How to monetize video subscription in three steps

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Earn money from video subscription (Video Monetization); A job with an acceptable income

video subscription

Do you want to make money from video sharing (Video Monetization) on the Internet? Are you thinking of ways to earn money by downloading and uploading files on different platforms? Do not worry, you are not alone. As you read this article, you know for a fact that the video sharing industry on the Internet is booming these days. Visitors are getting more and more content, and now is the best time to take action to monetize video sharing.

You probably know YouTube and making money from it is the best place to do so, but be aware that in 2021, there are many different ways to achieve a desirable and enjoyable income through the method. Freelancers and video sharing help. These options help you gain more control over your content and achieve the revenue you deserve.

In this article, we will mention 3 different business models from which you can earn money from video subscription. We will also point out the practical methods and strategies through which you can earn money for teenagers and young people.


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What is monetized video sharing?

Perhaps in the not-too-distant future, click-throughs and monetization were more common; But today in the web space, earning money from video sharing is a process through which and by sharing your videos on different platforms and in the internet space, money and income were earned; This is usually done through advertising methods, sharing and direct transactions.

Be aware that social media admins and making money from video sharing are among the most lucrative jobs.

Simply put, making money from video sharing is making money by creating video content.


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As we will see below, you can achieve this in a number of ways, but the most important issue is access to your content, which can be as follows:

  • Access video content

  • Access to the audience

  • Access the platform

This means that the audience pays to access your video content. Let’s give examples that are related to making money by downloading and uploading files and dealing with them daily:

  • Access video content: Buy the latest videos through Amazon and make money from Amazon

  • Audience access: Companies that pay to show their ads on YouTube

  • Access to the platform: Purchase a monthly subscription to Netflix to access its content

So to make money from video sharing, you need to plan and have the right strategy, which will be easy to achieve in today’s world and given the needs in this area.


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Three Profitable Ways To Make Money From Online Video Sharing

Video Sharing

You will have three convenient options for monetizing video sharing, all of which focus on an idea called video on demand. Requested video means that the user can access the desired video anytime and anywhere. In fact, in this method, there will be no waiting for the broadcast schedule and TV guide, and you can reach the requested video with just the push of a button. Here are three beneficial methods in this category:

1. Requested Video Sharing (SVOD)

In this way, you will get the content reader you want by paying a monthly or annual subscription fee. External examples of this approach are companies such as Netflix, and domestic platforms such as Filimo, Nemava and.. In this way, when the audience does not pay for their subscription, their access to the video content library will be cut off.


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Audiences are usually very interested in such platforms, because they will have access to the best and most up-to-date content. They will also be protected from video harassment while watching the content they want by paying a subscription fee. This is definitely the best and most profitable way to make money from video sharing. but why??

This is because when the audience is satisfied with your platform and service, it pays to have access to it, and such a method will become a reliable and long-term source of income for you. We reiterate that making money by downloading and making money by uploading files are important ways to make money online.

2. Earn money from video sharing on demand (TVOD)

In this model, the audience pays for access to the desired video. The duration of access to the desired video can be temporary or permanent. For example, you pay to access instructional videos on a particular website. The audience accesses and watches the desired content by creating an account on the desired website from among the available options, and paying a certain fee.


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This method is one of the most profitable ways to earn money in the right market. Especially when your video has no specific purpose, and covers a wide range of topics in different areas. Making money from video subscriptions on demand helps content creators make more money by selling access to specific content, such as selling live streaming events, in addition to revenue from subscription costs.

3. Make Money Through Video Advertising (AVOD)

In this way, advertisers pay you to display their ads to your audience. This is a common way to make money from YouTube around this issue. When you watch videos on YouTube, the ad is usually shown at the beginning or in the middle of the content. Sometimes even at different intervals along a video you are shown different ads.

The more people involved in viewing the ads, the more revenue you will get in this regard. Having a larger audience usually leads to more revenue, because it shows that you can show the desired ad to more people.


