Dedicated book brand design

Comprehensive guide to designing a dedicated book brand + introducing the best examples

Dedicated book brand design

What is a book brand? Ever wondered how to connect with a brand? You may not believe it, but a brand talks to people! The means of brand communication with people is the brand book. The “Brand Book” contains all the necessary logos, images, colors, fonts and communication principles, and its quality affects people’s perception of it. It is not difficult to prepare; Because there are special templates for downloading brandbook on the Internet. Read the text for a complete introduction to the “Brand Booklet” design guide.

What is a brand book?

What is a brand book?

Follow us with the brand booklet design guide. Brand Book is a brand identity card that explains the whole identity and how it is to people. Allows you to learn how a company operates, values, typography, design and communication.

Because it plays a key role in providing brand awareness, it is also known as the brand DNA or the Bible!


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Why is the book brand important?

Brand Book is a symbol of brand identity. When a dedicated brand booklet is set up for the organization, the employee is registered and hired in a specific direction, and each member recognizes their responsibilities properly.

In this way, when people enter the company, they do not spend much time on trial and error and get used to the internal laws and policies of the company more quickly; For example, the management team knows the do’s and don’ts of the organization; The marketing team knows what policies to use to attract customers, and the design team is fully familiar with the fonts and graphs required by the company.

In general, the brand booklet contributes to the stability and success of the company; Increases company efficiency and builds brand trust; In a word, providing the necessary organization and integration of a brand is in the hands of the brand booklet!


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What principles should we be familiar with before creating a Brand Book?

Brand Book depicts the whole brand strategy, in other words, with this booklet you can say what is branding ?, how to communicate with this brand, what is its advertising slogan and what are the characteristics of its logos! Therefore, in designing it, you must consider creativity and observe the necessary seriousness and regularity.

The following tips will help you understand brand booklet design:

Existence of an observer

In designing a bookbook, it is necessary to have someone who has the necessary power and expertise and the rest to listen to him; In other words, one must be the one to exert the necessary influence on the people, and the others must respect his opinion, which is the final opinion.


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Brand book design should involve a team including marketing, design, copywriter and most importantly management; Each department is required to apply its rules and recommendations in the brandbook for the growth and development of the company.

Public reading of Brand Book

All employees need to read the brand booklet before starting work; Know the organization’s instructions and work from the beginning to strengthen the company name or digital branding.

All about Brand Book strategies

Before downloading a brand book, you need to know that a brand book consists of three parts:


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  • Section about brand or general information
  • Visual instructions section
  • Communication instructions section

1. Section about brand or general information

You see, this is the most important part of the brandbook, which shows the mission, values ​​and target audience, and it just so happens that people always ignore it when reading it. Why?

We do not know if you have read the brand booklets of different companies or not; But if you are careful, this part is arranged with long and official texts in the company language.

While you should show all your initiative in this section and not just provide information to the text; You can use gifs, slideshow images, and use video.


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2. Visual instructions section

Do not forget that a picture can be worth more than 1000 words and convey information to people. In today’s world, people pay more attention to visual designs than words; So you have to put an end to the design and application of sensory marketing.

You should use charts and colors to distinguish you from other brands and people in the blink of an eye can recognize you. This section is not just about the design team; But other posts, including the social media manager and the content marketing team, need to know what plans to use.

In general, the visual instructions section in the brandbook consists of the following elements:


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A trademark that covers the time, place, and color required to use it.

• Typography including company fonts for brand book titles, original texts and…

• The logo of the organization, which includes location, changes in appearance and proportions of its use.

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• Photography style

• Advertising slogans and phrases

• The main colors of the brand and the rest of the icons

You can see an example of the beautiful use of visual patterns, namely color, logo and typography in the Starbucks brandbook:


3. Communication instructions section

Communication is another important element in a brand booklet; Because in this section, you determine in what language and tone that the company approves to communicate with people. Your communication language has a direct impact on how people view your brand, so be very careful. Elements of a book brand communication strategy are:

• Original brand language and grammar including acronyms and letters

• Style and legibility of sentences and structure of blog posts

Good voice, for example, logical, intimate or humorous

• Email structure and signature

• Purpose and time of posting on social channels

Everything you need to know about designing a dedicated book brand!

In this section, you are going to get acquainted with the design rules of a “Brand Book”:

Publication of the company mission statement

The purpose of publishing a company mission statement is to state goals, service branding, the impact of your services on the world and your differences with competitors; In this part, you should apply the best communication policies so that you can create a lot of enthusiasm in the customer.

Publication of the company’s future vision statement

After making a key statement and outlining the core values ​​of the company, you need to create another statement and inform people about the company’s business goals and future prospects.

