Those who specialize in sales and affiliate marketing and have a say in earning thousands or even millions of dollars a year without spending a lot of money from the beginning. Because of the importance that this field has gained in recent years, it prompted us to provide a comprehensive guide for proponents of this marketing strategy. So stay with us until the end of this article.

Comprehensive guide to Affiliate cooperation

Those who specialize in sales and affiliate marketing and have a say in earning thousands or even millions of dollars a year without spending a lot of money from the beginning. Because of the importance that this field has gained in recent years, it prompted us to provide a comprehensive guide for proponents of this marketing strategy. So stay with us until the end of this article.

What is sales cooperation and what is 2022 sales cooperation like?

Affiliate marketing is a strategy to promote the products or services of another person or company. In fact, in a way that a company or individual has a product and now that product is sold by advertising by other people or companies.

After selling the product, commission will be given to those who have advertised.

Affiliate marketing teams often go to reputable companies to promote their products to the consumer market.


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For example, bloggers have a great impact on Internet users by writing useful content. They can now increase sales for a brand by promoting a product to their audience and fans.

Sales collaboration is a fast way to offer products and services. You do not need to create products or services for yourself. In this way, you will find the products or services you like. Then you advertise it to your visitors and fans and you get a part of the profit from the sale.

How much has the companies welcomed affiliate marketing?

Many brands have now moved from traditional marketing tactics to affiliate marketing models.


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In this way, companies make more profit. It is estimated that each year, about 10.1 percent of the total revenue and expenses of affiliate marketing are added. About 81% of brands and 84% of publishers use the power of affiliate marketing teams. Of course, these statistics are for the United States. But in the case of other countries, we are also seeing a boom in this marketing method.

In 2018, the cost of content marketing, which is part of affiliate marketing, accounted for about 62% of the marketing world.

Also, the effectiveness of this method increased 3 times compared to traditional marketing methods. 16% of all customer orders are now placed online. This increase in online shopping is attributed to the efforts of affiliate marketing teams.


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How does affiliate marketing work?

affiliate marketing

In this section, we want to talk to you about cooperation in selling 2022. Working in a sales team can be difficult, even for those who are good at digital marketing. Of course, the good part of this story is that you do not need to know all the details to get started. Since this marketing method consists of several parts, each part must know its duties and responsibilities.

The three areas involved in affiliate marketing are:


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  • Sellers or manufacturers of products
  • Advertiser person or team
  • consumer

Now let’s look at the complex relationships that these three parties have with each other to see how successful the sales partnership is.

Seller or manufacturer of the product

A salesperson can be an entrepreneur with a small workshop or a large business, a retailer or an international businessman. Now this product may include cosmetics, home appliances or even a service (such as dentistry).

This product has a name (brand) in the market. On the other hand, the seller does not have the opportunity to enter the market. So go to the affiliate marketing team.


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For example, an electronics retailer wants to introduce its products to consumers. To do this, you need the help of affiliate marketing. Because such a company specializes in the production of electronic products and does not specialize in affiliate marketing.

Advertising team or affiliate marketing

An affiliate marketer may be an individual or a team or a company that skillfully introduces a product to attract more consumers. In other words, the affiliate company introduces a company’s products to persuade consumers to buy from that brand.

Affiliate marketing or affiliate marketing teams know what their audience likes. Then, based on their estimation of the tastes and interests of the audience, they select and introduce the products. This team helps manufacturing companies to attract more customers.


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On the other side of affiliate marketing are consumers. They are influenced by their patterns of shopping. Some of their role models are websites, social networks, influencers and bloggers, all of which are part of the affiliate marketing team.

When a product is introduced in affiliate marketing, consumers are eager to buy with the trust they have in this team. Then the profit from the sale of the manufacturing company goes up. The company also pays a portion of the profits to the affiliate team.

How to pay?

Affiliate marketing is a way to earn money for those who are interested in working in the online world. This method can quickly increase your income many times over. Of course, you must be familiar with its techniques. But how do affiliate marketing teams make money?

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The answer to this question is a bit complicated. Due to the fact that affiliate marketing teams market in different ways on the Internet, the way they are paid is also different. For example, an influencer on Instagram receives a different salary with a blogger.

Influencers contract with different companies or vendors based on the number of followers and the impact they have on their fans.

They then receive a salary before advertising. But bloggers often publish the website link of the desired brand on their site and get paid by the brand owner based on the number of clicks of users.

In general, how to get paid in affiliate marketing teams can be categorized as follows:

Pay for each sale

This payroll structure is more common for affiliate marketing. In this way, different brands pay the team a percentage of product sales that is the result of the efforts of the affiliate marketing team.

In other words, affiliate companies help investors increase their sales. Then, for each number of sales, they receive the profit specified in the contract.

