on their agenda so that they can communicate more interactively and efficiently with their audience.


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Web Design

Web Design

When it comes to new ways of advertising, we should not forget about website design. You may be wondering what a web design has to do with online advertising. When it comes to marketing campaigns, designing click-through ads, email marketing, and ،, what kind of advertising approach would website design have?

Your website is one of the most important parts of your business and is a kind of showcase for your store. Every advertising campaign and every type of click advertising that you launch is aimed at ultimately directing users to your site. So if your website is not properly designed and so-called user-friendly, all your marketing activities will be ineffective.


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Website design is known as one of the new methods of online advertising, so if it is not done properly, it will cause the failure of your online advertising campaigns. So, by hiring experienced and specialized experts in the field of website design, design your site space in such a way that it creates a pleasant user experience and attracts attention.

According to recent studies, 94% of users are ignored due to improper design of a website, but in contrast to the correct design of the website and its updating will cause visitors to stay longer on that website and their conversion rate will increase.

The place of SEO in modern methods of Internet advertising



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We can not talk about new ways of advertising and marketing, but miss SEO or search engine optimization. Your website can be lucrative when it comes to potential customers. SEO strategies help to get your site content to the top of search engines and thus drive more users to your business.

If you sell agricultural products, SEO as a new way of advertising will help you a lot. There are a few things you can do to optimize your search engines, but we suggest that you outsource this process to an SEO expert:

Search for keywords
Content SEO by producing useful articles and content
Technical SEO using experts in this field
So the first step is to do a keyword search and then improve the content of your website in terms of technical SEO and content SEO according to the keywords related to your business.


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We can boldly say that SEO is one of the key and most effective new methods of online advertising for businesses that operate online, and not paying attention to it will cause you to lag behind in the competitive environment of online advertising.

Being seen at the top of search engines means that more users will be redirected to your site. According to available statistics, 35% of clicks on the desktop and 31% of clicks on mobile are related to the top 3 results of Google search engine.

Click Advertising (PPC)

Click Advertising (PPC)

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Among the various methods of internet advertising, we should mention PPC click advertising as one of the new and effective methods. Click advertising can be one of the new methods that will also help your site’s SEO process. In this way, through Google Ads tool, you can advertise on the keywords you want.

Click-through ads are paid only when your ad is clicked. This process will both help you rank better in search engines and increase your brand awareness among Internet users.

Click advertising, as one of the newest advertising methods, also leads to good results. We should not assume that users do not click on Google ad content that has the title AD next to it; According to available statistics, the top 3 results paid to display receive 46% of the clicks.

So if you are looking for faster results alongside your site organic SEO, use click advertising as one of the new online advertising methods.

Social media marketing is one of the newest online advertising methods

Social media marketing is one of the newest online advertising methods

Social media is one of the most popular internet networks in human life. Today, we can rarely find anyone who does not have an account on a social network such as Instagram, Twitter, Telegram and.. For this reason, when talking about new methods of Internet advertising, we must also pay attention to the position of social networks.

Nowadays, working on social networks has gone beyond sharing photos and personal images, and these days, businesses and influencers are working on these networks and making money for themselves.

Accordingly, advertising on social networks is one of the new methods of online advertising that businesses, large or small, should pay attention to. Today’s audience of brands is the same users who spend a lot of time around the clock on social networks; For this reason, by producing quality content, wider advertising can be done through social media.

The most important advantage of social media advertising as one of the new methods of internet marketing is its cost-effectiveness, so that the cost of advertising in it is lower than other marketing methods. If you have an online business, all you have to do is create an account on one of the social networks where your target audience is present and continue your advertising process by producing the right content.

Influencer marketing is one of the new methods of internet advertising

Influencer marketing

These days, many social media activists are looking to monetize this space, and for this reason, influencer marketing has gained a lot of fans as one of the new methods of online advertising.

Just open your Instagram page to see how many influencers are promoting other brands’ products. Accordingly, influencer marketing is one of the most lucrative ways that people can do without spending a lot of money.

Influencers, no matter how many followers they have, are noticed by brands, and by the way, people who have fewer but more real followers are chosen more by brands and advertisers.

The importance of content marketing in modern methods of Internet advertising

content marketing

You may have heard the phrase: content is king. Yes, we believe that content is king and can play a very important role in promoting brands and their online advertising. Of course, we should not make every content king, it is important that the content is produced according to the needs of the audience and purposefully.

Content marketing is important in that you can indirectly advertise your online content by producing useful content in the form of blog posts, infographics, images and videos. Audiences are looking for quality content these days, so if you can afford to spend on such content, you will naturally make the most of this new approach to Internet marketing, content marketing.

Email marketing: a new but old way of advertising

Email marketing: a new but old way of advertising

It is interesting to note that email marketing, as one of the oldest methods of digital marketing, still retains its place in online advertising campaigns. From this point of view, we should put this method of digital marketing in the list of popular internet advertising methods.

Email can be a great way to connect with your current and potential customers. Sending newsletters, introducing new products, offering special offers and discounts to loyal customers are some of the ways you can connect with your current and potential audience.

One of the most important things to consider in the email marketing process as one of the new methods of internet advertising is sending personalized emails. If we consider the recipient of our email as a person with individuality and send him an email that is more in line with his needs, we will naturally get better results.

On the other hand, email marketing, like social media advertising, is a new method that is less expensive and more cost-effective.

Affiliate platform services in modern methods of Internet advertising

Affiliate marketing as a way to increase brand sales and earn money for publishers, can be a significant option for online advertising activists. It does not matter if you have a store website or an influencer on the social network Instagram.

Affiliate platform allows you to participate in the online advertising process and earn money. If you are a salesperson and you are looking for a publisher to help you in the advertising process, through Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Network you will meet a group of publishers active in cyberspace who are familiar with new methods of online advertising and can introduce your products. Increase your sales to their audience.

On the other hand, if you have an active page on social media with significant followers, the Affiliate platform will still come in handy, as it can introduce you to a wide range of businesses who are willing to pay you for their product ads. .


New methods of online advertising can not be limited to the cases discussed in this article, but these cases are currently one of the most effective and important methods of online advertising that familiarity with them will improve the digital marketing activities of any business.

So if you are running an online business, do not neglect website design, video marketing, content marketing, email marketing, click advertising, social media marketing and SEO principles as new methods of internet advertising.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best ways to advertise online in 2022?

Video marketing and influencer marketing are some of the most popular methods. But methods such as email marketing, SEO, click-through advertising, and so on are still popular.

Why is it beneficial for businesses to use new advertising methods?

There are many benefits to using modern advertising methods that are more than just online advertising. One of them is the lower cost of this type of advertising, which is especially cost-effective for small businesses.

Which advertising method is more suitable for our business?

The choice of type of advertising is determined based on the target audience and audience of a business, the size of a business, the goals of a business, and so on.


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