Where do you want your company to be in the next few years, how much does the company’s plans develop, what techniques do you have for boosting and expanding services, what do you think of ways to preserve and sustain the environment, and…

Brand characterization

Personal branding is another strategy that you should mention in the brandbook; That means you have to show others that your tone is friendly or formal.

A good way to introduce your brand personality is to say 3 to 5 adjectives about “what you are and what you are not”. People understand the tone of your approach in all aspects and platforms of your communication, including customer relationship, service delivery and even digital social media content!

Specify the target audience

In this necessary part, determine your ideal personality from the buyer; What gender your buyers are, what age range they are in, and what features they are interested in buying your products for.

Brand booklet design guide

Brand booklet design guide

The brandbook design guide has 5 steps; Let’s look at these 5 steps together:

1. Add a logo to the brand booklet

The logo is the first visual sign of the company and you should bring it in the brandbook; Even if you have several logos or make changes to the logo over time, it should all be listed in the booklet so that people can trust your brand.

You must enter all the information about the law of use of the logo in the booklet. You can use professional and experienced designers to do this. An example of Coca’s logos is as follows:


2. Choosing a unique design and color for the brand

Using a solid color palette with primary and secondary colors in the brand booklet, how you use RGB and CMYK colors has a major impact on maintaining and stabilizing your brand and makes it easier for people to remember.

This promotes branding in cyberspace. An example of setting up Netflix colors is shown below:

Choosing a unique design and color for the brand

3. Bring the typography to match the brand booklet

Typographic style shows the type of work prestige and how the message is conveyed to you. In the “Brand Booklet” it is necessary to specify the type of fonts you use, font size and font weight.

Distinguish the fonts you use in print articles from the fonts you use in electronic articles on the web. See an example of a typography work in the Starbucks Brand Book:

3. Bring the typography to match the brand booklet Typographic style shows the type of work prestige and how the message is conveyed to you. In the "Brand Booklet" it is necessary to specify the type of fonts you use, font size and font weight. Distinguish the fonts you use in print articles from the fonts you use in electronic articles on the web. See an example of a typography work in the Starbucks Brand Book:

4. Add tone to the brand booklet

The type of tone of voice reflects your work personality, intentions, and purpose in communicating with others; Therefore, it must be mentioned in the “brand book”.

Try to choose the tone of your voice according to the brand so that you can adapt to the customer; For example, Netflix, a large content marketing company in the United States, uses an engaging and intimate tone to communicate with the customer, but Apple uses a communication technique that demonstrates expertise and trust.

5. Use photos and videos in the brand booklet

What helps to identify a brand in the shortest possible time is the use of visual content such as photos and videos, which will increase the chances of the customer using your products.

It also plays an essential role in rebranding or brand restructuring techniques. Specify the details and style you want for photography in the brandbook; Using natural light to give a clear and high quality appearance to the visual content on social media is an important point that the customer should be aware of.

So far, everything that is needed to design a book brand has been said; For more information on branding and other marketing issues, you can visit Diane Affiliate’s site and take a look at tutorials and blog posts.

Brand Book Portfolio

Brand Book Portfolio

It is better to take a look at some examples of brand book work. You can get inspiration from these templates to design your brand booklet; Even if you want, you can leave us a comment to download the book brand and get an idea to design the visual identity of the business brand, so that we can introduce you to good sites in this field.

See the best brandbook design templates:

• Beautiful and modern pattern of brand book

Beautiful and modern pattern

A beautiful brochure that has a stylish color theme with dark and light colors. This template has 20 layouts, is available in A4 sizes and is compatible with InDesign and MS Word software.

• Minimal and classic Brand Book pattern

classic Bran

If you like to use stylish and simple brochures, the minimal pattern is a good suggestion for you. This template also has 20 A4 size layouts and is perfectly suited for Adobe CS4 versions.

• Suitable template for startups and advertising agencies

startups and advertising

These brochures are well-balanced and professionally designed to fit the brandbook of large businesses such as startups and agencies. They have a 20-page layout with A4 size.

• Brand guide template suitable for InDesign software

InDesign software

This stylish template is designed according to the Adobe InDesign version and you can easily create your own unique template for Brand Book in this program environment.

• Brand Book metric pattern

If you are looking for a remarkable template for a brandbook and you want to have an attractive and professional booklet, try the metric template. This pattern is a kind of minimal and eye-catching style.


Now you know very well that Brand Book is the initial start of a brand’s growth and business prosperity; So to create a strong brandbook, we need to use the brand booklet design guide and download the “brand book” to get to know the complete booklet. Do not forget Diane Affiliate’s training and advice to do this.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Brand Book?

A business identity booklet that tells you the goals, values ​​and aspirations of a company in the present and future.

Does the brand booklet also play a role in the prosperity of the business?

Yes; The main factor of stability, growth and increase the efficiency of an organization depends on the quality of its book brand.


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