Pay per click

Another way to get paid for affiliate marketing is to increase the number of clicks on the brand’s website.

In this way, a brand signs a cooperation agreement with the affiliate marketing team to increase the traffic or clicks of its website. The brand then pays the team for each number of visits.

Pay for advertising time

Another way to get paid for affiliate marketing is through advertising time.

This method is mostly used for social networks. In this way, the influencer receives a certain amount of money from a brand for one week of advertising. But he gets a higher salary for one month of advertising.

Why is it so popular to become an affiliate marketer?

There are many reasons why affiliate marketing is so popular these days. The most important reasons are:

Earn passive income

One of the main advantages of this marketing method is the possibility of earning money even at bedtime. You need some initial capital to launch a campaign, website or page on networks.

But when you get the attention of some users on social networks or search engines, you will see a return on investment.

You even earn money long after you finish work. Continuous returns, even when you are not in front of your computer or mobile phone, is one of the benefits of earning money through affiliate marketing.

No need for customer support

Affiliate marketing teams only introduce products to the consumer market. But they have no responsibility to consumers. Rather, it is the owner of the brand or company who must be accountable to his customers. In the traditional marketing method, the marketer must be somewhat responsive to the customer.

So by joining affiliate marketing teams, you will never have to worry about customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction. After receiving its commission from the sale, any dissatisfaction or consumer complaint will be reported to the brand owner.

Remote work

One of the benefits of affiliate marketing is the ability to work from home. If you hate office presence, affiliate marketing is the best way to make money. With this marketing method, you can launch campaigns at home that introduce products to the consumer market.

to be economical

Another advantage of affiliate marketing is the need for very limited initial capital.

Many businesses require a lot of capital to start. However, you do not need a lot of capital for affiliate marketing.

But you can start your own business with very little cost and hassle. You have no worries about supplying or shipping the product. Rather, it is the brand that supplies the products.

Comfortable and flexible

Part of the activity in affiliate marketing is freelance. In this case, you have more independence to set goals, change direction, choose products or work with different brands.

In fact, you do not have to follow anyone’s orders. You also set the working hours. On the other hand, this type of business is free of any restrictions and company regulations. All you need to do is follow the rules of the internet and cyber.

How to start a Affiliates collaboration in 4 steps

Affiliates collaboration

Now that you know the concept of affiliate marketing and its benefits, you need to start the following steps to get started.

1- Choose a suitable product for advertising

Use one of the following two methods to select a product:

  • Use your experience and choose products that match your audience. In these cases, you should choose the products that you like and have enough information about. However, you are going to provide product information to your audience. Then you have to have experience with it.
  • Finding products through an affiliate network is another way we suggest. This method requires research and money to buy products. Because you have to try the products and be able to talk about it. You can not gain the trust of the audience without knowledge. At the same time, you must maintain your credibility at the same time as advertising.

2- Start an affiliate company yourself

You need to start a company or team to get started. To do this, you need the following:

  • Specify personal and business contact information for tax and reporting purposes.
  • Open a bank account.
  • Brands should provide you with information such as brand name, products, product features and links.
  • Defining an advertising strategy should be done at this stage. To do this, you need to create instructions on how to use the ad platform.
  • Specify online retrieval tools such as banner, ad and..
  • To receive information about products, you must be in constant contact with the brand owner.

3- Start your selected suggested ads

Once you’ve completed the previous step, now it’s time for the ads. Any information you have about the brand,

Be creative with your audience. They trust your advice and expertise.

However, how the ads are presented is also very important. Most affiliate marketing teams fail at this point. Many of them think that as soon as they put a brand ad on their blog, the job is done.

So what should we do? In our opinion, there are several solutions to run brand advertising in the affiliate marketing team, which are:

Create a source page on your blog

When it comes to promoting different products, the blog visitor is confused. So you need to organize the ads and explain to your audience what the benefits of each of these products are.

In other words, you are not a sales center. Instead, you should publish content that contains useful information about the products. So you need different blog pages for each product. In this case, do not forget the SEO of blog pages for Google.

Generate personalized content

One of the most important principles in affiliate marketing is the production of personalized content. The audience communicates with the advertised brands through this content.

Also pay attention to email marketing. This will increase the amount of traffic to your ad pages.

To write personalized content, you can use the opinions of users on other sites related to the same product and provide comprehensive and complete information to the user. Even if it is necessary, you should talk about the disadvantages so that you can better gain the trust of the user.

4- Choose the best methods according to the legal requirements

We have said before that one of the advantages of affiliate marketing is that you do not have to be responsible for the good or bad of your products.

Of course, this should not cause you to go for low-quality and fraudulent brands. If a product is rejected or abused by users, they will no longer trust your ads.

So you have to pay attention to the rules as well. The audience does not need to know that you are being paid for advertising.

