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Don’t wait to be great, start now!

When you dream, you are eager. When you are passionate you want to do something perfect. Most people want to get rich’s overnight, succeed, become famous, and so on. But everything good is time consuming. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. We want to get the best result in the shortest possible time. But everything takes time and gets better over time.

But the main thing is to start as soon as possible.

In general, we have an idea and we think that this idea will change our lives and the lives of others, but we will not start working until we are in the right situation.


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Be pragmatic and stop dreaming and start as soon as possible.

We are waiting for excellent and dreamy conditions and facilities, and what will happen to us in the end? Another person implements that business idea.

We have heard many times that I had this idea but I could not start.


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How does being great often become our greatest enemy?

First an idea occurs in your mind. Then this idea will take a lot of time from you and you will say to yourself that I am doing this completely and wonderfully. This often keeps us from getting started.

We want to examine all the details of a task so that it is done in the best way and without any defects that we forget to start at all.

Think for a moment! How much time do we waste before starting a business? Hey, do you think I’ll do it tomorrow instead? It repeats itself so much tomorrow that you see a lot of time is gone and you have done nothing.


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How to manage great thinking?

Seek to be great. This is very good. Do a series of things in the best possible way. All of this is true, but since you can not do a great job, do not stop and start and get better over time.

Instead of perfecting it, think of continuous improvement

Kim Collins
Being great is in everyone’s mind.


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How does perfection destroy your dreams?

You want to be a singer, a writer, an actor and.. Suppose you have the opportunity to attend an event and you can show your abilities. Now you are looking for an excuse that because you could not prepare your works very well, you will not participate. This means you are waiting for perfection. I advise you not to miss the opportunity.

You will never be able to reach perfection, if we seek perfection we can reach excellence

Vince Lombardi


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If something not perfect is done right!

We are always looking for flaws because we always want everything to be perfect. If such a thing is not possible. Life has its ups and downs and it is exciting and completely unpredictable.

If everything is going to be predictable and great, it will be neither exciting nor fun at all.


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