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Why is Affiliate Marketing 2022 still valuable?

Affiliate Marketing 2022

There has been a lot of talk about affiliate marketing or sales collaboration in recent years; But the question that is often asked is: Will Affiliate Marketing 2021 still work or not? Has the revenue stream in the field of affiliate marketing reached its peak and the market is saturated with successful affiliate marketers or is this area still suitable for activity? What will be the 2021 affiliate marketing strategy? How can I be a successful affiliate marketer in 2021?

In this article, we will have an overview of what is sales cooperation? And how it works, and we will also take a look at global statistics to see why affiliate marketing 2021 is still valuable. Traffic this year, we will finish the article.

Affiliate Marketing 2022 and how it works

affiliate marketing


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Collaborative sales or affiliate marketing is one of the digital marketing strategies in which people act as intermediaries between the customer and the seller; This is why this method of marketing is also called intermediate marketing. In this system, profitability is dependent; This means that the profit and income of each person involved will depend on the profit of the other. The seller will have no income until the product is sold, and the marketer will not receive a commission until the product is sold.

The pervasiveness of the Internet and the provision of the necessary platforms for the online sale of goods and services has made Internet marketing one of the practical business ideas of the present age. You may have used it as an affiliate without knowing the name and routine of sales collaboration systems!

How about


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When you are using the internet taxi service or ordering food online and sending the identification code to your friends and acquaintances; Without knowing it, you are a member of an affiliate marketing system!

In exchange for the membership of people who use your referral code, you will be given a discount (the same commission in the affiliate marketing system!).

In fact, both you and the brand are happy with the partnership, and both have benefited.


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Making money and joining sales collaboration systems is just as easy and of course sweet!

The basis of affiliate marketing systems is the distribution of sales profit in exchange for more customers.

But here I am going to talk specifically about cooperation in the sale of goods.


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Sellers of goods, with the aim of focusing on providing quality services to the customer as well as more sales, place the advertisement of their products to people outside the collection and pay a commission to the marketing representative for each sale.

As it turns out, there are three main elements involved in this system:

  • Customer
  • Seller of goods
  • Marketer

Affiliate marketing system is profitable for each of these three roles.


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This system helps the seller’s business to have more customers, the marketer receives a commission for each sale, and of course the customer will experience an easy purchase.

As I mentioned at the beginning, monetization through affiliate marketing is possible with the least need and without restrictions. All you have to do as a marketer is sign up for one of the sales collaboration systems and start advertising.


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There is a lot to be said about the benefits and how the sales collaboration system works. You can read more about this from the following link:

Is Affiliate Marketing Still Valuable in 2021?

The definitive answer to this question is yes!

As long as people use the internet, affiliate marketing will have a growing trend.

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I do not think any of us can imagine a world without the Internet right now!

In my opinion, affiliate marketing is now like a young child who will grow up in the shadow of developing technology platforms and increasing people’s easy access to the Internet.

Also, in the current situation where the need for home and telecommuting businesses or part-time jobs is a significant need among people, affiliate marketing as a job with “low limit and high income” can be a leader and one of the online businesses. .

Increasing diversity of lifestyles and different situations of people, has made telecommuting or part-time jobs more important than in the past.

Looking at those around us and our acquaintances, we find that the need for financial independence is more vital than ever among students, housewives, and even those living in less affluent areas.

Affiliate marketing with high flexibility has provided online income for these groups in accordance with their lifestyle, and ensures that in the foreseeable future will continue to grow.

On the other hand, individuals do not pay any initial fee for membership in sales cooperation systems; As a result, they will not be compensated!

Starting a business without initial capital is definitely one of the strengths that adds value to the business day by day and attracts more people.

Finally, a look at ibm statistics shows that e-commerce growth (eCommerce in 2020, along with the Corona pandemic, has increased 5 times compared to previous years!)

This statistic clearly shows the importance and dominance of online shopping for us, and it is likely that affiliate marketing in 2021 will be effective as well.

New year, new job! Affiliate Marketing for Beginners in 2021

Given that the activity in affiliate marketing systems can be done with the least need, many people are interested in making money online.

Sales participation takes place in different contexts.

One of the most important of these platforms is people’s websites and blogs. Webmasters or bloggers make money from affiliate marketing by placing product sales links.

But is it possible to make money online from affiliate marketing without a website?

Definitely yes.

Social media is one of the most popular platforms that can be used to monetize advertising.

For example, you can earn money from affiliate marketing by creating an Instagram account and advertising products. Obviously, all you need to do to make money from affiliate marketing is an internet-connected device!

The first step is to create an audience for yourself.

A personal website, Instagram, YouTube and افرادی wherever people follow you can be your place to earn money. You do not have to be an influencer or have 10,000 followers.

You can start with as many contacts as you have.

My point is not that you will achieve great success with a small audience, but no one has come down from the top.

Get started with whatever number of contacts you have.

In the second step, you must select one of the affiliate marketing systems to work with. Most sales collaboration systems provide the training people need.

