Clothing sales

Clothing revenue

Having a job that pays well and does not require initial capital is no longer a dream. It is enough to know the market and be familiar with some ways to earn money from the Internet. The clothing market, its millions of customers and its revenue are very attractive. It is natural for people to always consider selling clothes as a career option.

Of course, let’s not forget that with the advancement of digital technology and the spread of the Internet, many jobs have changed and we need to look at them again. The clothing class and the income of clothing sales are not far from these changes, and these days, the job of selling clothes can also be done in a virtual context.

In this article, we are going to put ourselves in the shoes of someone who intends to start a clothing store and answer the following questions:

  • How Much Money Does a Clothes Job Make?
  • How Much Money Does an Online Clothing Store Make?
  • What is the profit margin from selling clothes?

In the following, by examining the conditions of cooperation in sales, we will introduce online clothing sales revenue as one of the ways to earn money without the need for a lot of capital.

Clothing sales


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Do we sell clothes or cooperate in selling clothes?

Do we sell clothes or cooperate in selling clothes?

Clothing sales revenue is very important for people who want to enter the industry. How much should we have the initial cost? How much do we have to pay to rent a shop? How much does advertising cost? What is the profit of selling clothes and…


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If you are planning to enter the clothing industry and you are looking for information on clothing sales revenue, join us to see how much we have to spend to set up a clothing boutique in the current economic conditions and whether such a cost is cost effective at all or not. No?

When it comes to online clothing with lower costs and higher profits, isn’t it time to look at affiliate marketing or affiliate marketing as a way to make money selling clothes?

How Much Money Does a Clothing Store Make?

To answer this question, we need to go back a few steps and go from zero to one hundred starting a clothing store; Suppose you want to start a clothing store in one of the middle parts of Tehran, let’s go through this process step by step to see what we need to do and how much capital we will need to achieve clothing sales revenue.


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Choose the type of clothing store

clothing store

Although the profitability of clothing sales can be significant, it is natural to do extensive research to reach a significant number of clothing stores. One of the other things you need to do to start a clothing store (for men, women, or children) is to choose the right place to open the store.

To do this, you need to do market research and see which areas your customers are most present; Is it better to run your shop in the market order or to experience a high income, it is better to rent a property in a shopping center?


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After doing this research, you should also consider your initial budget and capital and choose a place that suits your capital from the places where the profit of selling clothes is higher.

How much does it cost to start a clothing store?

cost to start a clothing store

This is where the most important part of achieving your ultimate goal, which is revenue, begins. You need to estimate the cost to see how much it will cost to set up a clothing boutique. The amounts listed below are approximate, and of course all of these costs will vary depending on the city and region where you plan to operate.


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Initial capital supply of goods

Clothing sales revenue varies according to your field of activity; For example, selling women’s clothing is different from selling men’s clothing, and naturally their initial capital will also be different. Suppose you have set up a women’s clothing store in one of the central areas of Tehran, the minimum initial capital that you have to spend to provide goods is between 10 to 20 million tomans per square meter of your shop.

This means that if your shop is 20 square meters, you will need a minimum of 200 million and a maximum of 400 million tomans to supply your basic goods.

Mortgage and rent costs

Many people who work in the clothing industry pay a high price for mortgages and rentals. Making money from clothing sales is significant, but there are also high costs involved. Let’s go back to our example, if you want to mortgage and rent a real estate unit in one of the central streets of Tehran, you should consider the amount of the mortgage between 150 to 500 million Tomans and the monthly rent between 7 to 15 million Tomans.


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The amount of mortgage and rent of the shop will vary depending on its size as well as the area you want. For example, if you are looking to rent a shop in Ghaem Tajrish Passage, you should naturally think about a mortgage amount of more than one billion Tomans and a rent of more than 30 million Tomans.

Cost of clothing decoration

Another cost is related to the decoration of the shop. The more you can decorate your shop with a more beautiful and functional decor and use lighting and elements that suit the tastes of your audience, the more successful you will be in attracting customers.