But you need to gain their trust. If you have not used the product or do not know about its quality, you should inform the user about this issue. Or introduce the product but mention at the end that you do not insist on buying them.

Available platforms for sales cooperation

Before launching your affiliate marketing, you must first identify your ad channel. In general, there are several channels for this marketing method, which are:

Become an influencer

Influencers are influential people who, as a role model, influence the buying decisions of a large number of people.

This person has a very good position to participate in affiliate marketing teams. These people are more active in social networks. Their presence on networks such as Instagram is prominent.

It is easy for this group of people to direct consumers to brands through social media content, blogs or interacting with their fans.

Become a blogger

Blogging allows you to increase the sales of brands with the help of learning and training SEO. By doing so, you publish content about products or services. Then you talk convincingly about different brands.

Bloggers help users choose the best brands because they know a lot about products and services. On the other hand, they are also effective in improving the sales of brands.

Activity through Google PPC ads

One of the methods used in affiliate marketing is Google click ads. In this case, you just need to be familiar with the different methods of advertising on Google.

Then drag the site to the first page of Google in some keywords. In this way, you will participate in the sale of the products of the desired website or you will receive your salary.

Activity through email marketing

If you are not interested in any of these methods, email marketing is still very popular among affiliate marketing teams.

Some of these companies have employees who specialize in email marketing.

The result is advertising for a store or company’s products. In this way, they increase the incoming traffic to their online store or website. After selling the product, they also receive their commission.

Great website design

Large affiliate marketing teams also use the site to promote branded products. This is done to get a lot of traffic.

Large sites focus on attracting millions of audiences. These sites introduce branding, content production, SEO techniques, content-related links, and products to their audiences using branding techniques.

In this way, brands are widely exposed and their conversion rates increase. On the other hand, it is also effective in increasing the salary of the affiliate team.

What are the best new trends?

What are the best new trends?

To get the most out of affiliate marketing and get results from it, consider these tips:

Improve affiliate reporting

Many affiliate marketing programs take a long time to complete. But if you can use the reporting system, you get an overview of how the collaboration and marketing tactics work.

Use influencers to increase your target audience

In the past, large corporations turned to media sites to attract more audiences to their business.

Using SEO methods, long keywords and other advertising methods will help to increase the audience of a business. But influencers are also effective.

They may not drive a lot of traffic to your business, but their audience is credible and targeted and has a higher conversion rate.

Trust affiliate marketing teams

Many high-income businesses often rely on affiliate marketing teams.

Although these teams receive commissions for their services, they can play an important role in the prosperity of the business.

Even better describe the brand to the consumer. Of course, you have to differentiate between smart and professional teams and start-ups.

Important sales cooperation strategies in 2022

In order to better promote your affiliate marketing, consider the following recommendations:

Only select products that you are familiar with
Affiliate marketing team should be able to introduce different brands to a group of consumers.

But it is very important that it does not lose its credibility in this way. Gaining audience trust is very important for the affiliate marketing team.

One of the reasons that some teams lose their credibility is to advertise brands that have no knowledge of the quality of their products or services and introduce them only to make more profit.

If you want your team to be successful, you have a short-term profit over a long-term profit.

Do not advertise for any unfamiliar brand to earn money in the short term.

Advertise for different brands

One important piece of advice is not to work for just one brand. A famous proverb says: “Do not put your eggs in a basket.”

Test and optimize your conversion rate regularly

Suppose you are a professional affiliate marketing team and now you want to promote a brand’s products through a site or social media.

To increase the number of site traffic, you can use the method of receiving backlinks, blogging, creating guest posts or activities on social networks. Use Google Analytics or Google Search Console to evaluate the increase or decrease of site traffic.

Focus on your traffic sources

You can check the number of page views on social networks through the analysis tools of these networks.

But in the case of the site, the issue becomes a little more complicated. Because there are several traffic sources for the site. Some of the visits may be through social media or Google ads. The effect of email marketing on increasing site traffic is undeniable.

Of course, organic traffic is also one of the important things that you should pay attention to when evaluating the site traffic source.

You can use Google Analytics tool to find out how your site’s traffic resources are obtained.

In this tool, gender, age, time of users on the page, bounce rate and even the device used to enter the site (phone, tablet or desktop) are specified.

Knowing where the site’s traffic source comes from will help you address the site’s weaknesses. At the same time, develop a strong traffic source for the site and further help improve the performance of the affiliate marketing team.

The final word of cooperation in selling 2022

What you were told was a definition of affiliate marketing, its benefits, and how to set it up. This method of advertising has now become one of the most lucrative jobs in the world. At the same time, it has the potential to become a lucrative job in Iran.

Of course, as long as you follow all the important techniques for affiliate marketing, including launching a campaign on social networks, familiarity with SEO and strong communication with users.


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