Content and purchase links will be provided to you by the system you work with, all you need to do is advertise the product and place product purchase links.

Detailed information on this can be found in the Comprehensive Sales Cooperation Guide for Beginners.

The future of affiliate marketing and business strategies in 2021

The future of affiliate marketing and business strategies in 2021

By 2020, the value of businesses affiliated with the affiliate marketing system is estimated at $ 6.8 billion (in the United States alone, not all over the world!). What many people are interested in knowing about is:

What will be the future of affiliate marketing?

Over the years, many factors have worked together to get affiliate marketing on track and make a significant profit.

For example, the growth of social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and… has made advertising and interaction between marketers and audiences more efficient and effective.

Also, the growth of technology and the development of analytics tools have helped businesses to take more successful steps in the field of affiliate marketing.

This information has helped companies develop and plan strategies that really work. Since 2010, the revenue of affiliate marketing groups has increased by 10% annually.

Predictions show that the future success of affiliate marketing will depend on the following points:

  • Take influencer marketing seriously as one of the most effective advertising methods
  • Do not neglect voice searches
  • Put mobile users at the top of your priorities and try to produce content that is suitable for mobile.
  • Avoid traditional pop-up and push traffic ads.

What are the best sources for customer acquisition and traffic in 2021?

In the following, we will mention the 3 main sources for attracting traffic and customers in Affiliate Marketing 2021, which will help you be a successful affiliate marketer. I also recommend that you take a look at the list of the best affiliate marketing tools.

Of course, this does not mean that there are no other trends or methods, but it seems that in 2021 these three options will be superior and effective.

Social Networks

Depending on the business in which you operate and the products you choose, being on social media can add value to you.

For example, advertisements for goods that fall into the category of fashion will be very effective on social networks such as Instagram.

Social media alone can be a platform for your advertising; But if you are a webmaster or blogger and you make money from advertising on your website, still being on social media can be useful for you. Although user interaction on social media will not have a direct impact on your Google ranking, it will improve branding on social media, which will ultimately increase brand awareness and website traffic.

Pay attention to the principles of content marketing

Content marketing means creating valuable content in order to build trust and a meaningful relationship with the audience. This method helps to meet the needs of the audience to increase the audience’s confidence in the brand and business with the aim that the customer chooses your business when buying and deciding between different brands.

Nowadays, bombarding people with advertisements has made your advertising voice unheard. Content marketing helps the audience to see your brand through the mass of brands and advertisements, and this is very important for us as marketers. One of the basic principles that you need to pay attention to in producing content and getting help from content marketing is the customer persona. Getting to know your customers helps you produce content that engages and engages users better.

Paid advertising

Paid advertising

Paid advertising will be one of the most effective ways to attract traffic in 2021 affiliate marketing.

The most popular form of paid advertising is Google Ads, which many people use to get to the top of the Google results page.

In other countries, ads on YouTube and Instagram are also types of paid ads used by businesses. In our country, due to the high exchange rate and also some restrictions, this method of advertising will not be economical or will be done with difficult conditions.

You can use the following methods instead:

  • Advertising by business-related influencers
  • Advertise in guest post mode
  • Banner and click ads
  • And …

It is important to note that paid advertising can be costly for the business if not done in the right place. Achieving quality and targeted advertising information about pragmatic marketing and performance marketing can prevent you from wasting your financial resources.

On the other hand, paid advertising will generally not be a guarantee for product sales, but will increase traffic, increase traffic and also increase brand awareness.


In this article, we answered the question whether “affiliate marketing 2021” is still making money or not, and along with it, we mentioned some 2021 affiliate marketing strategies to attract traffic and new customers. Paying attention to content marketing, branding on social networks as well as paid advertising are among the basic strategies in developing businesses related to sales cooperation. Also, paying attention to some internet marketing strategies such as: niche marketing, influencer marketing, paying attention to voice searches and learning to use it, and optimizing platforms for this group of users can pave the way for progress for affiliate marketers in 2021. If you have recently studied a technique or trick on internet marketing, share it with us in the “Comments” section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Affiliate Marketing 2022 Still Profitable?

Yes sure. The value of businesses operating in this field is estimated at $ 16 billion in 2020, and this number will definitely grow significantly in 2021, given the development of the online commerce industry.

What are the success strategies for sales collaboration in 2022?

Approaching user behavior such as optimizing advertising platforms for voice assistants, using influencer marketing, paying attention to niche marketing, paying attention to branding in social media, paying attention to seasonal marketing, native advertising, b2b marketing, video marketing and…

Can I start affiliate marketing without capital?

There is no charge for signing up for a sales affiliate, and you can become an affiliate marketer by joining an affiliate program.

What are the best products to advertise in the sales cooperation system in 2021?

Technology and digital accessories such as mobile phones, laptops, gaming products, all kinds of clothing, all kinds of products in the field of fashion, cosmetics and beauty, training packages and…

What is the best selling platform for affiliate marketing 2021?

Social media will be one of the best platforms for product sales in 2021.


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