9 ways to monetize a sales collaboration system

sales collaboration system

When we talk about sales collaboration system, most people recognize it as a commission process, promoting the products of other people and companies. However, there are many technical points when it comes to running these programs that may deter some people from participating in these programs.

Although affiliate marketing programs look simple (most people think they should find a product, advertise it, and make a profit from selling it), there are some important things that can help you succeed in affiliate marketing programs. .

9 ways to monetize a sales collaboration system

Build a website

Build a website


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One way to make money from a product sales collaboration system is to build a good website; First you need to know what areas you want to work in, some for publishing memories and everyday, some for educational content and some for selling their products and website. The most important thing is to prioritize user and visitor satisfaction.
Things to keep in mind when creating a blog:

  • Speed ​​up your blog.
  • Connect with your users.
  • Use a beautiful design.
  • Use standard text size.
  • Do not lengthen the paragraph.
  • Use appropriate text formats.
  • Use charts.

Naturally, a site blog is the most important part of a site for a sales collaboration system. But there are other areas to look out for. Like:

About us: Talk a little about yourself so that more visitors know and trust you


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Contact: Includes information that can be communicated to you.

Disclaimer: In this section, you must inform the customer of the possible risk.

Terms and Conditions (Privacy Policy): If it receives information from the customer, be sure to inform it.


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Producing quality content is the key

Producing quality content is the key

We have four approaches to content:
1- Production of textual content
2- Production of video content
3- Production of photo content
4- Production of audio content
Some ad networks, affiliate marketing systems, or stores that want to sell their product expect you to produce content and place it on your site before any collaboration.
Determining the goal and the audience is very important in producing content, so if you do not know your audience, it will not only help your business grow, but also cut off communication with the audience. In other words, instead of helping your business thrive, it will hurt it.

Choose the advertised product yourself

Choose the advertised product yourself


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If you work in a specific field and you have specified the subject of your activity, you should choose the advertised product yourself. Your choice should be commensurate with your content so that you have a better chance of selling your products.
Advertise the products that are most in demand, examine the problems and chats of your audience, and offer products that help solve their problems.

Put affiliate links in your favorite posts

Put affiliate links in your favorite posts

If you pay attention to the content inside your website, some posts will get more attention from the audience.
At this stage, two situations occur:
The suggested product is related to the same popular post.
The product offered has nothing to do with popular content.
In the first case, there is no problem, you put the transfer link in your content, but in the second case, you should try to refer your audience to the posts where the affiliate link is located.


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Include affiliate links in your email marketing campaign

Include affiliate links in your email marketing campaign

If you think that the product you are looking for is related to the email you want to send to your audience, email marketing can help you and there is no problem putting an affiliate link in it.
So if you are producing content and you have users who are members of your site. In addition to the right content, you can introduce a complementary product, and if your audience trusts you enough, it will most likely lead to a purchase.
Otherwise, if the product is irrelevant to the content, do not do it at all because you may be led to spam on suspicion of unnecessary advertising.

Collaborate with different affiliates

Collaborate with different affiliates


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A sales collaboration system takes a lot of time to be effective and requires a lot of patience. But if a sales collaboration system is not effective, there is no need to worry at all, because you do not have to adhere to a specific sales collaboration system.
You should know that using a sales collaboration system is a win-win game, and you can use multiple sales cooperation systems, but keep one thing in mind! Do not overdo it with different affiliates because your credibility will be questioned.

Use the model of different links in the sales cooperation system (affiliate)

sales cooperation system (affiliate)

Use affiliate links in a variety of formats and models, including: product photos, banners, discount codes, or as a link.
Each of these models can be used depending on the type of your product, for example, if you have a quality product and it is visually interesting, you can sell it in the form of a photo in the cooperation system. Or if you have a training course, the banner seems to be a good option for this.

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Create a source page

Create a source page

Resource page is a page where you put all your recommended products, so that it is available in one place. This can help you a lot as you progress through the sales collaboration system. For example, if you produce content in the field of mobile phones, a source page from all mobile phone brands can help your audience a lot.

Try to place the most satisfied products at the top of the source page.

Ask the product owner for a discount for customers

Ask the product owner for a discount for customers

After you have sold a number of products through your links and you have become known to the product owner and gained his trust, ask him to consider a discount for the customers who make purchases on your behalf, if possible.


Build a website and produce attractive and relevant content, use links with different models and pay attention to what we have examined so far. And finally, have a little patience to get a good income from the sales cooperation system.


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