What is Click Earnings?

Earn a click; Internet revenue by click


Pay-To-Click Making Money, and Internet Monetization in general, is growing rapidly. Due to the high impact of online space, advertising companies are always inventing new and diverse ways of internet marketing. Among the very high diversity of internet business ideas, click-through internet revenue is known in Iran as one of the most popular online monetization methods.

In this way, you can earn money without initial capital and only with the Internet and access to a computer or a smartphone at home. In the continuation of this article, we will explain the main concepts in this field, such as click-through revenue, its difference with PPC method, and introduce the top click-through advertising sites. If you are interested in earning money with your phone, this article can guide you in this direction.

What is Click Earnings?

What is Click Earnings?


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Paid-to-Click monetization is one of the marketing methods of earning dollars and online. Basically, this advertising model is used to direct traffic to a website or product advertisement. In this way, the ads of a manufacturing or service company are displayed on PTC websites.

These sites act as an intermediary between the advertiser and the consumer and make money. As a third party, you can help PTC sites just by clicking on these ads and for this reason you will receive a sum of money. It is given, but with time and progress, you will have a significant income.

Collaborating in the sale of one of the branches of click-through revenue is one of the ways to earn money online. You can earn a relatively good income by subscribing to several sites related to click-through ads per click and view ads on the site.


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How to make money by clicking?

Clicking is much easier than other online methods like earning money from YouTube and Instagram. However, to succeed in it, you need to pay attention to a few simple points. For example, click-through ads on PTC sites are usually in the form of text, images, or videos. After clicking on each ad, it will enter a landing page and the desired ad will be displayed to you.

Note that you need to see the ad to the end, because at the end of some ads, the viewer will be asked questions about the advertised product, and if you do not answer them correctly, the agreed amount will not be paid to your account.

Despite this explanation, if you are also curious about the “click monetization” method, just follow the steps below:


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  • Identify the best click-through site
  • Register on the site and then create an account
  • See the ads on the site to the end
  • After viewing the ad, a fee will be credited to your account from the site
  • Once you reach the quota, you can withdraw money from the site in various ways

Differences between how to earn money through PTC and PPC:

Pay Per Click advertising is one of the ways to earn money from sales cooperation and also a popular way to earn money in your sleep. In this way, sales associates publish affiliate links on the Internet and earn money with every click on the links. This advertising model is generally used to introduce a company’s product or service.

But as mentioned, in the method of earning PTC click or Pay To Click, you will be paid by clicking on the ads and viewing them.

The amount of revenue from click revenue

Click Internet Monetization, unlike other online methods of earning money at home, will make you money in the shortest possible time.


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After seeing the ad on one of these sites, you will be paid immediately, but you should know that this amount is very small.

At best, by clicking and viewing some ads, you will receive $ 1. But if you do this regularly and several times a day, over time you can earn a decent click.

Ways to make money from click-through sites

Ways to make money from click-through sites


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  • As mentioned before, at the end of some ads, the viewer is asked questions. By designing these questions, the advertising companies intend to pay only when the person has really paid attention to the advertisement. The attractive part of this type of advertising is that click advertising sites, in addition to paying for viewing the ad, will also pay you a separate amount for answering each question. So as questions increase, so does your click-through revenue.
  • We are all accustomed to short TV commercials, but this is a little different on click-through advertising sites. Today, advertisers are turning to lengthy promotional videos to convey more information about their brand and product benefits. The longer the ads, the higher the site’s payout. So if you are looking for more click-throughs, you need to click on longer ads.
  • In addition to monetization, some click-through advertising sites offer other ways to monetize. Many of the sites I will mention below fall into this category. To increase your online income, all you have to do is invite other people to these sites or take part in surveys on the site.

Avoid fraudulent click-through sites

Before you start earning money online by clicking, it is better to first check the status of Iranian click ads and global click sites.

Unfortunately, some sites will never pay you, despite the initial claim of paying per click.

Some other sites are trustworthy at first, but over time, they suddenly change and start to cheat. By looking at the latest feedback available on the Internet, we can understand the status of these sites.


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Introducing the best foreign and Iranian sites

Introducing the best foreign and Iranian sites

We have listed a number of legitimate and trusted sites in the field of click-through advertising. To fully understand the issue, it is better to start your click revenue by entering one of the following sites.

1. Neobux

Neobux is definitely one of the best click-through internet sites. The amount of revenue on this site depends on the type of registration you have and the type of ads you click on. There is no limit to the number of daily clicks or the amount of monthly revenue on this site.

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Features Melbet Affiliatesa such as:

  • Weekly payment of commissions
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  • You will receive $ 0.001 per click
  • Daily access to a variety of ads
  • Ability to update the account in order to earn more money
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 5
  • Payment is made via Neteller or Skrill

2. GPTplanet

Your click-through rate will be $ 0.01 per click. In addition to earning a click, you will be paid to participate in surveys and fill out online forms. This platform offers an affiliate program by which you can refer other people to the site and get paid according to their level of activity.

3. Get-Paid


Get-Paid is one of the best click-through options among other click-through advertising sites. This site has been operating since 2005. There are other ways to earn money on this site, such as filling out online forms, participating in online surveys, and more.


  • Earn from $ 0.001 to $ 0.03
  • The interface is very clear and distinct
  • Payments are made via Paypal, Bitcoin or by direct purchase from Amazon
  • There is no restriction on referring people to the site
  • You will receive a 20 to 30 percent commission for each activity performed by the people referred

4. ScarletClicks

One of the best sites for making money is click-through advertising. You can earn money by clicking on ads, filling out surveys and referring new people to the site.


