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Affiliate Marketing Training (Sales Cooperation)

What is sales cooperation? From the basics to the guide to implementing affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing; It is a skill-based approach to online marketing and anyone can be trained and learned; But along with that, we must also know the big mistake of affiliate marketing. Despite the expansion of cyberspace and the possibility of gaining popularity and attracting many followers on various platforms such as YouTube and Instagram, affiliate marketing has also become an effective and money-making internet trick. In this system, without having an official degree and initial capital, you will experience earning money in your sleep with just a little intelligence and at home. If you are curious, know what is the “sales cooperation” system? Follow us to the end of this article.

Today, entrepreneurs who are smart and forward-thinking know that there are always many ways to grow and optimize their business. They are initially looking for a lucrative small business. Now one way to grow their business is to be able to generate a steady stream of revenue. This means that revenue is constantly flowing into your brand. Of course, it is very difficult work, but well, this is where the difference between a strong, ordinary and weak brand becomes clear. This does not mean that you should go and start a new business, no! You need to make sure that your current business grows.

One of the many business ideas for growing your business is using affiliate marketing systems. If you want to follow the flow of one of the most lucrative business systems in the world, I recommend that you use one of the sales cooperation systems. In the following article, I will tell you the methods and principles of work.

What is sales cooperation?

Sales cooperation; One of the newest ways to make money on the Internet is in which you, as the third person between the product provider and the customer, lead the buyer to buy the product. If that person buys the product because of your offer; You will receive a commission as an intermediary. In this method, your commission is paid through the company and the customer does not pay extra.


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In fact, a brand allows other brands and individuals to sell its products, and for each successful sale, a percentage of the commission will be given to the seller. This means that in this business model, different people are allowed to be very successful sellers without having even one product.

As a result, by sharing different product links, branding will become more and more a collection. This means that instead of spending a whole lot on branding, you can have a brand awareness explosion in a short period of time with just affiliate marketing.

Of course, there are some systems, such as Diane Affiliate, that work a little differently. Diane Affiliate does not consider herself a major brand, so anyone can create their own brand and sell products. Well, some people want to have an independent brand of their own, which with this model of sales cooperation, they get what they want and experience earning money without investment. Of course, this sales collaboration model was first used by Diane Affiliate herself, and so far at least I do not know of any other system that has worked this way.


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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing consists of 4 main pillars:

The Merchant
The Affiliate
The Consumer
The Affiliate Network

The Merchant

The first party is the manufacturer or brand that designs, manufactures and markets the product.

In addition to large brands and wholesalers; Small companies and retailers also fall into this category.

As long as there are manufacturers of products to offer, it falls into this category.


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Manufacturers do not need to market directly.

They need to define their advertising and sales strategies.

These people make affiliate plans and set rules and decisions about co-workers’ sales commission fees.


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The Affiliate

The other side are affiliates in sales or affiliate marketers, also known as publishers, marketers, affiliates, partners, and so on. These people sell first-party products and services by using a wide variety of strategies and using multiple channels and access to potential customers.

Partners have a loyal audience in successful sales.


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These people create their own reputation and brand.

They have a very high impact on other people and are very effective.

They can only work with one brand.


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Or they may work with several different brands.

They need to select and promote products related to their target community.

The Consumer

The third party is the target community and the contacts of the sales partners who buy the product or service of the first party (manufacturer) using the links and advertisements of the second party (affiliate marketer). If the publisher posts product information on their website, blog or social media accounts, the consumer will click on the link and make a purchase. Both the first and second parties will benefit.

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The consumer may be aware of this cycle (some publishers make it clear to their audiences what they are doing).

The consumer will not incur any additional costs.

Many manufacturers use services such as coupons (discounts); They help their customers reduce costs.

The Affiliate Network

The fourth party is in fact an intermediary between the manufacturer and the sales partners. A digital platform that monitors the clicks and sales of the marketer and uses it to measure commission.

Responsible for shipping goods and publishers’ payments.

Use of this section is optional.

Cooperation in network sales; Utilizing a very extensive database including a variety of brands and services; It allows affiliate marketers to select and advertise their desired product to earn money quickly.


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