Big Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

The Four Big Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

Big Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

There are 4 deadly mistakes in affiliate marketing that you can discover. You should always keep these 4 mistakes in mind so that you never make them and tell others about them.

Advertise products that are not very suitable for your audience

Perhaps the biggest mistake people make in affiliate marketing is that they want to make a product that is not very suitable for the audience fit the audience perfectly.

You need to look for products that really benefit the audience and meet their needs. If you know who your audience is and exactly what they need, then you are a winner!


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Do not be satisfied with the percentage of commission they give you!

It often happens that a company wants to work with you and introduce its product to you. And you realize in the first encounter that this product is not useful to the audience and you want to easily say no!

But when a commission and a good money offer, you say to yourself, now that I sell this product, what’s wrong? What harm does it do?


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I tell you, it’s going to hurt a lot. Losing the trust of an audience that you have gained so hard.

The advice that can be given to you is to try to promote the products that you have used and experienced. Because you understand those products and you know if that product is really a useful product or not?

For example, if you have a large number of followers on Instagram, many messages will be sent to you to promote the product. But you have to be careful in these situations. If you have used the product even before and you are satisfied, do not say yes immediately!


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Because a bad and wrong advertisement can ruin your reputation and many people will be upset or even angry because of that advertisement.

Different companies will often access you according to a few very simple algorithms, so you have to be very diligent in how you behave and gain credibility.

Imagine that your audience is people who are interested in movies and you receive an email from a company that, for example, come and advertise a shoe model. Well, after we even made sure that this shoe is very suitable and high quality, we should not give a positive answer. Because it has nothing to do with our audience. We have to go in proportion to our audience.


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Lack of attention to the user experience of the audience

This is similar to the first case. But it focuses more on what we need to do now to improve that product after it was good for the audience and had a satisfying user experience. In fact, it focuses on improving the product after satisfying the customer.

We have to say that you have just introduced and promoted a product. Everyone is happy, whether you, the audience or even the company. But after a while, the management of the company changes. Well, as a result of changing the company manager, the program, system and strategy can also change. As a result, it can also affect the customer support experience.

Well, you have to be ready for these changes and be ready to transfer your experiences, views and solutions.


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Of course, I must say that this does not happen for everyone, but you must be prepared for this to happen.

The lesson here is that we need to build closer relationships with our customers, especially for the companies we want to work with in the long run. In fact, you should approach your audience as much as you can and connect with more people.

Everyone knows how important and valuable your close and direct relationship with the customer is.


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In fact, in a very fantasy and ideal world, your audience’s products and user experience will improve over time. But we have to look at this story in a different way. It’s up to you to figure this out as soon as possible. That through the audience, knowledge and research.

Not being honest about a product or promoting it

What many people do to make more money and sell more different products is to lie about a product or service.

In fact, they lie about the material, capabilities and many other things of that product.

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It may be fun in the beginning and sell a lot of products, but what about later? After the consumer consumes the product and realizes that you lied and that product was not good at all, he recognizes you and your brand as a liar.

As a result, if you lie, both your sales and reputation will be reduced.

When you are offering your sales cooperation product to the audience, it must be completely honest, otherwise you will lose the trust of your audience. The loss of audience trust will also result in a loss of sales.

In fact, the regular customer or the customer who constantly buys from you is the result of a pleasant and reliable process. Even if you lie to the same regular customer, he may not buy from you anymore.

There is a law called “reciprocity law”. When you treat your audience honestly, they will feel that you have helped them and in return they will have to do something for you. This is where getting the audience back through the marketing mindset comes in handy.

Focusing all revenue on sales collaboration

As a final point, why should you be your only source of revenue from sales cooperation?

This has 2 problems. First, if that brand does not continue to operate, your income will be zero. The second option is that if you stop working for any reason, your income will be zero again.

So what do you think should be done? You have to try to build a personal brand. You need to build your own brand to have your own customers and to be known as an expert in the field based on your background.

And finally, serve your audience. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. You need to advertise the best possible product suitable for that audience. That person, in addition to trusting you, is satisfied with the brand you are promoting.


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