  • Earn $ 0.01 per click
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 2
  • Ability to withdraw from the account through various methods such as Skrill, Neteller, Solidtrustpay, Payeer and Bitcoin
  • It is possible to see the documents of payments made on the site

5. ySense


If you are looking for another global site to make money online, this site is another one of the best click-through options. In addition, ySense pays users who use certain services and products. Other ways to earn money through this site are: 1) Download software 2) Watch movies 3) Join websites 4) Participate in online surveys


  • Earn $ 0.02 per activity
  • There is no limit to the number of activities you can do
  • It is one of the oldest click-through advertising sites
  • This site has more than 23 million members
  • It is one of the most trusted sites in this field
  • Receive a 20% commission for each activity of the person you refer
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 10
  • Payment is made through methods such as Payoneer, Paytoo, Tango Card and.

6. Bux Inc


Bux Inc is another legitimate and trusted site. The site has 100,000 members and has paid $ 1.5 million to its members so far.


This site pays a special amount to the user for any activity related to clicks and adsOne way to earn money by clicking on this site is to browse 30 seconds on the advertising pages

7. PrizeRebel


Another click-through site is PrizeRebel. In addition to click-through ads, earn money by completing a few small activities, such as participating in online surveys or participating in various competitions.


  • This site was established in 2007
  • It has similarities to the ySense site
  • This site is widely used among users

8. Familyclix


FamilyClix is another online click-through site. As the name implies, this site has a family template.


  • Very transparent site interface
  • To prevent deactivation of the account, it is necessary to click on at least 4 ads per day
  • Payment is made through methods such as Payeer, Payza, PerfectMoney and Bitcoin
  • Payment will be made after 48 hours
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 3
  • It is possible to see the documents of payments made on the site

9. Atlixclick

This site is one of the newest click-through sites. In addition to click-through ads on this site, there are other ways to earn money, such as participating in polls.


  • Earn up to $ 0.04 per click
  • 100% commission for the activities of the people referred by you
  • Pay via Payeer, advcash and PerfectMoney

10. Ojooo Wad

One of the best features of this site is the minimum withdrawal amount as well as various payment methods. This site will pay you a 50% commission for each person you refer.


  • Payments per click vary from $ 0.001 to $ 0.035
  • There is no limit to the number of people you can refer to the site
  • One of its most important features is the very high number of ads
  • Existence of a very transparent user interface

11. BTCclicks

How to pay per click on BTCclicks is different. This site is one of the best options if you want to invest in bitcoin and earn money by clicking. By referring each new person to the site, you will receive 80% commission


  • The minimum withdrawal amount from the mBTC account is 0.10
  • The amount paid for each click is 0.00026 mBTC
  • You will receive 0.00021 mBTC for each click made by the person you refer to
  • By special membership in this site, more and better advertisements will be displayed to you.
  • It is possible for you to refer an unlimited number of different people to the site

12. Makeculous

This site is one of the most special click advertising sites to earn significant revenue in this way. Like other websites that offer unlimited advertising along with other activities, on this site you also use other minor activities to earn money from PTC ads.


You can click on a large number of ads
You will be paid from $ 0.0001 to $ 0.03 per click
Payment is made via Paypal and Bitcoin
It is possible to refer people directly to the site by you in unlimited numbers
13. Innocurrent
If you are tired of clicking on other sites, Innocurrent has its own unique style and style along with other features of click-through sites that include:


  • There are different types of ads with different revenue levels on this site
  • You will receive from $ 0.001 to $ 0.03 per click
  • If any new activity is added, you will be notified by the site

14. Offernation

Click-through through Offernation is another way to make money online. This site has a dedicated web page to prove payment to its users. In this site, like many of the mentioned cases, in addition to the possibility of earning money through clicks, other methods such as filling out the form and are also available.

Several Iranian sites for click-through revenue

Some reputable sites active in the field of click advertising in Iran are:







Click Making Money, along with other professional ways to make money online, is a great opportunity to enter the big internet business market. So it’s best to pick a few of the PTC payment sites mentioned right now, and after doing more research on them, you can start “click-through internet revenue”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is click-through internet revenue real and legal?

Yes. Click-through sites are 100% real. These sites are known as a legal way of earning money

How Much Time Does It Take to Be Successful at Clicks?

It starts with subscribing to click-through monetization sites and as soon as you start earning activity. But to succeed in this path, you need to identify the right ads as well as direct referrals from people. With every small activity these people do, the sites will pay you a commission (with different percentages) as their referrer.

What are the payment methods for click-through advertising sites?

Different sites have different payment methods. Some sites only offer payment in the United States, so pay attention to payment methods when you sign up. The sites mentioned above make payments using international methods such as Paypal.

How Much Money Do I Make By Joining Click-to-Earn Sites?

Your income is directly related to your activity in this field. Sites usually pay around 1 to 2 cents per click. In addition, choosing the right ads will help you earn better click-through rates. Above are the ways to choose the right ads.

What is the difference between PPC and PTC method of earning money?

Pay Per Click advertising is one of the ways to earn money from sales cooperation. In this way, sales associates share affiliate links in the online space and earn money with every click on them.
But in the method of earning PTC click or Pay To Click, you earn money by clicking on the ads and viewing them.


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