With a thumb account, we can estimate that to decorate a clothing store, lighting, equipment purchase and designer’s salary should be at least a cost of 30 to 40 million tomans.

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How Much Money Does a Clothes Job Make?

How Much Money Does a Clothes Job Make?

Now we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground. What is the profit margin from selling clothes?

So far we have talked about costs, but of course it would be profitable to start a clothing business that also has significant costs, if it is done with the right audience and the right market choice.

First of all, we must keep in mind that the income from selling clothes is not fixed, that is, it may increase in some seasons and months, such as February and March, when it is time to buy Eid clothes, and vice versa, it may be lower in some months.

So clothing sales revenue depends on the time, for example, increases in the last quarter of the year or goes up on special occasions such as Parents’ Day, celebrations and so on. On the other hand, the profit of selling clothes also depends on the type of your activity, whether you are looking to sell branded goods or you are considering public buyers and….

On average, if we want to consider the income of clothing sales in an average area of ​​Tehran, we can say that its daily income may be between 500 thousand tomans to 2 million tomans. Of course, as it was said, this income increases in some occasions, for example, it may reach more than 10 million Tomans a day in the last months of the year.

What is the revenue from selling clothes online?

selling clothes online

Now, if we want to follow the same process of selling clothes on the Internet, our income should be less than our expenses. In other words, in selling clothes online, we no longer need to have heavy expenses such as renting a shop, decorating, and so on. We just have to pay for the initial capital.

That is, suppose if you had to spend between 100 and 500 million to mortgage a shop, now this cost will be borne by you.

In this case, your only expense for selling clothes online is the initial capital discussion and the purchase of goods, which you can also consider according to your financial ability.

So far we have come to the conclusion that online clothing sales revenue is higher and costs less, and you only have to pay for your initial product; Now what if we show you a way that you do not even need the initial capital and the purchase of goods, but earn money?

Collaborating on sales is a great way to make money selling clothes

You may not have the money and resources to start a clothing store. This is where affiliate marketing comes in handy. The income of online clothing sales in the form of sales cooperation is such that you, as a publisher, can advertise the products of clothing sellers for them and in return, take a certain amount of sales profit as a commission.

Collaborating in the sale of clothing has the advantage that you share in the profit of selling clothes without the need for initial capital to provide goods, mortgage and rent the shop. Suppose you have a significant number of real followers on Instagram who trust you, now if you introduce a women’s blouse to your followers for 300 thousand Tomans and 3 of them buy that blouse every day, you can earn clothes Share the desired sale.

Please note that the store has defined a 10% commission for publishers and the average price of each product is 300 thousand Tomans, you will receive 30 thousand Tomans commission or commission for each sale.

Let’s explain more; If your site receives 2,000 visits a day and 50 people buy daily by clicking on the affiliate link you posted on your site and receive a 10% commission, you will receive a net net income of 1.5 million daily.

Collaborating on the sale of clothing, on the other hand, also increases sellers’ revenue, because they can use the influence of publishers on their target audience to sell more of their products.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Money Does a Clothing Store Make?

Clothing revenue varies depending on whether you work online or offline. If you work in a traditional market, you will also have to pay rent and mortgage. Of course, you can count on a daily income of 500,000 to 2 million tomans per month in an average area of ​​Tehran. There are fewer restrictions in the online space. If you own a store or work with different stores to sell, you will have a different income.

Is the income from traditional clothing sales better or online?

Online clothing sales revenue is higher and better because it does not have the costs of physical space. There is also access to many customers from all over a region or country. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use.

What services does Afili have for sellers?

Afili has prepared a suitable platform for hundreds of reputable publishers and marketers to be present on this platform. Therefore, online stores can use the capacities of these publishers to advertise their products by attending Afili.

By pressing the button below, you will be connected to the Affiliate membership page and you can use all the services and facilities of this platform to promote your business.


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