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Making money through advertising is more difficult today than ever before; Because the audience is usually not happy to watch these ads. Of course, this method is still one of the ways to earn money by uploading files and earn money by downloading.

Now that you know the basics of making money from video sharing,

What kind of videos make money?

Like any other business, making money from video sharing follows certain rules, and its space is different from making money from Instagram and similar networks where people can easily download or share other people’s videos. Here are some tips to help you find the right content for your business and what you should be careful not to do.

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General guidelines for monetizing content

To monetize video sharing, you must follow universal content guidelines (ie, rules that you may or may not use in your content).

1. Comply with copyright law

Video content should be made by you and your intellectual creativity. This means that you are not allowed to steal or use any other content contained in movies or TV shows.

2. Adult-specific content

It is necessary to indicate the allowed age to view the desired content at the beginning of the video content. Most companies and platforms will not allow the distribution of immoral and non-educational content. So it is better to make sure that your content is correct and authoritative before publishing it.

3. Controversial issues

Such topics can cover a very wide range. Topics such as: hate speech, racism, illegal activities, violence and… It is better to be aware of the rules and regulations of the platform before publishing your content. This helps to know which content is suitable for publication and which is inappropriate.

How to monetize video subscription in three steps

How to monetize video subscription in three steps

Here are three key pointers in moving your website to more profitable video content. By learning and using these methods, you will undoubtedly earn a decent income in this field.

1. Build a personal video sharing platform

Undoubtedly, by building a dedicated video sharing platform, you can have the space you want to publish your videos. Having such a place helps people to access the created content on any device more easily. Such an atmosphere helps to:

  • Set your subscription fees

  • Maintain the control and creativity you want over your video content

  • Have the necessary flexibility according to the taste and needs of your audience

  • Do the right marketing to attract the audience

In general, you will have control over yourself. To build such a platform, you can use the online guides available on the Internet or start the project from scratch. Either way, having a professional platform helps you grow much faster than your competitors, and attract more audiences by considering different types of branding.

2. Determining the offer for subscription and membership

As mentioned earlier, the best way to have a steady income is to set a subscription fee for your audience. In this way, you can generate a steady and sufficient income for yourself in the following two ways:

Make money from existing videos: For example, each subscriber registers to view your video library and selects pre-produced content, and pays for the subscription. This means that you will have a steady income in return for the content you produce.
Generate and share new video content: By generating new video content, in addition to retaining your old subscribers, you can attract more audiences, and increase your revenue.
This type of monetization of video sharing brings a passive and fixed method. More subscribers, more fixed income !!! Even with few subscribers paying a subscription fee, you can earn a substantial income. To determine the subscription fee, you can ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is your financial goal?

  • What is your average cost?

  • Do you produce content for a specific audience? Or is your target community large?

  • Who are your competitors and why should they choose your audience?

  • What will be your marketing strategy?

3. Having a personal TV channel

Creating a personal TV channel and showing it on the Internet can be a great way to share video content. In addition, creating a mobile application helps to attract more people to your site and earn money from the phone. Because the audience is interested in accessing the content in different ways anytime and anywhere. Of course, this method is more difficult than the previous two methods and requires more initial costs; But using it in the branding path will help a lot.

It can be concluded that in addition to work such as blogging and blogging, which is very common in our country today, by producing video content and publishing it, you can earn money from foreign sites.

Summary and Conclusion

“Making money from video sharing” means making money by sharing video content you produce. The most effective and beneficial method in this regard is to create a dedicated platform and determine the subscription fee for it. This way, in addition to helping you have complete control over your content, you will generate more revenue around the content produced by developing your target community and increasing subscribers. Maybe you’re thinking about where to start?

If you are still hesitant to start and make money by downloading and making money by uploading files and producing content, you can first learn about ways to make money, and the types of business ideas on the web.


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